OK, THIS is a good show… so let’s go over the details revealed in the show…

  1. When the verb TO BE is present in the sentence, it’s “relative” — more of a “TRUE AS TO feeling” type of thing.
  2. When the verb TO BE is not in the sentence, you have an absolute statement.
    GOD IS LOVE. (relative)
    GOD IS SPIRIT. (absolute)
    So, the word “IS” (to be) is found in “God is love”… but it’s missing in the Greek text of the Bible: “God (is) spirit”. — So it’s more like this…

“ALL (is) OF GOD”… is in the absolute sense – II COR 5:18 because the verb TO BE (is) missing.
“He who IS NOT of God is not hearing us.” – I JOHN 4:6 … this is the relative sense, because it contains the verb TO BE (is not) thus it’s true as to “feeling” but not necessarily of fact.

These things are made clear in the Concordant Literal New Testament… because they use LIGHT FACE TYPE when the word is not in the original Greek Text of the Bible… so that you’ll know they are supplementing the words, to make it make sense in English idiom. When they use DARK FACE TYPE… you know it’s actually in the Greek Text of the Bible — to give you more of a feeling for what the writer is actually saying. We should thank them for doing this.

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