The Age of Grace began with a spectacular “event” in Damascus (Acts 9: 1-18). Doesn’t it stand to reason that the Age of Grace will also end with an equally spectacular “event” in Damascus, from where it all started, just prior to its destruction (Isaiah 17:1)?
On the road to Damascus (Acts 9: 1-18), Paul saw a light and was struck blind for 3 days. He was then taken to Damascus where the veil was lifted from his eyes, and the Age of Grace began. When Damascus will be destroyed and cease to be a city (Isaiah 17:1), the road leading to and out of Damascus will also be destroyed and cease to exist. This will leave us no exit road out – our only exit will be up.
This very road which led to GRACE, WILL ALSO CEASE. Paul knew of a time when this Age of Grace would be “complete” and “come to an end” when he stated, “until the fullness of the Gentiles be come in” (Romans 11:25). This reference means that when the last member of the mostly “Gentile” Body of Christ will be accounted for, this scripture will be fulfilled.
Similarly to Paul, will not the veil over our carnal eyes be lifted when Damascus is destroyed? Will we not meet and see our Lord spiritually in all His splendid light and glory in the clouds?
At the end of this Age of Grace, it’s the rapture of the Body of Christ. Will our departure be the catalyst used to set in motion this event, (the destruction of Damascus)? And will this event be the trigger to make the very first domino to fall which will topple the rest of the dominos already set in place, to usher in the tribulation and the Anti-Christ? Will this event end the Age of Grace and abruptly resume God’s prophetic program for Israel?
We, the Body of Christ, are children of the Light (Eph.5:8, Philp.2:15, 1Thess.5:5). We are the only light that is left to illuminate this world. We, the Body, will be taken out of harm’s way, snatched away, caught up, to be joined with our Head, our Lord. At this momentous joining, we’ll form one single entity. The world will no longer have light – darkness will reign. The Anti-Christ will be introduced and Jacob’s trouble will begin.
This is surely the time to look up and contemplate our redemption – it’s at hand.

This is a maranatha “come soon” moment. Rejoice!

Also to consider – God insisted that the story about Paul’s “road-to-Damascus” experience be recounted 3 times, (in the same book no less). See the following;
(Acts 9:1-18, then Acts 22:1-18, and again in Acts 26:1-18)
THREE (3) is a very significant number to God. To my knowledge, Acts is the only book in the Bible that has THE SAME STORY recounted 3 times within it.
Why would the limited pages of the Bible use up so much precious real-estate in just one book? This is not happenstance. It was intentioned by God Himself, for a specific reason.
Concerning the number 3, it was E.W. Bullinger that so aptly noted that, “three marks Divine completeness and perfection of testimony”.
And to reaffirm how significant the number 3 truly is, also consider the story of Peter and his 3-fold vision of unclean meats, wherein Christ tells him to eat thereof, and his 3-fold refusal to eat as Christ had commanded. Remember, this whole story revolves around the “unclean Gentiles, made clean”. (Acts 10-11).

SPECIAL NOTE: We are told that after Peter’s refusal to eat of the “unclean” food (representing God cleansing the Gentiles, rendering them clean and acceptable), that these “unclean” foods (Gentiles), laying upon the 4 corners of the sheet were all immediately taken away to heaven. This is reminiscent of the mainly “Gentile” Body of Christ being taken away (raptured) from the 4 corners of the earth. (Acts 10: 11&16).

Also to consider – Methuselah was the oldest recorded person in the whole bible. His name in Hebrew/Aramaic prophetically means “destruction will come” or “his death shall bring” or something to that effect.
It is widely accepted that Damascus may be the oldest known inhabited city in the world. Is it possible that just as Methuselah’s death was foretelling the punishment of the world in Noah’s day, that the destruction of Damascus might also be foretelling of the coming punishment that God is about to bring on this present world?
AS A SIDE NOTE: “…As in the days of Lot…”, the only other cities to be completely destroyed like Damascus is Sodom & Gomorrah. They also ceased being cities by becoming “ruinous heaps” (of ashes), by fire and brimstone – just like the fire and brimstone that God will rain down on the armies of Gog from Magog (Ezek.38:22).
When the alliance of armies coming from the north, marching towards the south, for the spoils (Ezk.38:12) in the Golan Heights (oil, gas & gold), they must, geographically speaking, go through Damascus.
God can fulfill 2 prophecies at the same time, both; a) the destruction of Damascus (within 12 hours) AND b) the destruction of the attacking allied armies at the same time (also within 12 hours) – and He can do so by means of fire & brimstone, as He did with Sodom & Gomorrah.
God claims that “they (and the whole world) will know that I am God”.
Ezk.38: 22-23 – “With pestilence and bloodshed I will enter into judgment with him; and I will rain upon him and his hordes and the many peoples that are with him, torrential rains and hailstones, fire and brimstone. 23 So I will show my greatness and my holiness and make myself known in the eyes of many nations. Then they will know that I am the Lord.”
If fire & brimstone falls from the sky, everyone will inevitably see the hand of God. If Damascus and the attacking allied armies (Russia, Iran, Turkey) are destroyed by a nuclear bomb (as some have erroneously suggested), then the world would not have a reason to believe that God Himself intervened. Think about this for a moment.

This is worth repeating,
The Age of Grace began with a spectacular “event” in Damascus (Acts 9: 1-18). Doesn’t it stand to reason that the Age of Grace will also end with an equally spectacular “event” in Damascus, from where it all started, just prior to its destruction (Isaiah 17:1)?


The Bright Morning Star, Day Star, the Star of Dawn, (a.k.a Lucifer), had his name changed to HaSatan (Heb.: Adversary). This is where the Father introduced Adversity (evil) into the universe through His Word, thus affecting our world also.
Abraham and Sarah also had their names changed. Because of their seed, Messiah would later be introduced to reconcile mankind to the Father. First for Israel and later for the Gentiles, so that God could be All in all.
Jacob also had his name changed to Israel. From this change, God reserved a people and a holy land unto Himself, forever more. The world was introduced to a Holy people that nations worldwide could be blessed by.
Paul was the last recorded person to have had his name changed. From his “road-to-Damascus” experience, his mission also changed. He was to preach the gospel of the uncircumcision to the Gentiles. Grace was introduced. At the destruction of Damascus, God’s prophetic program for Israel will have resumed, tribulation will ensue, followed by the millennium, thus changing history once again.
Is Damascus the key to lock up the Age of Grace, and unlock the Kingdom program so that God’s prophetic plan can resume? How near are we to the “fullness of the Gentiles about to be come in?”