The Ace Theological Company’s 95 Theses #60 The Teachings Of The Eons.

Find her book here:
The book costs $5 or so, if you want a PDF, scroll around on the site, and you’ll find free digital copies of their books.

The Ace Theological Company’s
95 Theses #60
The Teachings Of The Eons.
Part Five: Regarding Grace Todd

5:45 a.m.
Thursday, March 3rd, 2022
It’s 47º out there right now, a high of 68º expected.
Now that’s more like it.

Regarding Grace Todd, Dear Saint,

There is much to brag about her. Unlike my Great Aunt “Lizzy”… Grace Todd is not known to be a “bossy Lizzy”.
The only thing we know about Grace, is that she wrote a little book called “EONIAN: Everlasting or Age-Lasting?”
And get this… it’s not a book filled with opinions.
Instead it’s a “concordant study”. And that’s important.
I’ll tell you why. — Most of “christainty” is filled with guys with opinions. Not many of them are filled with “facts”… just wonderful, most-excellent “opinions” — and it’s not like there is much choice at the buffet we called “church”.
They all have mostly the same “opinions”…
And they “opinion” is this: God is pretty much like us. Only grumpier. And He gave us this “freewill” and fully expects us to use it properly to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps.
Basically, the modern day “church” we’ve all come to know and love is a “bossy Lizzy” movement. They’re going tell you how to behave and live your life, and how you’re going to pay a HUGE PRICE if you don’t behave.
Well… we don’t know a dang thing about Grace Todd. At least I don’t. All I know is there is this little 48-page booklet complied by her. It’s called:
“EONIAN: Everlasting or Age-Lasting?”
And, unlike all those “self-help” books or “daily devotional” books… this one, really turns your head and your heart to God.
It’s a complete listing of all the Bible verses where the word AION shows up. AION is age… or EON… and the adjective form AIONIOUS is also listed.
One long list of every place… it shows up… so that you can see with your own itty-bitty eyes… that… God has something different in mind than that ole threat of endless conscious punishment.
And, by FORCING you (the reader) to look at every listing that uses the word AION and/or AIONIOUS… you are (kind of) looking straight into the eyes of God.
You see, the way the popular Bible translators handled this word (aion) reveals they were not seeing God. They were instead worshiping man and man’s freewill and importance in this great scheme of God.
But Grace Todd… is a clever ole granny. (She’s been dead a long time.) Grace Todd drags us through every verse in the Bible where God uses this wonderful TIME word and shows that God, was consistent…. Unlike our popular bible translators.
God bless Grace Todd.
If you were on the hang-out last night… I opened up a PDF of her booklet. And we scrolled around on the book. I actually read the book way back in 1980 or so… and I forgot how great the book was.
It was pure. No fluff. Just the facts. Here’s a screen shot of page 7… Notice the word in italics… that’s the word AION.

In this screen shot, it’s mostly the word AION found in I Corinthians… and most of the time, the KJV here translates the word AION as “world”
On page 4 of her book, she points out that the “Bible” as most folks know it… speaks of two conflicting ideas, namely:
1. “World without end”… (Eph 3:21)
2. “End of the world”… (Matt 24:3)
What a hoot… world without end, and end of the world…
Keep in mind — we’re not just picking on a rare, quirky result of translation effort… no… the Bible is filled with this kind of “quirkiness”… contradictions, inconsistencies, laughable awkwardness, and things that — once you see the truth — will make you mad at bible translators on the whole.
God bless Grace Todd.
Her book is a rare, amazing example of grace and love. Not because she is preaching grace and love… no… she is bringing you to God, via His word.
Her only tool is a concordance.
It’s hard to argue with a concordance. A concordance doesn’t give you the definition of a word… (although some start out the listings with a definition)… but a concordance’s purpose is to SHOW YOU WHERE THAT WORD SHOWS UP so you can determine for yourself what the word means— by its usage.
God Bless Concordances. — You have to know… most bible “preachers” hate concordances. Why? Because concordances lead their “faithful” followers astray, every time.
A concordance study will get you kicked out of Sunday school class… most of the time.
You see, the TRUTH is that which accords with the FACTS. And a concordance is a book of facts.
You could do a “concordant” study on AION like Grace Todd… or you could do a concordant study on “soul”… or “Hell” … or “love”… or any number of topics in the Bible. And of course you want a “concordant” study of the Greek or Hebrew word, not man’s translations… you want God’s vocabulary.
So, for the most part Grace Todd is not “write” a book.. Grace Todd “compiled” a listing of every place where AION (or the Hebrew OLAM) shows up.
And you can see with your own eyes when the Bible translators said AION or OLAM was “age” or “eternal”… “world” or “time”… “ever” or “never”… you see, they were all over the board regarding this precious Greek word (aion).
God Bless Grace Todd.

I believe her book is more important to the truth than all the “daily devotionals” you can find at the christian book store.
Just imagine, meditating on God’s revelation… as God originally gave us His words.
God makes the eons on His Son. (Hebrews 1:2)
God makes the purpose of the eons in Christ Jesus, our Lord. (Eph 3:11)

God bless Grace Todd….
And God bless you.
Thanks for joining me, this morning.
6:43 a.m.
Grace to you.

The Ace Theological Company’s 95 Theses #59 The Teachings Of The Eons.

The Ace Theological Company’s
95 Theses #59
The Teachings Of The Eons.
Part Four: The “Eternal” God Is Eonian

6:14 a.m.
Wed, March 2nd, 2022
37º out side… 61º tops.

Good Morning Dear One,
Yesterday, I scattered a lot of flower seeds on an empty lot near my house.
Coffee is ready… and I’m raring to go… in a sleep kind of way.
We’re trying to get a grip on the EONS… and the Bible’s “teachings” of the eons.
Now, I admit that the Bible does not have an official “teaching” about the eons. And that’s because the Bible writers just assumed everyone knew what they meant when they would toss out this word AION… or in Hebrew: OLAM.
We do that today… we have ASSUMPTIONS… and for the most part, in our Western world, we know that most folks have the same ASSUMPTIONS we do about this and that.
That’s why its often funny when someone from another culture, country or land… stops us, and asks, what we mean when we say “this” or “that”… because they are from a far away land, they have different ASSUMPTIONS about words, and grammar, and such.
So, in the New Testament… not one writer explains AION. They just toss out the word freely as if you know “zactly” what “they is” talking about.
However, we (modern day ‘christians’) come to the Bible and we actually struggle with a lot of what they say, because we are using our WESTERN MIND… with western assumptions… and we got lots of quesiton marks popping out of our heads, with a raised eyebrow.
So, Jesus, Paul, John and the others who used the word AION assumed you’d get it. Boy were they wrong.
We’re way off track when it comes to concepts of TIME and the purpose of God. (We, meaning regular ole ‘christians’.)

Earlier, we went over two verses which “prove” that God made the eons.
Then, we went over two verses which “prove” that the eons will come to an end.
In a moment, I’ll paste in the verse which says GOD IS EONIAN.
The reason, this verse (Romans 16?) is vital… is that it is a HOT TOPIC and POINT OF CONTENTION with our opposers — those who insist that God is going to endlessly torture most of His creatures in some “lake of fire”.
They say, “Everyone knows God is ‘eternal’ — without beginning and without end — so that verse in Romans 16 MUST actually say “God is eternal”.
But, if God created the eons, and God is said to be “eonian”…. We must puzzle this one out, if we are to believe God and His word.
God… as we understand the fella, is “eternal”… according to our assumptions about the word: Eternal=without beginning and without end.
But, you know… what we really want to know is — IS GOD EONIAN?
That would be a more wonderful question and a more endearing answer. Of course God is “eternal” but is He also “eonian”.
Ok, I know this metaphor might be weak… but “water is wet”… right?
But is water satisfying? Is water available? Is water clean? Is water healing? Is water pure? — Water is wet, and God is ‘eternal’ — but we really want to know that God is “eonian”… ??????
You see, the eons have a beginning and an end. We are told that God created the eons. And we are told that God will conclude the eons of time. And like it or not, we all “feel” somewhat distant from this God who is the creator of all and the father of all.
So, the question of whether or not, He is eonian… is vital to our desires to know Him, love Him and trust Him.
When we first come into an awareness of God… we are somewhat excited… and if we’re honest, we’d have to say we have a “fondness” for God. But as we go along… we want to grow from fondness to love.
And from pure “enthusiasm” into a place where WE TRUST GOD.
Remember our “go to” scripture: I Timothy 4:10 “We trust in the living God, who is the savior of all”
Our opposers, who argue that “aion can be translated ‘eternal’” and they use this verse from Romans 16… about the “aionian God”… to say that since God is “eternal” this PROVES “aionian” means “eternal”.
Well, again, God made the eons, so, is God eonian?
Well, we are currently stuck in the eons… so we really want to know that God is not leaving us alone, stuck in the eons of time… so we want to know, IS GOD EONIAN? — HELP !!!!!
God made the eons (Hebrews 1:2, Ephesians 3:11) —- So obviously He exists BEFORE He made TIME as we know it.
God will conclude the eons (I Corinthians 10:11, Hebrews 9:26) therefore we assume God will outlast the eons of time.
Still… we long for God. And it seems to me… a very touching and loving thing to suggest that GOD IS EONIAN.
Hang on, let me paste in Romans 16….
25 Now to Him Who is able to establish you in accord with my evangel, and the heralding of Christ Jesus in accord with the revelation of a secret hushed in times eonian,26 yet manifested now and through prophetic scriptures, according to the injunction of the eonian God being made known to all nations for faith-obedience –27 to the only, and wise God, through Christ Jesus, be glory for the eons of the eons. Amen!
Notice: the word EON shows up three times in this passage:
Something “HUSHED in times eonian”.
Something about “the eonian God”.
And something about “glory for the eons of the eons”.
Do we really have to break it down for ya… if something is “hushed in times eternal” — and we want to translate “aion” as “eternal”… how can a secret “hushed” in times eternal EVER BE REVEALED.
But if it’s “hushed” in eons of times… then YES, it can be revealed. And then the next verse… about THE EONIAN GOD… is a thrilling verses.. and it’s depths can be plumbed.
Yes, God is “eternal” but is God eonian??? Now we can say, YES God is eonian… and it means a lot to us.
To get the right idea about AION is important… as the opening of our passage here is a toast to God, who is able to ESTABLISH you… and what is He going to ESTABLISH you to, or about?
God wants to ESTABLISH you in an evangel that was hidden in times eonian, but is now revealed. And this evangel has to do with the EONIAN GOD. To whom we’ll all give GLORY to, for the eons of the eons.

25 Now to Him Who is able to establish you in accord with my evangel, and the heralding of Christ Jesus in accord with the revelation of a secret hushed in times eonian,

26 yet manifested now and through prophetic scriptures, according to the injunction of the eonian God being made known to all nations for faith-obedience —

27 to the only, and wise God, through Christ Jesus, be glory for the eons of the eons. Amen!

The word AION was common, very commonly used and understood in those days. That’s why no bible writer goes out of his way to clarify it… but they tossed it out there 199 times in the New Testament.
They used it so much, that we can tell from the USEAGE of the word, exactly what they had in mind.
Not many words show up in the New Testament 199 times.
AION is our English word EON.
It’s a long, but indefinite amount of time. It’s not endless.
The EONS have a beginning and an end.
The EONS were made by God.
God’s purpose is revealed in the EONS of time.
God is EONIAN.
I feel much better knowing that He is eonian. I know now, that He’s got me exactly where He wants me, in the eons… even if they are troublesome eons… at least the eons will come to an end.
Now, I trust God’s purpose. His eonian purpose (Eph 3:11)
I think we can argue that “no one trusts an “eternal” God… not if the argument is all about “eternal torment”… who can “trust” or “rely” on the kind of God who intends to torture His creation, any part of it.
But if God, humbles Himself to reveal that He is “eonian”… seems to me, it should melt our hearts.
I belong to the eonian God. We all do. He created the eons and place us all inside these eons of time.

7:22 a.m.
Hang on, coffee time.

God creates and controls time itself.
Time is a measure of change.
God creates and controls “change” — or time as we know it.
When “change” comes into our lives… this is God’s doing.
All is out of Him, through Him and for Him.
Time (the eons) is totally in His hands, and we have every reason to trust Him.
Time, as we know it, will end — the eons will end — and then, God becomes all in all… change as we understand TIME and CHANGE will cease… and the best expression we can come up with, is GOD IS AND WILL BE ALL.
I can’t close out these notes better than Paul… so I’ll close out with his Romans 16 again…

25 Now to Him Who is able to establish you in accord with my evangel, and the heralding of Christ Jesus in accord with the revelation of a secret hushed in times eonian,26 yet manifested now and through prophetic scriptures, according to the injunction of the eonian God being made known to all nations for faith-obedience –27 to the only, and wise God, through Christ Jesus, be glory for the eons of the eons. Amen!

And I too say “amen”.
Grace to you.



The Ace Theological Company’s 95 Theses #58 The Teachings Of The Eons.

Part Three: The Ends Of The Eons.

Good Morning Dear One,

5:01 a.m.
Tuesday, OMG It’s March 1st.
We better start planting today.
March 1st, 2022
Sweet, it’s on ly 32º out there.
And a high of 54º expected.

Now if you start planting your seeds, keep in mind, seeds don’t like to sprout unless it’s 70º — they’re not stupid. They can tell it’s too cold. So, if you want them to spout up now, use a plastic water bottle or milk jug, or an old fish tank like a miniature “green house” and it give them an early start.

Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until we start hitting 70º days.

Ok, now we’re looking at the Bible’s teachings of the eons.
And of course most folks don’t know that there is a “teaching of the eons” because most “bibles” are translated by a bunch of hosers. Some were even commissioned by a “king”.
But there are some translations out there that do a decent job. Especially when dealing with the Greek word “AION”. These translations are consistent — and translate AION as “age” or “eon”. And when the adjective is used, these translations say “age-lasting” or “eonian”.

In parts one and two, we considered, at length, the passages which reveal that the EONS had a beginning. One verse was Hebrews 1:2. The other verse was Ephesians 3:11. One verse says the eons were made in the Son of God, and the other verse says the purpose of the eons were made in Christ Jesus, our Lord.
My big idea was to start this “teaching” by showing the eons have a beginning, and then show they have an end… and then hack away at the eons as they progress and proceed from the beginning to the end.
YIPEE… today we explore the ENDS OF THE EONS.
It’s revealed in I Corinthians 10:11. — let me paste it in here for you.

I’m pasting almost the whole chapter here, as the verse is SO POWERFUL that you’ll surely want to see the “context”… it’s going to knock your socks off… let’s go.
1 For I do not want you to be ignorant, brethren, that our fathers all were under the cloud, and all passed through the sea,

2 and all are baptized into Moses in the cloud and in the sea,

3 and all ate the same spiritual food,

4 and all drank the same spiritual drink, for they drank of the spiritual Rock which followed. Now the Rock was Christ.

5 But not in the majority of them does God delight, for they were strewn along in the wilderness.6 Now these things became types of us, for us not to be lusters after evil things,

7 according as they also lust. Nor yet be becoming idolaters, according as some of them, even as it is written, “Seated are the people to eat and drink, and they rise to sport.”

8 Nor yet may we be committing prostitution, according as some of them commit prostitution, and fall in one day twenty-three thousand.

9 Nor yet may we be putting the Lord on trial, according as some of them put Him on trial, and perished by serpents.

10 Nor yet be murmuring even as some of them murmur, and perished by the exterminator.

11 Now all this befalls them typically. Yet it was written for our admonition, to whom the consummations of the eons have attained.

12 So that, let him who is supposing he stands beware that he should not be falling.13 No trial has taken you except what is human. Now, faithful is God, Who will not be leaving you to be tried above what you are able, but, together with the trial, will be making the sequel also, to enable you to undergo it.

Here in verse 11, we have this wonderful assurance from Paul… that “the consummations of the eons have attained” to us.
God began the eons, in the Son of His love… and what is the PURPOSE of making the eons??? Why, the PURPOSE was in Christ Jesus, our Lord. — and what is the outcome of all this ??? My oh my… it has to do with “US”… can you believe it? The ends (consummations) have something to do with little ole “US”???
This this chapter (10) — Paul says — “I don’t want you to be ignorant” — that the consummations of the eons have attained to us.
And he goes on about “spiritual food” and “spiritual drink” — and that the consummations of the eons have attained to us.
And he tells us that “The Rock was Christ” and the consummations of the eons have attained to us.
He then tells us his story here is A TYPE and a foreshadowing of things to come. And guess what — the consummations of the eons have attained to us.
Now I know, from my own experience, that most readers of this chapter will concentrate on all the “don’t put the Lord on trial” or “the snakes will get you” section… but… I now say that that’s cheesy and easy… to appeal to.
The James Gang (the works guys, the law guys, the anti-grace guys) love this “perish by serpents” reference. They can really sink their teeth into that… and browbeat most anyone into feeling guilty and trying soooooo hard to be law and works compliant…. But what if the point of bringing up those who “put the Lord on trial”… and were introduced to “serpents”… is to get to a GREATER PART OF THE STORY?
What if that part of the story were a TYPE… and not a clear teaching. Lookie here, it uses the word TYPE two times in the passage… so maybe we’re on to something.
I’m prepared to say, YES, our behavior (deportment) is somewhat important… but the PURPOSE OF GOD… is way more important.
And… the consummations of the eons have attained to us.
God’s purpose — which He made in Christ Jesus, our Lord… have attained to us.
Consider: Each individual eon comes to an end. And…
Consider: the EONS collectively come to an end.
The eons have endings. And the endings of the eons, (consummations) of the eons somehow… happen or… attained to us.
We all want to know the future, right? Well, here is a perfect prophecy… that all the good things God has planned for the endings of each eon and all the eons, have been granted to us, in spirit, already.
the consummations of the eons have attained to us
This is both a prophetic word and a statement of fact, already accomplished.
Can you see the achievements of the cross, in this verse?
“The consummations of the eons have attained to us”.

I hope you keep pondering this little “throw away” line from Paul.
And leave any comment you have… if you want to add to our understanding of this phrase.
There is one more passage that indicates that the eons will come to an end.
Hebrews 9:26. Hang on… I’ll paste it in….

24 For Christ entered not into holy places made by hands, representations of the true, but into heaven itself, now to be disclosed to the face of God for our sakes.
25 Nor yet is it that He may be offering Himself often, even as the chief priest is entering into the holies of holies year by year by the blood of others,
26 since then He must often be suffering from the disruption of the world, yet now, once, at the conclusion of the eons, for the repudiation of sin through His sacrifice, is He manifest.
27 And, in as much as it is reserved to the men to be dying once, yet after this a judging,
28 thus Christ also, being offered once for the bearing of the sins of many, will be seen a second time, by those awaiting Him, apart from sin, for salvation, through faith.
Seems to me… we can clearly say and see that what Christ did on the cross… His suffering… will result in something grand and wonderful at “the conclusion of the eons”.
What can we expect at the conclusion of the eons? We can expect sin to be repudiated. We can expect Him to be manifest. There is no way we can dare limit these ideas. He suffered ONCE, for the repudiation of sin… and it’s done. And His suffering has to do with this revelation — to be revealed at THE CONCLUSION OF THE EONS.
This verse 26 is breathtaking.
The EONS are not endless… they have a conclusion. (Verse 26)
And in fact, they have many “consummations” (I COR 10:11)

6:07 a.m. coffee refill time.
6:15 a.m. back

There are some who teach that AION can sometimes be translated “eternal”. They are the sneaky ones. They end up trying to teach us all that hell is endless, as in “eternal punishment”… etc.
But we can see from these two verses… that the EONS not only come to an end, they have many endings. — and taking a look with a view to God’s idea… in grammar, in revelation… there is a purpose going on that we can see… whatever good God has in mind for the ends of the eons… have attained to us. That sounds like a wonderful thought on God’s behalf. Gracious. Kind.
“The ends of the eons have attained to us.”…. mercy… I Corinthians 10:11.
“At the conclusion of the eons… sin will be repudiated. He is manifest” (Hebrews 9:26)
Two great prophecies. Not only are they largely overlooked and ignored… but they are MINDBLOWING… delicious… heavenly… You can’t go wrong exploring the depths of these two verses.
You see, it’s not that we’ve found two verses which PROVE that AION cannot be translated “eternal” (as they are said to end) but we have found within the Bible’s teachings of the EONS — promises of the future that concern US and reveal something amazing about Christ’s achievement on the cross… that He will be MANIFEST, regarding it all.
“Manifest” is a strange and powerful word. It suggests that something was once hidden… but at the conclusion of the eons, He is manifest. Wow.
And when “He is manifest”… it can’t be all bad… but it might be all good.
Dare we say from the language of Hebrews 9:26… that His sacrifice has EVERYTHING to do with the conclusion of the eons.
The verse is worth memorizing. And bringing up in Sunday school.

When next we meet on the topic of the eons, we’ll look at the passage about THE EONIAN GOD… and we might… look at Grace Todd’s little book on the eons. She compiled a listing of every verse containing the word AION. 199 passages.
We’ll go over her book to save some time… but I wanted to explore with my own eyes… the beginnings of the eons and the ends of the eons.
OK… we might do a live show around 9 a.m.
But for now… exit: stage right.
Thanks for joining me.
Leave comments, like, share, etc.
Grace to you.

The Ace Theological Company’s 95 Theses # 57 The Teachings Of The Eons.

The Teachings Of The Eons.
Part One: God Made The Eons In His Son.

Good Morning Happy One… (even if you’re mad, at the moment, you have every reason to be happy as you are His.)

5:11 a.m.
Saturday, Feb. 26th, 2022

As we used to say in my evangelical days “This is a day the Lord hath made.”
In my days as an evangelical christian we didn’t know a damn thing about the “eons”. Even though the greek word AION shows up in the Bible 199 times. — The New Testament.
199 times ??? And we didn’t know a thing about it… what gives dude?
We knew all about “the trinity” — a word that NEVER shows up in the Bible.
We knew all about “the immortal soul” — another word that NEVER shows up in the Bible.
And of course, we knew all about man’s beloved and untouchable “freewill”…. You know, the “freewill” that God can ’never’ violate… yeah… that will. — and of course that word also NEVER shows up in the Bible.
And finally, we knew all about “HELL”… that it was “ENDLESS CONSCIOUS PUNISHMENT” — conjecture… but NOT in the Bible.

We’ve been trying to weave our way through evangelical christian teachings — to find the truth in God. (I only reference “evangelical” because that was part of my epic journey… I was never a Catholic, but I suppose they are included in our examination.)
So… “leaving behind” all or some of that stuff… I say, let’s see what we really can find in the Scripture.
AION — as I said — shows up in the New Testament 199 times. Why is it christians know nothing about it ???

I bet we can see God, if we can peep into the eons. Let’s go:

  1. The eons were made in Christ.
    This is revealed in Hebrews chapter one. Hang on, let me copy and paste it here…

Chapter 1

1 By many portions and many modes, of old, God, speaking to the fathers in the prophets,

2 in the last of these days speaks to us in a Son, Whom He appoints enjoyer of the allotment of all, through Whom He also makes the eons;

Keep in mind AION is the Greek word, EON is the English equivalent.
The opening lines of this book of Hebrews are so lovely. Dare we say that if you take these 2 verses… they are so beautiful… that you could toss the rest of the Bible away… ???
God makes the eons in Christ. Notice the verb form “makes”… The Greek of the New Testament has a verb form that we don’t have in English… a “timeless” form. Neither past, present, nor future.
So the best we can do is… God MAKES the eons in Christ.
Timeless… because we’re not talking about just one eon. As near as we can tell from the Bible’s language… there are 5 eons of time, in God’s eonian purpose.
So, of course, the writer of Hebrews says God “MAKES” the eons in Christ. He made the first eon, the second eon, we are now in the third eon… and there are two more to go… thus: God “MAKES” the eons in Christ.
So, God speaks to us these days in a Son — through Whom He makes the eons… wow… So God makes us… all of us… and God makes all of time… as we know it… God makes the eons… in or through His Son.
Ya know… this verse, is flat out comforting… when you think about it
… that God is totally in control of TIME. He not only “made” the eons, He goes beyond that short sighted thought… He “MAKES” the eons… wow.
God makes the time periods. Days, weeks, months, God makes them all. Years, decades, centuries, millennia, God makes them all. Even eons. Nothing is outside of His creative eye for detail.
Not even blinks, as Greg has tried to tell us on this channel many times. His word is “twinkle” which is a half of a blink.
Chapter 11 By many portions and many modes, of old, God, speaking to the fathers in the prophets,2 in the last of these days speaks to us in a Son, Whom He appoints enjoyer of the allotment of all, through Whom He also makes the eons;
How does God speak to us? Well… He speaks to us in many ways. But these day… God speaks to us in a Son.
And what do we know about this “Son”???
Well… He is the “enjoyer of the allotment of all”… OMG, what does that mean? How do we fit all that “endless hell” business into our understanding if the Son of God… is the enjoyer of the allotment of all… Lord have mercy, this is a deep thought… I confess… I’m not qualified to lead us down this primrose path of understanding… but I’m the best you got, as I’ve had one cup of coffee so far… and you guys are just getting up… ha.
2 in the last of these days speaks to us in a Son, Whom He appoints enjoyer of the allotment of all, through Whom He also makes the eons;
Through Whom He ALSO… I love the word ALSO.. it’s a busy word… it shows God is trying, trying, trying to shove so many thoughts into our heads… do you think we can handle it all? ALSO…
What is God up to??? He “appoints” his Son as a or perhaps THE enjoyer of the allotment OF ALL… (can we preach a universal salvation from this phrase?)
Enjoyer of the allotment of all… Oh my.
EMC SAYS… “The implications of the atonement is good news for all. It does not allow for a reality where Love endlessly torments the majority of it’s creation.”
Hang on… I’ve been saying that “God made the eons in Christ”… but I don’t think that’s quite right… God made the eons in His Son… before his role as “the Christ”… this is important… this is family. This is before we have a clue… Father and Son… and what does He do with His Son… two things… TWO BIG things. He appoints His Son as the enjoyer of the allotment of all….
2 in the last of these days speaks to us in a Son, Whom He appoints enjoyer of the allotment of all, through Whom He also makes the eons;
The word “appoints” has a TIME element to it, right? At some future time… The Son of God… will be the ENJOYER of the allotment of all.
That “hell” business says He will enjoy only a portion… YIKES… forget that.
2 in the last of these days speaks to us in a Son, Whom He appoints enjoyer of the allotment of all, through Whom He also makes the eons;
Note: “the last of these days” is a TIME reference too, right? As we understand the teaching of the eons, there are 5 eons altogether… we’re in the 3rd one, at the moment. It’s called “this wicked eon”… by Paul. There are two more to go… when they are mentioned together they are called “the eons of the eons”…. When the very last one is mentioned, it is called “the eon of the eons”….
So… since we’re in the 3rd one… we’re over the hump… eon wise. At most, two and a half eons to go… good news…
2 in the last of these days speaks to us in a Son, Whom He appoints enjoyer of the allotment of all, through Whom He also makes the eons;
What happens “in the last of these days”… Why of course, God speaks to us in a Son… wow. How kind of Him. Speaking to us in a Son, makes so much sense… in my mind.
Hebrews… Chapter 11 By many portions and many modes, of old, God, speaking to the fathers in the prophets,2 in the last of these days speaks to us in a Son, Whom He appoints enjoyer of the allotment of all, through Whom He also makes the eons;
So, a long time ago… God spoke to “us” in the Jewish prophets. But these days, He speaks to us in a Son… Does God speak to us “in Christ”… hmmm? Not sure… but He does “speak” to us in a Son… very intimate… very family.
God does so much through His Boy… we prattle on this channel about how God saves all in Christ… but here, in this passage, we can see that God even made THE EONS in/through is Son.
The eons are the longest period of time, discussed in the Bible. Generally speaking, we can see that an EON is a geologic measure of time… whereas “days”, “weeks”, “years”, etc… are all celestial measures of time. The current eon began with Noah’s flood. It will end with an earthquake that accompanies Christ’s return to the Earth.
God makes the eons, in Christ… or rather, in His Son. Not just one eon… God makes the eons… deep.
I love time travel movies. They are so fun. So many crazy notions. And I wonder if we can love that God makes the eons in His Son. Can we see crazy notions in God’s work here in Hebrews 1:1 and verse 2. ???

Hebrews… Chapter 1

1 By many portions and many modes, of old, God, speaking to the fathers in the prophets,

2 in the last of these days speaks to us in a Son, Whom He appoints enjoyer of the allotment of all, through Whom He also makes the eons;

Lord willing, I want to take a peek at every place where this word AION shows up in the New Testament… and see what we can see. It’s laying there, 199 times for use to delve into. I figure Hebrews 1, verse 2 is a fine place to start. The beginning of the eons is in the Son of His love.
God has a big plan… a wonderful purpose… and as far as we can tell, He changes things up a bit from time to time…. Speaking to us sometimes in the prophets, but nowadays in a Son. But at least… God is speaking to us, right?
It’s not like we’re not on speaking terms.
And to suggest that He speaks to us in a Son… my god, that is way out there… very intimate… who could ask for a more personal means of getting close to the Father???
He speaks to us in a Son. I’m humbled.
He speaks to us in a Son, through Whom He makes the eons, also.
Can we dare say that BECAUSE He makes the eons, it’s yet another way He speaks to us?

Hebrews… Chapter 1

1 By many portions and many modes, of old, God, speaking to the fathers in the prophets,

2 in the last of these days speaks to us in a Son, Whom He appoints enjoyer of the allotment of all, through Whom He also makes the eons;

God speaks to us in the eons?
God speaks to us in the prophets, in a Son and in the eons of time. — Seems like God has thought of everything.
I’m thrilled that the Son is the enjoyer of the allotment of all. Wow. I know I’m included in that word “all” — somewhere. The Son is going to enjoy ME ???? hmmmm. I’m gonna faint.
Dare we suggest that “we” are as important as the “eons”???
He merely “makes” the eons in Christ…. But He ENJOYS all us boys and girls… Hmmmmmm.
Hebrews… Chapter 11 By many portions and many modes, of old, God, speaking to the fathers in the prophets,2 in the last of these days speaks to us in a Son, Whom He appoints enjoyer of the allotment of all, through Whom He also makes the eons;
Who is Christ??? He is the enjoyer of the allotment of all. Wow.
He earned it. He earned us. We are part of the all.
Ask any “christian”… ‘Hey, let me ask you a question, who is the enjoyer of the allotment of all?’ … you know… you know they will look at you like you’ve got 2 heads…
And it’s not like we’ve got something on them, if we can peep into this passage and it goes over their head… they are part of the all, as well. My point is to push you into a deeper appreciation of the revelation of God. God makes His Son to be the enjoyer… wow.
The enjoyer of what? Of the allotment. The allotment of how many? Of all !!!!!!
This thing is deeper and sweeter than anything we ever thought about. It’s a good thing God thought about it all. A good thing God planned out the EONS in Christ. Nothing, is outside of His scope of thinking and planning and His purpose… hot dog.

Hebrews… Chapter 1

1 By many portions and many modes, of old, God, speaking to the fathers in the prophets,

2 in the last of these days speaks to us in a Son, Whom He appoints enjoyer of the allotment of all, through Whom He also makes the eons;

This passage… is about God. And God’s operations.
This passage is not necessarily about the “Son”… nor is it about us (the all)… it’s a revelation about God Himself. How He speaks. What His plans are. How He’s going to pull it all off.
What a great passage.
After we’re done prattling about this passage, concerning the BEGINNING of the eons… I think we’ll look at the END or ENDS of the eons… to see what we can see.
But Hebrews 1:1 and 2 is a fine way to launch into this teaching of the eons. Remember, it’s a real teaching of the Bible… because the word shows up some 199 times… and all we want is to know what God meant by using the word… and what God was trying to convey… and we want to shed our old, false notions about time and eternity… if needed.
So far… we’re off to a fine start (“fine start” get it… another time reference? A pun?)
Our concepts of time… apparently are VITAL to the message of God. If we have the wrong concepts of TIME, we’re sure to have the wrong notions of God’s purpose as well.
TIME, as we understand it, is limited.
“Time” is a measure of change. Things change. When they do, we mark the spot as a TIME measurement.
There was a TIME when there was no TIME…as “change” did not occur as we understand it all… for God was all in Himself, and had not begun creation yet.
Christ, according to Colossians 1:16…. Is the firstborn of creation. Can we say that that MARKS a TIME change?
And according to today’s passage (Hebrews 1: 1-2) God MARKS off time in His Son… wow. He makes the eons in His Son.

Hebrews… Chapter 1

1 By many portions and many modes, of old, God, speaking to the fathers in the prophets,

2 in the last of these days speaks to us in a Son, Whom He appoints enjoyer of the allotment of all, through Whom He also makes the eons;

“Many portions and many modes” indeed. You can’t outthink God. I know there are a lot of folks who’ve got advice for God. And if God would only listen to them, things would be so much better. But, alas, God did not consult with the whiners before He began this hootenanny.
And aren’t we lucky.
Just imagine the nightmare the universe would be if the wise of this world had ginned it all up. Twilight Zone comes to mind.

7:18 a.m.
I’m so excited to head down this road of looking at the eons of the Bible. Let me know what you guys think, in the comments, or by email if you have my email.

If you want to check out Joseph Kirk’s article on The Eons… here is the link:
There he also covers all 199 times where the word shows up. And if you hop over there, you’ll go to the head of the class. You’ll see things we might miss and maybe you can look over my shoulder and guide the discussion, etc.
Thanks for hanging out with me this morning.
I appreciate it.
Grace to you.
7:23 a.m.
Bye for now.

The Ace Theological Company’s 95 Theses #56 Freewill VS Grace

Freewill VS Grace

Friday, Feb 25th, 2022
4:55 a.m.
18º out there, high of 32º expected.
They say Wed we’ll have a high of 58º

Good morning Dear One,
Just 5 minutes into this effort and the wifi has booted us out twice, don’t know what’s up with that, but let’s press on.

Today, we step into the ring to challenge the worship of “freewill” yet again.
As you may know, the word “freewill” only shows up ONE time in the whole bible. And that’s in a reference to an offering — a specific offering made by those guys in the Old Testament.
The offering was called a “FREEWILL” offering… But just because they gave that offering the name “freewill offering” DOES NOT MEAN the “doctrine” of “freewill” is a thing.
No more than calling a pastry “Denmark Strudel” means it came from Denmark or is headed to Denmark, or is owned by Denmark, or much at all. It’s just a name, and it might mean something, or it might not.
A “freewill” offering, is a name not a teaching.
Keep in mind, I’m pointing out that the doctrine of “freewill”… is real popular among the Babylonian monster we might call the modern day “church”.
But you won’t find the word “FREEWILL” in the Bible — other than that one reference to some obscure offering occasionally made in the O.T.
But you will find the word GRACE all over the place.
GRACE VS. FREEWILL… Who do you think is going to win in this battle of ideas?
You know… As long as there is an “Ace” theologian prattling about these matters, I’m going to give all the points to GRACE.
Worshipping human “freewill” seems just awful to me.
Ok. Let’s get down to business.
“Freewill” is a means of deserving the favor of God. The doctrine of “freewill” says — in essence — do this or do that, and God will owe you salvation.
Listen, if you can do anything… to deserve the favor of God, then “grace” is not really “grace” — it’s a debt owed to you… and God MUST save you according to the (shall we say) “contract”.
But if GRACE is in play… then God saves the underserving. And God is God.
Don’t try to MIX the two ideas.
Don’t say God saves those who use their “freewill” to do the right thing.
You see, salvation is the work of God, not the obligation of God. You can’t obligate God to save you.
The doctrine of “freewill” makes salvation the work of man. How do we know this… because all freewillers say…
“If a sinner goes to hell, he can only blame himself, for God gave him the same opportunity as He gave all mankind, only he didn’t use his “freewill” to make the right choice.”
Never mind that when you apply the same standard to “christians” — you’d have to say “If a Christian goes to heaven he can only praise himself, for God gave him the same opportunity as He gave all mankind, and he used his precious, little, “freewill” to make the right choice.” So… PRAISE THE CHRISTIAN… is what I always say.
Grace VS Freewill. They don’t mix.
You see, the “free” will is very much subject to all kinds of influential factors. Most of all, the human will is subject to the influence of God.
The will is NOT free of influence. Right?
So, when God tells that guy in the Old Testament “Choose you this day, whom you will serve !!!” — That is not a clear teaching on nature or character of HUMAN WILL.
What if… What if I’ve got a gun to your head and tell you “Get with the program”. ???
Is that a clear teaching on whether or not your willingness to “get with the program” is “free” of coercive factors?
The very idea of “GOD” is a coercive, influential force in the universe.
The idea of “freewill” is a doctrine of demons, designed to take your eyes and your heart off of God… and focus it on yourself.
If God says “Choose you this day”… it’s no comment on who is really running the show.
We are told over and over again, that God CHOOSES…
“God chooses the foolish and weak, not the high and mighty”…
“God chooses us in Him BEFORE the foundation of the world”… etc.
Why would we honor and glorify man’s choice in matters under consideration… but minimalize and marginalize THE CHOICE OF GOD?
Years ago… before the internet became wildly popular… there was a cynical, christian magazine called THE WHITTENBERG DOOR… they would poke fun at regular old “christian” ideas and myths… especially stuff that came out of evangelical, fundamentalism.
Well, one issue they dared to tackle… was “feminism”. On the cover, was the main editor of “the door” … with the caption saying something like “As the editor of The Whittenberg Door I’m here to say we stand with our feminist sisters…” and when you turned the page of the cover, you discovered it was a folded page, and you got to see the COMPLETE PICTURE of the editor… who had a gun to his head, held by a woman.
So, God holds all the cards. God holds all the factors of influence and outcome. And God tells Joshua “Choose you this day…” As if He doesn’t know the outcome and what He is doing. His dealing with Josh, and His dealings with all humanity… are sure. And sealed in the cross of Christ. And human “freewill” can contribute nothing to the purpose of our Father.
Human freewill is a subject for minors to chatter about.
Remember our little phrase “Appearance is everything, reality is nothing.” — that might apply here.
Grace is a thing. Freewill is not.

6:00 a.m.
I think … oops… the roboting continues…
It’s coffee refill time.. .hang on.

Remember, how I said there is a “Doctrine of Freewill”… Well… it’s not really a “doctrine” in the Bible… it’s really more of an “inference of freewill” — the Bible DOES NOT teach that mankind has an uninfluenceable “free” will.
The freewill crowd — the best they can do is “infer” the matter. It’s not a clear teaching of the Bible.
But there is a “clear” — teaching we call “The Doctrine of the Eons”…. And if we can get folks acquainted with the DOCTRINE OF THE EONS… it will choke out their love for the “doctrine of freewill”.
You see, the main reason they love “freewill” is they don’t want to “blame” God for the plight of the sinner ending up in endless hell.
No, we can’t blame God for such an awful mess… so let’s blame the sinner for his own plight. But if these guys knew that God has this purpose … this eonian purpose (Eph 3:11) they might chill out. They might see that God is God.

Instead of worshiping man and man’s Almighty “Freewill”
Of course we have a “will”… no question. But as to our will’s limits ??? Hmmmm.
If the christian world knew of God’s eonian purpose… the “doctrine of human freewill” would melt away.
God’s purpose is not to burn the silly sinner in hell forever. God’s purpose is to glorify His Son and His Grace and His work.
Freewill glorifies man and man’s “work”.
Seems only right to grow up and realize that “God’s choice” is a thing, and “man’s choice” is an appearance of a thing”. LOL.
So, God says to Josh, “Choose you this day.” And God has already chosen Josh, so really, what “choice” does Josh have?
If God has chosen Josh, then God is going to supply all that’s necessary to make sure His choice is accomplished. Josh has no “choice” if God is the one “choosing”.
We are God’s. We do His bidding.
Josh has no power. Josh has no say in this universe. Josh did not create himself. Josh — when God says “Choose you this day…” Josh, says “OK”… and gulps. Like he had a choice in the matter… many factors were set in motion… like saying “LET’S GO”… when a Tsunami wave comes in. Let’s go, indeed. Like you have a choice… you are going whether you like it or not.
So, with the Doctrine of the eons, we can see clearly that God’s dealing with humanity appear to be this way or that way during the eons… But after the eons are closed, all bets are off.
During the eons, God deals with humanity in various ways… in innocence, in conscience, in law, in judgment, in grace, in justice… various ways. All for His purpose.
God never deals with humanity as if we had a “freewill”… and were equal to Himself. That’s silly.
But the freewillers come along and say goofy things like “God would never violate man’s freewill”. — Bullshit. God violates our freewill all the time. Ask Jonah. His freewill was NOT to go to Nineveh… he was hightailing it AWAY from Nineveh when God introduced him to a Whale of a good time. “God will not violate man’s free will” indeed.
During the eons, God’s eonian purpose rules. Man is subject to the Subjector of all.
Man is placed by the Placer of all.
I tell you, it pisses me off to hear the OSAS people pretend to brag on GRACE…. And then close out there sermon by saying, “Well, I suppose, if there is just one sinner who, of his own freewill, rejects God’s offer of Grace, then I suppose, he will have to go to endless hell, after all, God has done all he can do… and he can’t do no more.”

6:46 a.m.
Hang on, let me check the temp…
16º — too cold to go out back.

First of all, those freewillers need to know, there is no such thing as “GOD’S OFFER”… God does not “offer” grace. God OPERATES in GRACE…
When they prattle on about “God’s offer”… they are going on, really, about God being an “assist”. And that “salvation” is just a helpful thing… but it’s not the real thing.
The real thing… is your freewill. And all you get from God is a little boost. You did it. Of your own freewill. God is an assist… but He’s not the God of the universe.
Oh, they prattle on about “God is holy” and can’t abide sin… But there’s nothing “holy” about creating humanity with weaknesses and faults and ignorance… and then BLAMING humanity and torturing humanity in endless flames.
Freewill is a ruse.
Grace is the real deal.
Freewill is the enemy of Grace.
Freewill pushes to you worship yourself.
Grace pushes you to see all that God has done for you and will do for you. And you are His. Don’t forget it.
Freewill, is “pull yourself up by your own bootstraps” type of thing.
Grace is a description of how God is operating all.
So, this wind this sucker up…
Freewill and Grace cannot be compatible.
Freewill obligates God to you.
Grace is the operation of God… showing FAVOR to those who deserve the opposite of favor.
If “freewill” were a thing, then once you exercise your “freewill” in the right kind of way, you would DESERVE to be saved… and you’d DESERVE God’s blessings and rewards. Just the opposite of our concept of “grace”.
If you insist on winning this debate, Mr. Freewill Lover, then you’ll have to change the idea of GRACE to be something akin to WORKS. Grace is no longer Grace. You remember that line, from Galatians, right? Get with it brother.
God operates in GRACE… He shows favor to anyone and everyone who does not deserve even a glance of favor.
Universal salvation and reconciliation is clearly implied in this GRACE thing, why? Because “God is no respecter of persons” and “God is not partial”… so if God shows one poor sucker, “grace”… and that poor sucker did NOT deserve such favor… the UNpartial God of the universe MUST bring all of us home to His bosom… sooner or later. (Thus, the importance of the doctrine of the eons.)
Go tell those pretend ‘gracers’ that… they are full of crap… for God operates in Grace and there are no “offers” of grace. And ‘grace’ clearly implies that God bring all back home.
“Free gracers” are actually “freewillers” with a spin. They worship man’s will, and do not honor God’s will. They turn “God’s will” into something God wishes you would do… but they don’t know… God’s will IS something God is doing. And God’s will, whips man’s puny will… ALL THE TIME.
I’ll close this up… heat some some coffee… put on two coats, and join you outside so we can read this sucker.
7:11 a.m.
Exit, stage right.

The Ace Theological Company’s 95 Theses #55

The hidden meanings behind GRACE

Wednesday, Feb 23rd, 2022
4:58 a.m.
We had a snow dump last night.
Looks like 2 inches out there.
It’s 21º outside, with a high expected of 28º.
That’s bothersome cold.

Good Morning Saint,
I thought we’d explore the hidden meanings behind GRACE this morning. Why not, nothing better to do than ‘revel in grace’… that’s what I always say.
I’m sure you’ve seen those so-called “grace preachers” … like John MacArthur, (is that the guy’s name?) — who calls his ministry “Grace To You”.
And others out there like the typical church you might drive by called “Grace Baptist” or whatever.
Well, the problem (as I see it) is those guys are not very gracious. They’re kind of proud, if you ask me. And grace… if I’ve got the right definition of the thing… is humbling, not pride-sticking.
And remember, “pride will stick to anything, even the Nazi’s were PROUD of being Nazi’s” … so, just because a fellow is “proud” of something, doesn’t mean that something is much to be proud of … get me?
A lot of silly-ones, in the christian faith are proud of their “beliefs”. And if they “believe” they are saved by something called “grace”…. Oh my, they are so proud of it… don’t cha see.
Well, my understanding of GRACE is that it’s a very humbling situation. It’s not something you can actually be proud of… it’s like, you MUST acknowledge that something is not “fair”… something is not “right” as men judge “right” and “wrong”.
GRACE is favor shown to one who deserves the opposite of favor.
And I swear on a stack of Playboy Magazines, “grace” is really one of the most hated topics in christian circles.
You’ll find “grace” emphasized mostly in Paul’s letters of the Bible. The rest of the Bible is written to… for… and about the nation of Israel. But Paul’s letters were penned to all the bad boys out there, who were not “Israel”… and had no training in the law and the prophets. No clue at all.
Check this out:
If, “grace” is favor, given to one who deserves the opposite — that means — like — you’re watching a basketball game, and you know the BLUE team lost, flat out lost… but the refs GIVES the game to the BLUE team… who did not DESERVE to “win” the game…but they gave it to them anyway… and you’re pissed. It’s not fair. What’s wrong with those refs ???
Now, I don’t care much about basketball. But, I did watch the last game of that famous basketball player, what’s his name??? Michael Jordan? Yeah, that guy.
Keep in mind, up until that game, I had never watched a basketball game all the way through, before. But this Michael Jordon guy was so famous, so much in the news for years, and this was to be his last game, so I sat down and watched it.
And as I saw the game unfold, the refs we cheating in Jordan’s favor. They should have called him OUT over and over again, but NO, they let him get away with “murder” so to speak.
Again, I don’t give a fig about basketball, or Michael Jordan. But I understood WHY the referees were essentially “cheating” in favor of the guy. He was a good player, but he had made so much money for the basketball industry… and this was his last game… and of course everyone wanted him to go into retirement with honor — So, all his fouls and double-dribbles, and “mistakes” we’re overlooked, and those refs showed him — GRACE… “favor shown to those who deserve the opposite”.
I’m watching the game… and I don’t really care about basketball or Jordon, but even I was a little mad at the refs for “showing favor to this dude who did not deserve the favor.” — But, it was his last “hurrah” so cut the guy some slack, right?
The refs, had a purpose in letting Jordan cheat.
And when we survey the purpose of God… (Ephesians 3:11) we can see why God would CHEAT on our (believers) behalf.
Grace is cheating. Grace is not fair. Grace pisses off those who are sitting on the sidelines, just watching God’s operations.
God is showing favor to knuckleheads who flat out don’t deserve the special treatment.
The Jews of long ago were terribly pissed that Paul was out there bringing gentiles to a place where they too “revered” God… and he did it “aside from the law”… boy were they pissed.

5:32 a.m.
Coffee refill time…
Hang on…

5:37 a.m.
Back at it…

So, we’re trying to wrap our minds around this GRACE THING. — God showing favor to those who deserve the opposite. That kind of means… God is cheating, as we judge things, right?
God is bringing us yahoos into the game and letting us “win” — giving us a favored position in his plan and purpose… why, that’s just not ‘right’… that’s not ‘fair’.
No wonder, the christian world hates “grace”… they want to earn God’s favor. Just like the Pharisees of old.
They may give lip service to “grace” but just as soon as they take another breath, they’re all about works, and law, and what you MUST do and not do to get into God’s “kingdom”.
The snow plows just went by.
So, in GRACE, God cheats on our behalf.
Why? What’s the meaning of all this???
When I watched the last game of Michael Jordan, I could see that the refs were letting him get away with everything BECAUSE it was his swan song. Without him, all those years, they wouldn’t have a job. And the team owners wouldn’t have sold all those advertising slots… and shoes, and shirts, and tickets, and everything.
So, maybe, metaphorically, we can say Michael Jordan “saved” basketball, and he “earned” the right to be honored so, on his last game.
But, the question before us is… what did WE do to deserve such special treatment from the God of heaven? Nothing as far as I can see. The fact that we’re brought in by faith… has nothing to do with our talent, or contribution or any such thing… this is the plan and purpose of God.
And the reason GRACE pisses off regular ole christianity, is they are trying so hard to earn a place in God’s operations… but it doesn’t work that way.
And guess what… they secretly know that if GRACE is a thing… it means God can cheat all the way to get all that he wants. And God can save all. Because the show is His.
Never forget, we’re told numerous times that GOD IS NOT PARTIAL. — And that means if God saves just one yahoo who does not deserve to be saved, He has to save all… or God is cheating. He’s showing “favoritism” — I guess we’re trying to see if GRACE and FAVORITISM are one and the same? Help me out.
Does God play “favorites”?
I think not… that’s why, I suspect, “universal salvation” is a thing.
Does God play “favorites”?
It seems so… but we’re only at half-time, let’s see where the whole show ends up, right?
Does God play “favorites”?
He did “favor” Jacob over his twin brother. And his twin was born FIRST… not fair.
God is not fair. He’s got this bigger picture going on in His head… and He doesn’t share the insider game plan with us… so much… Most of God’s dealings with humanity are clouded and shrouded, and mankind is clueless as to what God is up to.
Hell, God sent His own Son to Israel and they hung Him on a pole. That’s clueless if you ask me.
So, God comes along and shows FAVOR (grace) to a bunch of us who deserve the opposite — and all those guys out there who are trying their best to DESERVE IT… scream and screech… and stomp their foot. They know it’s not fair.
Hang on… let me find that verse in Acts…
I found it… Acts 18… check it out:

12 Now, Gallio being proconsul of Achaia, the Jews with one accord assaulted Paul, and they led him to the dais,
13 saying that, “Aside from the law, is this man inducing men to revere God.”
What’s going on in this verse? Well, the Jews were pissed at Paul for bringing Gentiles in to a place of reverence for God. And he did it “aside from the law”… The Jews had worked so hard… and here the bad boys from the outside world were just loving the same God too… “We can’t have that.” They were kind of saying. So they got mean and nasty with Paul.
And the religious of today are still mean and nasty with Paul and Paul’s band of recipients of GRACE.
So, if God “cheats” on your behalf, and says “YOU WON” when you know you did not win… isn’t that humbling? You know, you didn’t deserve to win any special awards, or trophies !!!
And yet you were chosen !!!
God must have a bigger plan going on than we realize. Why, the “Creator of all” just might be the “Father of all”… and just might be the “Savior of all”. Now that’s a big plan.
So, the haters of GRACE come along and clearly change the definition of GRACE to be something less than Gracious.
They say “God offers grace”.
Check it out… if God “OFFERS” grace, then “grace” is no longer “grace”. It’s an earned reward… it’s a contract in which you keep your end of the bargain and God will keep His end of the bargain.
And God is less than “gracious”… he has to be “stern” if ‘grace’ is merely an “offer”.
CHECK IT OUT, BOYS AND GIRLS…. There is no such phrase in the Book of God as “God’s offer of Grace”…. It’s shameful that christians would use such a term… once you get clear on what exactly GRACE is.
God operates in grace. But does not ‘offer’ grace.
Those SOBs who change the word of God and the concepts of God and the purpose of God need to be spanked. They’re cheating… but then again… I’m arguing that God saves cheaters. For His own purpose. So, “Chill brother Ace, chill.”
God cheats on our behalf.
We don’t deserve any special treatments. But God changes the rules on our behalf. Anything we do… if it’s all wrong… why in God’s eyes, it’s all right.
The vast majority of “christians” are so rule-conscious… so works-oriented… that they just hate this grace business.
And even the guys with “grace” in their name… like John MacAuthor’s outfit, and the “free gracers” are afraid to carry this idea all the way out to its logical conclusion… THE RECONCILIATION OF THE WHOLE UNIVERSE. (Colossians 1:20)
Why are they “afraid”????… Maybe they’re just playing it safe… Just in case God is holding a grudge against ‘cheaters’…. It’s a funny thought, I know… but check it out… God cheated on behalf of everyone… CHRIST DIED FOR ALL, and HE WON… and the proof that He WON is that God raised Him from among the dead and GIVES HIM A NAME ABOVE EVERY NAME… get it? A NAME ABOVE EVERY NAME means universal reconciliation.
So, those guys hate grace, but why?
Well, ya know… “pride will stick to anything” and there’s nothing in God’s ‘operation’ of grace, that they can be “proud” of… so they change ‘God’s operations of grace’ into ‘God’s OFFER of grace’… and it makes a mess of things.
If God’s grace is an “OFFER” and the average ole christian “accepts” the “OFFER”… and keeps up his end of the ‘bargain’ … then the christian can be proud. Real proud that he accepted the so-called ‘offer’.
Instead, God operates in grace.
Wow, the implications are HUGE.
To continue with our metaphor of Michael Jordon…
And our understanding of GOD’S OPERATIONS OF GRACE… the refs let Michael Jordan get away with all kinds of crap in his last game.
But Michael Jordan was not the boss.
And the refs were NOT the boss.
The real “boss” was somewhere behind the scenes.
So, if God brings us into the ‘game’ and let’s us win a spot at His right hand… who are we to argue with God’s eonian purpose ???
God bends the rules.
The birth of Jesus in Bethlehem, was God bending the rules. The resurrection of Jesus was definitely God bending the rules. And God bringing us bad boys into the fold of believers is also God bending the rules.
And if the self-righteous don’t like it, they can bite me.
We are saved in Grace. — Grace is the favor shown to those who don’t deserve any special treatment or recognition and in fact, deserve the OPPOSITE of favor… and it just ain’t FAIR… so bite me again.
Take it up with God.

6:37 a.m.
Coffee refill time…

6:40 a.m.
The sun will be up at 7:11 a.m.

Now get this… anyone out there preaching that human “freewill” has anything to do with man’s eternal destiny… is clueless about this GRACE thing.
— the coffee is a little cold… oh well, onward.
The typical freewill preacher insists that “If a man goes to endless hell he can only BLAME himself !!! ”…
I’m here to report: the fellow who says such things is clueless about GRACE.
GRACE is the favor shown to UNDERSERVING rascals. BLAME… is kicked out the back door.
GRACE is God’s ‘cheating’ program… where God brings in a fellow who deserves BLAME but gets UBER REWARDS… get me?
And if God takes one fellow who actually deserves BLAME… and rewards that fellow with justification, redemption, reconciliation, salvation, and a special place at the table of God… THAT IS NOT FAIR…
And freewillers preach FAIRNESS.
The freewillers insist that God will not “violate” man’s freewill… WHO ARE THEY KIDDING ??
The whole operation of God is a violation of man’s so-called ‘freewill’ !!!!
I don’t know if you been keeping up with current events but God violated Jonah’s freewill.
I don’t know if you been keeping up with current events but God violated Pharaoh’s freewill.
I don’t know if you been keeping up with current events but God violated Saul of Tarsus’ freewill.
Everyone wants to have their cake and eat it too.
No one uses their freewill to come on board.
God operates in grace.
God does not “offer” grace.
And that is good news worth spreading.
And grace is … truthfully… humbling… there is nothing in our calling to be “proud” about.
The only thing we can and should be ‘proud’ about is what God did in Christ’s cross.
Check out the word “GLORY”… I think you’ll find the core meaning hidden in “glory” has something to do with having PRIDE in some accomplishment.
And Romans 6:4 is very clear about God taking pride in what His boy accomplished on the cross. Hang on, let me copy and paste it here:
Romans 6 —
4 We, then, were entombed together with Him through baptism into death, that, even as Christ was roused from among the dead through the glory of the Father, thus we also should be walking in newness of life. “through the glory of the Father” it says…
…not the “glory of God”… but the “glory of the Father”… something is going on here between a Father and His Son. It’s a pride thing.
What God achieved in Christ’s cross, allowed Him to “cheat” and save anyone and everyone He wants to save… which, lucky for us, is ALL.
God’s operations of grace, are very humbling indeed. We double-dribbled all the time. We were caught walking all the time. We fouled all the time. We stepped out of the lines all the time. We even missed the basket and we were given 3 points anyway.
Can you see the magnificence here?
We want to magnify God’s GRACE… not man’s “freewill” co-operation. God brings in cheaters, not the deserving. Get it?
God has something up his sleeve. Even Paul says this thing is “the untraceable riches of His grace”… in Ephesians. (KJV ‘unsearchable’).
The message of GRACE and FREEWILL are opposed to each other. You can’t reconcile them.
Freewill is prideful.
Grace is humbling.
That “untraceable” business is in Ephesian 3… let me paste it in for you….
7 of which I became the dispenser, in accord with the gratuity of the grace of God, which is granted to me in accord with His powerful operation.8 To me, less than the least of all saints, was granted this grace: to bring the evangel of the untraceable riches of Christ to the nations,9 and to enlighten all as to what is the administration of the secret, which has been concealed from the eons in God, Who creates all,10 that now may be made known to the sovereignties and the authorities among the celestials, through the ecclesia, the multifarious wisdom of God,11 in accord with the purpose of the eons, which He makes in Christ Jesus, our Lord;
Feast your biddy eyes on that for a while… there is so much there… it’s my back-up passage for this message but I’m not even touching it in any depth yet.
All I’m saying is —
God does not ‘offer’ grace… instead —
God OPERATES in grace.
And all this stuff was “concealed” for a long time. And by any measure you look at, it still seems to be “concealed” from the vast majority who claim to “be on God’s side”.
Wait a minute… doesn’t verse 10 say this stuff is being reveal to some muckily-mucks in high places??? Could we infer that regular ole christians are NOT those muckily-mucks, so they don’t see it yet? Just thinking.
Grace is humbling. There’s nothing in the operations of God that we can brag on. Our brag can only be in what Christ accomplished on Calvary’s hill.

Be sure to leave a comment or two, and tell me that I’m fulla bulla or whatever.

Grace to you.
7:18 a.m.

The Ace Theological Company’s95 Theses #54

How Does God Really Feel About “Death”?

I don’t know if you’ll ever hear a sermon topic with this title… but let’s give it a try.

We’ll get right to it without the usually formalities… as I’m getting a late start… and we won’t have much time together.
1. What does God “feel” about death…???
If you listen to the usual “christian” clap-trap… God must “like” it… why? Because the usual prattling of christians is that “…as soon as you, you go to heaven, or to hell.” And if you go to heaven, AS SOON AS YOU DIE… then of course God must be happy to welcome you home… so, God must just LOOOOOVE DEATH. — ARE YOU LAUGHING YET? Yeah, I know it’s ridiculous, right?
And if you’re a sinner and you die, God sends you to hell, right away, to get you out of His hair, until He can group all of you together in one “judgment day” for His convince – don’t cha see – and then He’ll toss all of you into the lake of fire at one time… no messing around… right?
So either God must see “death as a blessing” — as He gets to be with you (His child) — or God must see “death as a hassle” as now He has to deal with you (if you’re a child of satan) and you’re interfering
with His day.
OK… let’s get something straight… All these religious knuckleheads who say “Death is a blessing” … are knuckleheads.
Death is not a blessing.
Death is a curse.
Death is the opposite of life.
Life is a blessing.
It’s pissing me off that “christians” have such loose language and unclear thoughts when it comes to these vital topics of life and death and what is revealed in God’s word about the matter.
Death is not “another form of life”!!!!!! That is bull shit. Death is the opposite of life.
How does God feel about death ???
Well… the first mention of death in the Bible is in God’s talk with Adam.
“To die shall you be dying.” He says.
How does God feel about death… Well, from this passage in Genesis — it’s a damn serious topic, right?
“To die shall you be dying”… sound serious. And having a “serious” chat with your newly minted “son” — can’t be easy. (Keep in mind, Adam is referred to as a “son of God”… and keep in mind that Adam was ignorant… and talking to an ignorant child is never easy.)
So, how does God “feel” about death?
If the “christians” are right… and death is not death… then death must be a friend, right?
But, I say those yahoos are wrong… death is death. And death is no friend of us or God.
In fact, our beloved I Corinthians 15:20-28 reveals that DEATH IS GOD’S ENEMY too.
Most people… if they have ANY emotion over death… they CRY… a few disturbed folks throughout history might be happy about death… but they’re sick… forget them. Most folks CRY over death.
It’s the bullshit artists that tell us that death is another form of life, and suggest that death is a good thing. And “christians” fall into that silliness too.
Death is rough.
Death is not fair.
Death is the opposite of life.
Death is mankind’s enemy.
Death is the enemy of God.
And Death is the last enemy on God’s list to tame, dismantle, abolish, sweep under the rug…
Romans 5:12 Therefore, even as through one man sin entered into the world, and through sin death (ENTERED INTO THE WORLD), and thus death passed through into all mankind, on (THE BASIS OF) which all sinned –
13 for until law sin was in the world, yet sin is not being taken into account when there is no law;
14 nevertheless death reigns from Adam unto Moses, over those also who do not sin in the likeness of the transgression of Adam, who is a type of Him Who is about to be.
I COR 15…

20 (Yet now Christ has been roused from among the dead, the Firstfruit of those who are reposing.
21 For since, in fact, through a man came death, through a Man, also, comes the resurrection of the dead.
22 For even as in Adam all are dying… thus also in Christ shall all be vivified.
23 Yet each in his own class: the Firstfruit, Christ; thereupon those who are Christ’s in His presence;
24 thereafter the consummation(:), whenever He may be giving up the kingdom to His God and Father, whenever He should be nullifying all sovereignty and all authority and power.
25 For He must be reigning until He should be placing all His enemies under His feet.
26 The last enemy is being abolished: death.
27 For He subjects all under His feet. Now whenever He may be saying that all is subject, it is evident that it is outside of Him Who subjects all to Him.
28 Now, whenever all may be subjected to Him, then the Son Himself also shall be subjected to Him Who subjects all to Him, that God may be All in all.)

And don’t forget… Christ went to the cross…
He DIED… And God was not a happy camper.
Death ROBBED God of His Son.
But what was accomplished in His Son’s death was so great, that 3 days later, God, for the first time, broke death’s grip. God raised Christ from the dead UNABLE to die again.
And that changes everything.

We’ll talk later.
Grace to you.
Copy and paste this in other forums.
Christ’s death and resurrection changes everything.

The Ace Theological Company’s95 Theses #53

Why Did God Give Me Cancer ?

Friday, Feb 18, 2022…
7:02 a.m.
The snow melted from yesterday, but it’s still cold out there.
It’s 32º out there… and a high of 48º expected.

Good morning dear one,
And good morning Father,

I guess we’ll start with this lousy question:
Why Did God Give Me Cancer ?
The question is such a trap. No answer will satisfy the one asking such a question. One of the “games” in Dr. Berne’s book is called (as I remember) “Oh, that will never work”.
It’s a “game” that some people play in order to waste your time, or elicit sympathy, or some other motivation… but it goes like this: A fella (or gal) comes along and has some terrible complaint or some terrible situation they are in… and you fall into the trap of giving them suggestions as to how to solve the problem… only to be met with that person saying over and over again “Oh, that will never work.”
In other words… they don’t want a solution… they just want to enjoy the complaining and whining, and it goes on and on.
And when you think about it, if you do come up with a solution to their complaining problem… they might even get mad at you. It’s a game. And they get you ever time. — “Oh, that will never work.”
So, someone comes along and says “Why did God give me cancer?” — Are we going to fall for it? Will any answer satisfy? Or is it a trap to get us chasing our tails… to answer an impossible question… a question that’s not even real.
So… just between you and me and the chirping birds… I’ll give some half-*ss answers… just to get the coffee juices something to do.
Did I just mention coffee… excuse me, while I do a refill.
7:16 a.m.
7:22: a.m.

Why Did God Give Me Cancer ?
OK, I’ll take the bait. I’ll give some lousy answers to this lousy question.
1. The word “Solipsistic” comes to mind.
(If you don’t know that word, it’s kind of all about “me”, “me”, “me’.)
2. And, perchance we can move beyond the “ME”, “ME”, “ME” part… Why did God give John Wayne cancer? Why did God give Steve McQueen cancer? That list would be pretty near endless.
3. But, for me, here is my best answer:
From the book of Acts… Paul’s yelling match with the Greek philosophers of Athens. You know, brainiacs. Know-it-alls….
Acts 17: Paul shouts out — something about…
24 The God Who makes the world and all that is in it, He, the Lord inherent of heaven and earth, is not dwelling in temples made by hands,25 neither is He attended by human hands, as if requiring anything, since He Himself GIVES to all… life and breath and all.

28 for in Him we are living and moving and are ,

So, “Why did God give ‘me’ cancer ???
Silly wabbit… God gives LIFE to all… I never heard you say “Why did God give me life ??” Nor, did I hear you giving THANKS for life.
Silly wabbit… God gives BREATH to all… I never heard you say “Why did God give me breath ?? Nor, did I hear you giving thanks for the breath you have.
Silly wabbit… God gives ALL to all. Would it be too much to suggest you give thanks for something? Anything?
Dare I say, that even your ability to complain and whine is a gift of God. LOL.
For God gives life, and breath and ALL to all.
Whiners are of God.
Now… if God GIVES life… who are we to bitch, if He takes it back… FOR HIS OWN PURPOSES.
Now if God GIVES breath… even if it’s only for a short time — I’m inclined to say “Whoa, Thanks Father.”
Now if God GIVES all, to all… dare we suggest that cancer is a “gift” — after all, cancer is part of the ALL which God gives us, right? Or am I going too far outside the solipsistic realm of reality?
I’m so glad God gave life, and breath and all to John Wayne. And Steve McQueen. — And me.
I’m glad God has given life and breath and all, to even annoying game players.
So, “Why did God give ‘me’ cancer ???
What else did God give you? Start there !!!
Life? Breath? All?
Start there.
Shhhhh…. God gave you Christ !!!
Don’t tell “nobody” (which is a double negative, which means; do tell everybody.)
So, “Why did God give ‘me’ cancer ???
Indeed, — did you see the word “give” there?
As in “gift”… How about this:
So, “Why did God GIFT ‘me’ cancer ???
Are we gettin’ down yet?
Keep in mind, I don’t recommend you share this episode with the persnickety or any one with a “know-it-all” attitude… you know, like one of them “stoic philosophers” from Acts 17 in Athens…. When they ask you such a question like “Why, why, why, did God give me cancer?” — They don’t ask with tears in their eyes… they ask with resentment in their voice… it’s a trap. They want to bring you down to their level of whining. “The Games People Play” is a good book. I recommend it to any and all.
If you’re naive, it will help you avoid the traps of the game-players. If you’re a game-player you’ll find your own name on every 3rd page of the book.
And most of life are various games we play with one another.
God bless John Wayne.
God bless Steve McQueen.
And if you have cancer… God bless you.
God gives life, and breath, and all, to all.
From verse 28….
For in Him we are LIVING…
… and MOVING…..
…. and ARE.
To a great degree, we have been exploring God’s purpose — God’s eonian purpose.
And if God gives us LIFE… it’s for HIS purpose.
If God gives us BREATH… it’s for HIS purpose.
We don’t have much of a say in the big picture or the small picture. We are His. He gave us life, and breath and all.
So, knock it off, with this damn attitude as if you are your own piece of work.
Dr. Berne’s got your number.
It’s ok, not to understand God’s eonian purpose. Most never bother to explore the question. But I can tell you this… it’s an “eonian” purpose… meaning, it has limits. It has a beginning and middle and an end. And, if God sees fit in His eonian purpose, to give you LIFE — lucky you…. And BREATH — lucky you… And ALL — lucky you. What’s a little cancer????
The Giver of Life, surely has the right to take it back. The Giver of Life, seems to have a message for us, in the cross of Christ… He gives LIFE to Christ, and for a few days, took it back. But THEN… He gave Christ LIFE beyond the reach of death (GK “vivification”) — So, can we see the promise of God and the PURPOSE of God in the cross of Christ? Well, some of us can. But soon enough… we’ll all be able to. And when all of us come home and stop playing games … solipsistic games… every knee will bow, and every tongue will shout… and acclaim… and sing the praises of Him who lead the way… “Jesus” the name above every name.
Wait a minute… When Jesus was on the cross… didn’t He have a “Why Me?” moment? Didn’t He say “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?” Isn’t that the same thing as saying “Why did God give me cancer?” — Can we see ourselves in Christ?
I’ve had family and friends die of cancer.
God gives life and breath and all to all.
And the purpose of God apparently includes more than a nodding acquaintance with death and its pals (pain and suffering).
On the 3rd day… something happened.
On the 3rd day… our answer came.
On the 3rd day… ever mouth was stopped.
(Except for the whiners who haven’t caught on yet. But they will— every knee will bow, every tongue will acclaim.)
On the 3rd day… a new operation was revealed.
On the 3rd day… an earnest payment was displayed for all.
On the 3rd day… the consummations of the eons were revealed. He rose. And we are in Him.

8:19 a.m.
Grace to you.
Thanks for spending some time with me.
Exit: Stage right.

Ace Theological Company’s95 Theses #54

“Why You Will Sin…
More After You Become A

Saturday, Feb 19th, 2022
6:25 a.m.
Still plenty dark outside, hang on, let me check the temp — It’s 32º out, high expect of 53º. Wow, that’s warm… and the sun peeks through at 7:16 a.m. this morning.

Good Morning Father,
Good Morning Saint of God — yeah you !!!

Father, if it’s not too much trouble, we’d pray for a spirit of wisdom and revelation in a realization of You.

Now… to this topic of why you’re gonna sin more after you become a “christian”…. Generally speaking, before you become a “christian” you don’t sin much. Yeah, I know you only hear the opposite of that, in christian circles…. They are always saying “I was such a sinner and then God saved me.” Or words to that effect at testimony time… but here’s the deal…
… Sinning is missing the mark. (Remember our definition comes from those 700 left-handed guys in the O.T. who could sling a stone and hit the the target within a hair’s breath and NOT SIN. — yeah, yeah, the KJV says “not miss”… but it’s the same dang word as is translated everywhere else as SIN.
So, the “christian” testimony that they all stopped sinning AFTER they asked Jesus into their heart is a bunch of hooey. The real sinning doesn’t start UNTIL they become a so-called “christian”. Here’s why…
After they become a “christian” they are just flat out TRYING, and TRYING, and TRYING not to sin. And that’s when you “sin” the most. You see, “christianity” is mostly a bunch of rules and regulations — LAW, WORKS, you know, measurable things you do or don’t do that they can hold against you.
“Christianity” is not really about Christ and his accomplishments on the cross. Forget that.
So, before you knew all the RULES, and REGULATIONS, you were just living your life and you didn’t “sin” so much… because you weren’t measuring anything…. But when you started going to church and they gave you all kinds of measuring sticks… some with which to smack your hand…
So… instead of “becoming a ‘christian’” … I’m going to recommend a different strategy…
Stop caring if you “sin”.
Stop caring if your neighbor “sins”.
Stop caring if those biddies at church “sin”.
And I’m telling you, you have a road map to this INDIFFERENCE… in the cross of Christ.
You see… the secret sauce is in the word FOR.
Christ died FOR our sins.
The word “for” is such an overlooked darling of a word. You use it so much we plumb forget it’s significance… and it’s a shame.
Christ died FOR our sins, … Check it out…
He paid FOR you car.
The cops came FOR your husband.
I came over FOR a piece of pie.
I think there is such overlooked meaning in the word FOR that we can just stop worrying about the matter of whether or not we sinned or all those yahoos in our circle of friends sinned… just forget about it, and go wash some dishes and/or plant some tomatoes.
The best way to STOP SINNING is to take away the goal posts. If you have no target, you can’t miss.
Just throw the ball in the general direction and have some fun.
Where sin did abound, grace did much more abound. — Kind of like the “special olympics” where everyone is a winner… Because in God’s view… the goalposts (targets) have been removed and no one’s keeping score… except them thar “christians”.
So, in God’s game… where sin did abound, He moves the goalposts … all over the place, in your favor. Hellava thought, huh?
OK… if we can… for a bit in our lives… stop setting up goalposts for everyone to aim at… so we can blame them for SINNING… and get down to business… and seeing with our own eyes what Christ was doing up on that cross… man o man…. Then SIN might not look so interesting.
I remember reading that the woman (Dorothy Sayers) who wrote the “LORD PETER WHIMSY” crime novels… (a Sherlock Holmes kind of guy)… once said “The older I get, the less I care who’s having sex with whom.”
I think that’s the direction we all need to go. What was Christ doing up there on the cross? 7:01 a.m.
Coffee refill time.

Now I will admit… sniffing out other people’s sins is so much fun. Gossip is just a kick. But the truth is… it’s not helpful in any way… Gossip never makes THEM better. It makes YOU feel better for a moment or two, till the high wears off. But gossip never does a damn thing for them.
Kind of like that one marriage councilor (sp?) said, “Serious talk hurts the relationship most of the time. Instead keep it to small talk, happy talk.”
Fault-finding is a popular hobby. But it is rarely productive.

I was thinking of going over to yet another freewiller channel… because Brother Larry put a bug in my hear… and I think it’s a good one. It goes like this:

I just know they is gonna LOVE this question.
I’m thinking I’ll have to tell them it’s no fair to use the word IF… if they have to use the word IF to explain what Christ did on the cross, then they are saying in essence “None of us”. He saved no one on the cross, if they have to say “He saves you IF you do this and that.”
Now consider that question in light of my notes on the word FOR… He died FOR our sins… now look at that question —
Did Christ save all of us at the cross?
Some of us at the cross?
Or none of us at the cross?

  1. So, yesterday, we (I) was going on about “Why did God give me cancer?” — and of course the idea that God creates both good and evil sure does piss some people off.
    It’s not an easy subject to consider. But it’s true that there is only one God. So, it’s something everyone is going to have to acknowledge… that the ONE GOD created all things… things good and things not so good.
    Our favorite troll left a comment, to the effect “If your God gave me cancer, He’s a POS”.
    Well, he’s not the first to shake his fist at God.
    One time, I was hiking in the woods of Northern Idaho. I came upon a small clearing and I guess a mouse had claimed that little area for a home. Because as soon as I came in view, that little mouse, stood me down and was squeaking at me… like it was tough and could handle me. I could have stepped on it. But I didn’t. I kind of admired it’s boldness.
    Those who shake their fist at God are kind of cute. But not really.
    God has no business stomping on mice.
    God calls us all into existence… and gives us all the perfect experience… and when all is said and done, we all have pretty near the same experience.
    We live, and breath, and die.
    With a few minor details in between.
    One guy dies of cancer. The next guy dies of traffic injuries. One lady dies of blood clots. The next one dies of old age. Minor details.
    BTW… What was Christ doing up on that cross?
    — Was He saving the world???

— Or was He adding one more layer of confusion to the whole confusing program of HOW TO GET “SAVED”?

  1. I’m in the mood for something from Romans… hang on, let me find something.
    That was easy… Chapter one, verse 4…

“Who is designated Son of God with power, according to the spirit of holiness, by the resurrection of the dead),”
And I’m betting the word DEAD here is plural… adding more to it than we can dare plumb.
So, my question “What was He doing up there on the cross???” — Here is one thing He was doing, He was getting the proper DESIGNATION — Up on the cross, He got the designation “Son Of God With Power” — Wow, what does that mean?
And Who gave Him that designation? It seems to say “the spirit of holiness” gave Him the title/designation. — And the thing that seals the deal is His and everyone’s resurrection. (Since the word DEAD is most likely plural).
So, what was He doing up on that cross? He was getting a designation. Holy smokes.
And keep in mind, we don’t want to mention the cross without noting that the resurrection is a vital part of that cross story. Get me?
And of course the word “cross” is just “pole” in the Greek of the first century. So, “cross” is a figure of speech referring to His death and resurrection.
Can we say that the Son of God went to the cross IN or WITH a spirit of holiness? Somehow… the SPIRIT OF HOLINESS is associated with the Son of God’s experience on the cross.
I wonder if we can… for say, a month or so… stop saying “Son of God”… and start saying “Son of God with Power” — I wonder how that would effect our understanding of things.
“Son of God with Power”
“Son of God with Power”
“Son of God with Power”

Just getting in some practice.
“Son of God with Power”
“Son of God with Power”
“Son of God with Power”

Romans… Chapter one, verse 4…
“Who is designated Son of God with power, according to the spirit of holiness, by the resurrection of the dead-(PLURAL)),”

I’m quite sure this “spirit of holiness” has nothing to do with me. I must be talking about His own holiness… I contributed nothing to this program, don’t cha see.
So, according to the “spirit of holiness” He was designated ’Son of God’ — I’m still trying to wrap my head around this idea… you got something? Leave a comment.

 “Son of God with Power”
  “Son of God with Power”
  “Son of God with Power”

 So, Son of God with power, huh? Now what were you saying about eternal conscious punishment? 

There is so much we don’t know or understand about God’s eonian purpose. But it sure is fun to throw a hook into the lake and see what bites.

Ok, 8:04 a.m.
Time for breakfast.
Thank you so much for hanging out with me, this morning. We have such a darling Father, and that Son of His… wow… He’s the “Son of God with power”. And I’m more than impressed with those Two.
I’m sweet on Them.
Grace to you.
Exit: stage right.