Regarding God being IN TIME with us… hmmmm… just thinking… So many so-called “spiritual” people… “deep spiritual” people… yak on and on about “God being outside of time”… who the hell knows what that even means?

It does make sense to me, that “TIME IS A MEASURE OF CHANGE“… like we know it’s Friday, because things have CHANGED since Thursday. And if time is a measure of change, then before God began creation, TIME did not exist…. for there was no change and thus no way to measure the passage of change when nothing is changing.

So Paul say “THE EONS WERE MADE IN CHRIST”… Thus, we can assume TIME BEGAN when God made Christ (the firstborn of all creation says Colossians 1:15 or is it 16)…And Ephesians 1:11.

God began creation… thus TIME BEGAN… and God will COMPLETE creation and be all in all, and if God is ALL IN ALL, we could assume TIME will cease as there will be nothing to measure as CHANGE (as currently understood) will end. God all in all–wow, what a concept.

Sorry… stream of concsiousness (even though I don’t know how to spell it)…

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