Dear Friend of the James Gang,
“And certain men came from James” (Gal 2:12)

Ain’t it funny you keep blasting away at “my teachers”… when I keep quoting one of my “teachers” you dismiss him altogether… but he was so good that he got 13 letters included in the Bible.

His name is Paul. You might have heard of him. You see, God gave it to Paul to COMPLETE THE WORD OF GOD, he says so at least twice in his letters.

He knew your buddies from James were trouble. He even wished they would “cut themselves off” — a double entendre for sure.

He taught us a different gospel, than that of the circumcision. You should check it out.
I don’t know which church you go to, but I bet you’ve NEVER heard a sermon based on Galatians 2:12.

I personally have been to many churches and heard at least 4,000 sermons in my days as a regular “christian”. And I never did hear a sermon on Galatians 2:12. But it’s bible. As much as John 3:16. If not more so.
When James sent his boys to Antioch to mess with them, it caused Paul to raise some hell with them and with Peter.

Paul’s message is unique you see, and should not be mixed in with the circumcision gospel, least there be a great confusion.
Paul’s gospel is called THE GOSPEL OF GRACE. — for a reason.
Now those from James have successfully convinced most believers today that Paul is to be avoided. It’s kinda deep when you think about it.
Most sermons in churches these days are based on Jesus’ words – especially when the verse is kind of a platitude thing.

But Paul… let’s avoid him altogether.

Before I discovered the GOSPEL OF GRACE, I really did see with my own eyes, certain brothers and sisters kind of get booted out of church for considering Paul too much.
I did not understand why they left, only that those brothers and sisters were really sweet, and never said or did anything negative or untoward. Still, they were given the right foot of fellowship.
Years later, when I became a student of Paul, I, myself, got booted out of church. It hurts ya know.

There are very few bible teachers across the country that focus on Paul’s gospel. But those that I have met or listened to seem to be the sweetest, kindest and most thoughtful folks I’ve ever met.
Anyway, since you’ve put down “my teachers” I thought I’d introduce you to one. His name use to be Saul, but after God called him, he was called Paul. (Paul means “pause” by the way–might be significant).
You should check him out. He doesn’t play games like “certain men from James.”
Grace to you.
Linwood, of the pagan brethern.

SALVATION and the Greek verb tense – a “timeless” tense.

THE GREEK has a verb tense that we do not have in English… it’s called the aroist tense… it’s a TIMELESS tense… not quite present tense, but present is the best we can do.
Let’s explore WHY it matters.
When, dear Stacy, is a sinner saved… at the moment he believes, or was he saved before God gave him the gift of faith?…saved by the choice of God.
Keep in mind, if he was not saved UNTIL he believe he was saved, then clearly he was not saved by the cross of Christ.
Let’s say I decide to buy a new Ford truck.
Then, next week on payday, I go down and pick it up.. WHEN did I BUY the truck? On the day I DECIDED to buy it, or the day I picked it up.
AS I see it…We are saved by the work of God in the cross of Christ.We are saved (chosen) before we were born.
We are saved WHEN God gives us the faith to believe.
We are saved when our understanding grows and improves to match with what is true.We are saved when Christ returns to begin the next eon.We are saved finally, when death is abolished.Salvation is planned, multifaceted, and carried out, stage by stage, and finalized.
Not all aspects of salvation happen all at once.
Salvation, after all, is just a common noun. You can be saved from many things.
Saved from bankruptcy. Saved from a ditch.
It might interest you to know, that we got the word SALVATION from latin… and that John Wycliff gave it to us, because when John translated THE VERY FIRST ENGLISH bible, it did so from the latin Vulgate translation.
If… Stacy… If Mr. Wycliff had had to Greek bible to translate into English, we might be talking about THE HEALTH OF THE LORD, instead of THE SALVATION OF THE LORD.
We got a lot of Latin words dumped into our present understanding of things due to Wycliff and the Latin influence of the Vulgate.
Once again, I wish to press upon you, that “all is of God” (Romans 11:36)… therefore salvation is “of God”… that is… it is the work of God. It’s not a co-op work shared between God and a non-god. No. Salvation is of God.
It is not of man.
Grace to you.
The Pagan Brethern, who are annoyed with “some from James”. (Gal 2:12)

Stacy of The James Gang, says I’m in error.

“And certain men came from James…”
(Galatians 2:12)

This verse (GAL 2:12), should be as important as John 3:16, yet few preachers today see it’s import.

Dear Friend of the James Gang,
“Your error is that you have been taught to believe that God reconciling himself to the world is SALVATION and it is NOT.”

Thank you so much for pointing out my error.
What would I do without you?
OK, I agree that “reconciliation” is not SALVATION… but surely SALVATION includes reconciliation, agreed?
I’d say, off the cuff, that SALVATION is reconciliation, justification, vivification, and a few other things thrown in the mix as well.
All are (or to be) reconciled — so says COL 1:20.
All are (or to be) justified — so says ROM 5:18-19.
All are (or to be) vivified — so says I COR 15:22.
Now, you make it your business to belittle God’s saving power as much as you can. You want it applied to you and the James gang.
…’cause you guys deserve it for doing the right thing.
But Paul taught us that God saves the undeserving.

Even in the circumcision writings, it says “Jesus was a friend of sinners.”

Perhaps you better not come to Antioch to break bread with us. You still have a lot to unlearn.

Start with Romans.
The Gentile Brethern


I Timothy 1: 11
…in accord with the evangel of the glory of the happy God, with which I was entrusted.
(from the Concordant Literal New Testament)


“ and certain men came from James” (Galatians 2:12)

You’ll be happy to know that sinners cannot save themselves.
As you might imagine, sinners sin.
It’s all they can do. Thus the name.

Well, imagine my surprise to stumble on Paul’s teaching that “God is the savior of all mankind” (I TIM 4:10).
Why this makes perfect sense. You see, sinners sin. And now we learn that God saves.

It’s the perfect set up and story and happy ending, as I see it.

One of your guys (a Johnathan Swift) wrote a sermon many years ago called “Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God.”

Angry God indeed. We all know that “angry” people are just spoiled brats who don’t get their way.
To suggest that God gets bent out of shape when He doesn’t get his way is like saying the universe was made and run by a 5 year-old.

Paul, (the gentiles’ apostle) told Timothy that we have a HAPPY GOD. (I TIM 1:11)

If God is a “happy” God… it means one thing. If God is an “angry” God, it means another.

Either emotion (happy/angry) — when you think about it — is really a figure of speech.

Assigning human emotions to the deity is figurative language. In a literal sense, God is God and cannot be either happy or angry. But with our little brains, we try to figure out the big guy so we use colorful language.

It seems to me, one of the biggest problems in understanding God and His purpose, is that we think creation is done, complete, all set up — and now we need to get on with the next step (salvation?).

But NO. I’m suggesting that creation indeed has begun, but is by no means complete. We’re still in the middle of the “creative” process.

Want proof: Well, next week, next month… some children are going to be born. Maybe even an island will be formed. Creation is still going on. Yes, it’s begun, but it’s by no means complete.

And, I’d like to suggest that SALVATION is merely part of the creative process. The two (salvation/creation) are really part of the same effort in God’s eonian purpose. (EPH 3:11)

Remember when you guys came to check in on Peter, when he visited us in Antioch? (See Galatians one and two)
Remember how he turned into a jellyfish because he was worried about what James would say concerning him hanging out with us gentiles?

Well, you guys got him all upset because you don’t see the biggest of pictures. You’ve got all these rules and laws to obey, in order to please this “angry” God. You really should sit down with Paul’s teaching and see that in the big picture, God is the savior of all… the justifier of all… the reconciler of all… the life-giver of all… the abolisher of death itself.

(I TIM 4:10, ROM 5:18-19, COL 1:20, I COR 15:22, I COR 15:26)

Your boy John wrote this “Book of Revelation” thing— But it’s nothing compared to Paul’s revelation of I COR 15:20-28.
John never saw the end of rule, the end of authority, the end of power… and certainly never saw the end of death.
But Paul (the gentiles’ apostle) did. So there.

If you’re brave enough, you need to come hang out and learn from Paul. But I wouldn’t advise you telling James, or his tattletales. Just keep it quiet. You don’t even need to publicly break bread with us. Just read any of Paul’s 13 letters… you’ll see… it’s dynamic stuff.

If you get caught reading Paul… don’t be surprised if they kick you out of church. James and his tattle-tales are just that way.

As Paul says “for freedom Christ has set us free” — wow, huh? (Galatians 5:1)

Check in later, when no one is looking over your shoulder.

The gentile brethren.

4 Questions For The James Gang

Dear James Gang…
“…and certain men came from James”- (Galatians 2:12)
Us gentile brethern have a question or two for you.
Hopefully you can read… and answer without a blizzard of words… a simple YEA or NEIGH will do.

  1. Is Salvation the work of God?
    Or is it a cooperative work between the Almighty God and the less-than-mighty man???
    You see…. we’ve been taught by Brother Paul, that even the faith that saves is “of” and “from” God… not self-generated, as you guys from James seem to say.
  2. If Salvation is the work of God, and Christ died to save all, then wouldn’t it be a problem if all were not eventually saved? We’d have to say something went wrong, don’t you agree? We’d have to say some greater power interfered with the Saving Work Of God, right? And if anything can truly interfere with God’s saving work, then that “thing” has more power and more intent than God’s power and intent, agreed?
  3. Is it wrong to believe that God’s saving work is as big as His creative work? And that creation and salvation are essentially the same work by the same God?
  4. When Peter came to Antioch, we were having fun. We were recipients of Grace and enjoying it. You guys showed up and we felt like strangers in our own house — question is — how did you pull that off? It ain’t right, whatever it was. If you’re going to be all about THE LIST of RULES and REGULATIONS… can’t you just do that among your Jewish brethern? And kinda leave us alone? I mean I wouldn’t want you to give up your LISTS of DO’s and DON’Ts. But Paul told us “for freedom Christ frees us.” And it’s a wonderful message. But you James guys, and Peter and John, don’t get it.
    Finally… keep in mind, God never gave us the law. And Paul points out that the law was given so that sin might INCREASE anyway (Romans 5:20)… so good luck with that.
    The Gentile Brethern

…where sin did abound, GRACE did SUPER ABOUND

Dear James Gang…
“…and certain men came from James”- (Galatians 2:12)
Hey, tell your boss, that works is easy.
Saving those who do the right thing is easy and expected.
Try saving all, even those who don’t deserve it. Even those who don’t do the right thing.
Paul is our apostle, we’re the gentiles.
We were never given the law.
Paul said “where sin did abound, GRACE did SUPER ABOUND”. — hard to imagine, huh?
Peter, James and John, never caught on.
Even Peter says “Paul says some things hard to understand”. (2 PETER 3:16)
You James guys never use the term “Christ Jesus”… why?
You James guys never use the term “Son of His love”… why?
You James guys never brag that you “know nothing but Christ and him crucified.”.. why?
But you show up at Antioch and cause a lot of trouble. What’s the deal?
You’re all about “you must do this… and you must not do that”…
We love God because Paul taught us WHAT GOD MUST DO… what a difference, huh?
You need to spend some time with us in Antioch when you have a weekend to spare.
We’ll break bread and rejoice over what God accomplished in the cross of Christ.
It’ll be great.
The Gentile Brethern.

“For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation for all people…”

Dear James Gang…
“And certain men came from James” (Galatians 2:12)

YOU’LL NOTE: Titus 2:11…in the English Standard Version, the New English Translation and the New King James Version, the beginning of this verse reads as follows:

“For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation for all people…”

“For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation to all people.”

“For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men…”


the gentile brethern
(2 Pet.3:16).


THE IDEA HERE IS that there is an ellipsis in V. 28… in other words he’s used the word AWARE or AWARENESS so many times in this passage, that he doesn’t repeat it yet again… and thus it is THIS AWARENESS is for those loving God.




the omission from speech or writing of a word or words that are superfluous or able to be understood from contextual clues. “it is very rare for an ellipsis to occur without a linguistic antecedent” ·

 [more] synonyms: leaving out · exclusion · exception · noninclusion · deletion · erasure · cut · excision · elimination · absence · aphesis · apheresis · apocope · apostrophe · asyndeton · elision · gapping · haplography · haplology · lipography · syncope · expunction a set of dots indicating an ellipsis.


22 For we are AWARE that the entire creation is groaning and travailing together until now.
23 Yet not only so, but we ourselves also, who have the firstfruit of the spirit, we ourselves also, are groaning in ourselves, awaiting the sonship, the deliverance of our body.
24 For to expectation were we saved. Now expectation, being observed, is not expectation, for what anyone is observing, why is he expecting it also?
25 Now, if we are expecting what we are not observing, we are awaiting it with endurance.
26 Now, similarly, the spirit also is aiding our infirmity, for what we should be praying for, to accord with what must be, we are not AWARE, but the spirit itself is pleading for us with inarticulate groanings.
27 Now He Who is searching the hearts is AWARE what is the disposition of the spirit, for in accord with God is it pleading for the saints.
28 Now we are AWARE that God is working all together for the good … THIS AWARENESS IS FOR… those who are loving God, who are called according to the purpose
29 that, whom He foreknew, He designates beforehand, also, to be conformed to the image of His Son, for Him to be Firstborn among many brethren.

Brother Jim on The Snare Of The Cross

Yet the “snare of the cross” (Gal.5:11b), is the scandalous nature of certain vital aspects of “the word of the cross” (1 Cor.1:18). In essence, the “scandal” of the cross consists in the fact that salvation is achieved solely through the cross. The snare of the cross is that justification, even as all that it entails, is a gratuitous, gracious, saving work on behalf of helpless sinners, through the deliverance which is in Christ Jesus.

Just think of it: the evangel itself is scandalous! This is because, according to man, it is not right that God should choose whom He will save and when He will save them. This is because, according to man, it is not right to choose some for eonian life but not all; especially when those who are chosen, in their own nature, are children of indignation even as the rest. It is insisted as well that it is not right to exempt them alone from wrath.

The evangel is deemed scandalous as well, since it is claimed that it is not right finally to save all, even those who refused to accept Christ in this life. It is likewise confidently insisted that it is not right–even after severe judging–to grant endless life and glory to all, to those who, in this life, failed to walk in whatever measure of light they had (especially in the case of those who walked instead in extreme uncleanness, even in unspeakable wickedness).

In reply to all of this, we simply declare that, all is of God, ultimately speaking; including all that is not of God, faithfully speaking. We proclaim, not dualism or polytheism, but monotheism; not autosoterism (self-salvation), but divine grace. To those who would protest, “Why, then, is He still blaming? for who has withstood His intention?” (Rom.9:19), our reply is, “O man! who are you, to be sure, who are answering again to God? That which is molded will not protest to the molder, ‘Why do you make me thus?’ ” (Rom.9:20).



The Scandal Is That The “Offering” Was A Deal Between Christ and God.

Dear James Gang…
“…certain me came from James” (Galatians 2:12)
You’re not fooling me. I know that you guys teach that the success or failure of the cross… is entirely dependent on man’s part of “the deal.” By teaching that, you’ve become enemies of the cross.

Well, Paul withstood you guys to the face. (Galatians 2:11)
The only “deal” was between God and Christ. So, the question is: Was Christ’s sacrifice acceptable to God? I say YES.
The exact steps in which it plays out are minor details.
The major “deal” is Christ’s death, burial and resurrection.
For even as in Adam all… that God may become All in All. (I COR 15:20-28)

Christ came into the world to save sinners. (I TIM 1:15)
NOTE: He did not come into the world to save SOME sinners. Instead, it says HE CAME TO SAVE SINNERS. (All have sinned, ya know.)
NOTE: He did not come to give sinners a CHANCE to save themselves. No, He came to save. Salvation is not an operation of CHANCE. It is the work of God. And all blessings find their source in the cross. That was God’s work.
God wills to save all mankind. (I TIM 2:4) And come into a realization of the truth.
NOTE: God WILLS it. The James gang gives high praise and adoration to man’s mighty and invincible “free” will. God WILLS to save all mankind… and no one can stand against God’s will. The potter has the right over the clay.

The enemies of the cross are those who insist they have a part in their own salvation.

Not gonna happen. It is not out of you, it is God’s approach present.

“For in grace, through faith, are you saved, and this is not out of you; it is God’s approach present…” Ephesians 2:8 

The success of the cross is proven in the resurrection of Christ, the firstfruit of them that sleep. That God may be All in All. (See I COR 15:20-28)

Grace to you.