Pantheism And So-Called “Freewill”.

Brent Ashby,
Ventura, CA. 93004

Dear Brent,

Thank you so much for your letter of 5-12-93. It was kind and thoughtful of you to send it.

My response to your thoughts are thus:

1. On Freedom in man–  Didn’t you once say that man’s freedom was limited?

  • 2. On Pantheism- I’m not sure what pantheism is. You say it is the belief that “God is all-All is God.” That certainly is not my language. Neither is it the language of Paul or the other writer’s of God’s word. Paul says God is “over all and through all and in all.” (Eph 4:5) and that Christ is “completing the all in all.” (Eph 1:23) And that God will one day be “all in all.”  (I Cor 15:28)  and that “all is out of Him and through Him and for Him” (Roms 11:36)

In light of these inspired phrases I feel comfortable saying “all is of God”, but not “all is God.” And my faith is that God will be all one day- but not that God is all now.

It seems to me that before creation, God was all in Himself. Now God is all in Christ. At the consummation God will be all in all.

Are you accusing me of not believing God’s word? No, I don’t think you are. You are accusing me of something else. So, let me ask you… Do you believe God’s word????

Do you believe… that “there is one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all”? (Eph. 4:5)

Do you believe… that Christ is “the one completing the all in all”? (Eph 1:23)

Do you believe… that one day God will be “all in all”? (I Cor 15:28)

Do you believe… that “all is out of Him and through Him and for Him”? (Roms 11:36)

If these are phrases right out of God’s word why should you be afraid of using them? To accuse me of believing that God is all is not right. It may be true that God is all. But God has not revealed that to us in His word. He has revealed that He will be all. That you can accuse me of. For those are Paul’s words. Those are God’s words. And therefore you can accuse me of believing God’s word. I have been given the faith to believe His word. For which I am thankful.

In my 20 years as an evangelical, I do not recall ever hearing a minister boast, discuss, hint or otherwise ponder the revelation that one day God will be All In All.

3. on evil– Evil and SIN are not synonyms. SIN is a mistake. And if God saw that it would be GOOD for His creatures to experience EVIL then it would have been a mistake for Him not to bring that about. Evil is merely to opposite of Good. God created EVIL (Isa 45:7) That is what God’s word says. Are you asking me to believe otherwise? I don’t say that God sinned in creating EVIL. Apparently God will be justified in doing so for “all is out of Him and through Him and for Him.”

You should acquaint yourself more with God’s word on this matter of EVIL, as you seem to be reluctant to ascribe EVIL to the Creator. Enclose are a few passages which reveal that God is the source of evil and that God uses evil to suit His purpose.

Thank you again,

Are We Saved by God’s grace– or by OUR faith in God’s grace?

Rev. Jack Gillim
Calvary Chapel
P.O. 1976
Orem, UT 84059

Dear Rev. Gillim,

I read with great interest your article in the Daily Hearld, Sunday, July 19, 1997.

I am having difficulty finding a minister who will give me a straight answer. I wonder if you would drop me a line to give me your further thoughts on this matter…I feel this question is very important.

are we saved by God’s grace– or by OUR faith in God’s grace?

This is a critical distinction. And it is one that I cannot ignore. Both positions cannot be equally true. And, depending on the answer, the outcome or consequence is wildly different. Your letter was interesting. You said some good things… Please help me to carry this grace thing to it’s logical conclusion. Most ministers’ say grace is not a “favor” but a “possible” favor… an “offer” to show favor… a favor that is available “IF” you do the right thing. That means “works” to me. Let me explain… Did not God justify the sins and wrong doings of Joseph’s brothers? Did not their evil bring about God’s good? Can not God justify everyone apart from their own personal faith and righteousness? Can’t God justify everyone through the faith of Christ? Joseph had faith for his brothers. Can’t Christ have faith for us? To suggest, as some do, that God cannot overlook sin is to say that Christ’s work on the cross did nothing for sin. That God is not satisfied with Christ’s work. Didn’t Christ die for (on account of) our sin? Wasn’t He raised for (on account of) our justifying? (Rom. 4:25) Isn’t Christ’s death efficacious?

If you say He will save anyone who will trust Him to do so, are you saying they are not saved until they trust? Is salvation missing a key ingredient? Can God save those who do not trust? Most letters I get are definitely “works” oriented. Does God supply the “trust” before one is saved? Or, does God save and then supply the “trust”?  Most Christians say that salvation is an “offer,” a “possibility,” “available.” But that salvation is not a settled matter. To say that grace/salvation is “offered” is to say that we are saved by our doing, our work, our response, our acceptance of this offer. In my searching the scripture I cannot find such a usage of the word “offer” I can find that Christ was “offered up to God” as a sacrifice. But God is not “offering” grace to anyone. Instead it seems to me that God is “operating” in grace. He graciously saves. To offer Grace is to say we save ourselves.

Some ministers suggest “God will not force anyone to receive His Gift.” Force? Are they saying that God does not cause us to be saved. “Cause” or “force” I guess, is a matter of degree. Are you also saying that this God who does not “force” us to receive His gift will eventually “force” us to go to Hell for rejecting said gift?  To say that we are saved by our faith in God’s Grace is essentially saying we are saved by our own works. That is, we are saved by what WE do. Not by what God does or has done. It is also saying that we have a part in the saving process, which, (it would seem) leads to much boasting and pride. And if faith is absolutely essential then God would owe salvation to anyone who has faith? And therefore it would not be by the unmerited favor of GOD. God would be in debt to anyone who had faith. Salvation then would be a payment for wages earned. Or, salvation would be part of a contractual transaction.

And to say that we must have FAITH before we are saved is also to say that the death of Christ is not essential. Certainly, not necessary. For why did Christ die if we could be saved by our own faith? We could have had FAITH in pretty near anything. For it would be our faith that saves us not Christ’s death.

And if we are saved by FAITH, does that mean that no one could be saved by SIGHT? Wasn’t Paul and Thomas saved by SIGHT? They did not have FAITH to save them. They did have sight to save them. And if FAITH is a gift then aren’t we saved first, then given the faith to believe that our salvation is true? Salvation must surely be by GRACE. No transaction. No work. No payment for services rendered. No reward for believing the unbelievable. No co-operative venture. It must surely be the entire work of GOD. No boasting. If we MUST do anything before WE can be saved then, doesn’t that mean that God is incapable of saving us on His own. Doesn’t that mean that God does not accept the death of Christ as complete and that the Work of Christ on the cross is still ineffective? Still lacking capability? If God does not accept Christ’s work… really, what “work” could we do to please God?

But if salvation is entirely by God’s grace we have another problem…

1. Does God save arbitrarily… at random… like the toss of a coin? For surely if salvation is by the undeserved favor of God then there is nothing in us or our actions that demanded salvation. If this random salvation is true then are we saying that God created billions of humans for the specific purpose of tormenting them in hell for all eternity? (Eternal torment seems to be the popular consensus.)

2. If God does not save by random chance, and God does save entirely by grace, and if God is not partial (“God is no respecter of persons”) then, could it be that God will eventually save everyone? Because no one deserved salvation…. And no one could do anything to earn His favor… And if FAITH is GIVEN to those who are saved… we could ask why not save all? Why not give FAITH to all? Why not display this undeserved favor to ALL? I suppose the real question is… Are we saved by Christ’s death and resurrection? Or, are we saved by belief in His death and resurrection?

If we are not saved by His death and resurrection then why have Christ die at all? If we could have been saved by FAITH, OBEDIENCE, TRUST, GOOD WORKS etc. then Christ death is not essential. And it has not paid for our sins. If Christ’s death has paid for our sins… and God demands the unbelieving sinner, to whom God has not GIVEN faith, to pay for his own sins in hell, then, isn’t that called “Double Jeopardy”?  Isn’t that illegal?

I cannot accept the poor analogy of a gift-wrapped present which one must open and “accept” to be enjoyed. A closer, more Biblical analogy  is one my wife told me of…A Bridge operator, whose little son was playing on the bridge, (when suddenly a cruise (party) ship appeared) had to decide between opening the bridge and killing his son… or not and destroying the ship and those aboard. He opened the bridge. The Ship passed under. Those partying continued to party. Someone gave their life that they might live. Did they know? Had they heard? Did they believe? No, no, no. Yet their salvation from death and disaster was assured, guaranteed.

Can’t we say that the DEATH AND RESURRECTION OF JESUS CHRIST GUARANTEES OUR SALVATION? Or, perhaps this analogy is better… Suppose a wealthy man came through your town and paid everyone’s mortgage debt off FREELY. That would be good news. Perhaps not everyone will hear… perhaps those who hear will not believe… but no one will come and kick them out of their homes for the debt has been paid. No one will demand a repayment. Surely one should rejoice in such good news. Unless one wanted to pay his own debt in his own pride.

Do you believe that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners — or just to make salvation possible?

Please understand how crucial this question is to everything we live, teach, believe and do. I can no longer go to most churches because they teach that Christ came into the world to make salvation possible but not to actually save sinners. Again, by making salvation possible, it could be said that we save ourselves by taking advantage of that possibility. Which would lead to pride. A “possible” salvation is uncertain, conditional, contingent, and perhaps even changeable and revocable.  Is God’s love conditional? Contingent? Changeable? Revocable? Uncertain?  Or are you like the ministers who tell us of the conditions we must meet in order to enjoy God’s unconditional/conditional love?   Many preachers try to disguise their teaching in saying that we are saved by a combination of God’s grace and our response. But that kind of “grace” is nothing more than a meritorious reward. In other words, we must somehow “qualify” for God’s grace. (Again if we qualify then God would owe salvation to us.) How can we earn His grace? If we could earn His grace it wouldn’t really be grace. It would be deserved. It would be strictly what is due. It would be work.

I hope you care for the truth enough to settle the answer clearly in your mind. There is much torture in never being sure of the work of God. “Am I truly save?” “Have I sinned too much?”  “Do I have the right kind of faith?”  Is this true… we are saved entirely by His GRACE, not by our effort both before we believe and after we believe…? and that Christ came into the world to SAVE and that it is His work not ours? And if we truly understood the import of this teaching, our hearts would exult in God and our FAITH in His work could truly grow.

Instead I hear too many ministers say essentially that we must have FAITH in our faith. Not in the work Christ did on the cross. For that, they say, merely makes salvation possible, not actual. Faith, they say, is that which saves you. Therefore you must trust in your trust, believe in your belief and have faith in your faith. This I cannot easily do. I trust God. I do not trust my faith. It is weak and filled with doubt. I have faith in God. But no faith in my faith. I have been wrong too many times. I believe in God. But not my belief. For my belief is always struggling for sight, for more facts, for proof.

Some versions of the Bible say we are saved by the faith of Christ, yet others say it is by faith in Christ. (Gal 3:22, Rom 3:22) If, when every knee bows and every tongue confesses, all are not saved… what do these words mean? Is is a forced bowing? Ministers say God does not force us to do things??? Is there any example of the word BOW in scripture used in a forced way? Does not the scripture say that no man can say Jesus is Lord except by Holy Spirit? From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh, says one passage from the Bible. If they confess, their hearts must also be changed, right? And this bowing and confessing is directly tied to the death of Christ in this passage. Does this view then not belittle Christ’s humiliation by saying that it accomplishes a forced bowing which has no effect on the sinner and is in reality a mockery, for the sinner is bound to hell and he is merely bowing out of compulsion?….If God does not force the sinner to accept Christ.. why would God force the sinner to go to hell? Both are acts of compulsion according to Christian language. Why would Christians say that the sinner is bound by sin yet FREE to do good works? This “possible” salvation is sad really. No one would rejoice in a “possible” life guard… Who gave a drowning man a “chance” to be saved, but did not save him.

I Tim. 4:10 says that God is the Saviour of All mankind especially of Believers. I have heard more than 4,500 sermons in evangelical churches. Yet, I have never heard a sermon on this verse. Even though I Tim 4:11 says “teach this”. Could we conclude from this verse that believers get a special salvation? It does not say exclusively of believers, but especially of believers. Could it be that this special salvation that the believers get is a foretaste, or forerunner to the general salvation for the ALL MANKIND? Can God be the saviour of those He does not save? According to popular ministers God is the POSSIBLE SAVIOUR OF ALL MANKIND, AND POSSIBLY OF BELIEVERS.

And what of “eternal torment?”  I have discovered that there is no word in the entire book of God that is the exact equivalent of our English word “ETERNAL“. The word translated eternal is also translated AGE or WORLD in ALL of the passages where the passage defines the meaning of this word by its usage. (EXAMPLE: The end of the “AION”, the AION to come, etc.) It is only when the passage does not define the meaning of this word (AION, AIONIOS) that the popular translations and theologians take the liberty to push “eternal” as a “possible meaning”. But it would be silly to say “THE END OF THE ETERNAL.” That would reveal their deception. God speaks of the ages. God promises age-lasting life to the believer. God promises age-lasting chastening to the unbeliever. God has a “purpose of the ages” (Eph. 3:11). When the ages are done, concluded, finished (Heb 9:26 & I Cor 10:11) then and then only can eternity begin. Then and then only will God be ALL IN ALL. (I COR 15:28) Then and then only will death, the wages of sin, be abolished (I Cor 15:26) (Am I to assume that you believe God is able to destroy the first death but unable to destroy the second death?)

There are five English versions of the Bible which have this mistake corrected. Young’s Literal Translation and The Concordant Literal New Testament are among these which consistently translate AION, AIONIOS by “AGE” “AGE-DURING” or “EON” “EONIAN”.

Isn’t creation God’s objective work? Isn’t salvation also God’s objective work. I am ashamed of Christian teaching. Christians somehow suggest that salvation is God’s work but it is also man’s work. That makes salvation a “subjective” work.  Man according to popular teaching must “believe/repent/obey” to experience God’s loving kindness. According to popular teaching salvation is subjective, and one must “believe” before it becomes real. I must then ask, is the work of Adam also subjective? Do you have to believe in Adam to be a sinner and be condemned and die? Romans 5:18,19 & I Corinthians 15:22 plainly say that our experience of life or death in ADAM and in CHRIST are objective facts and not dependent upon our belief in either to be true. AS IN ADAM ALL DIE, SO IN CHRIST SHALL ALL BE MADE ALIVE…(it is not all who believe in Adam will die, and all who believe in Christ will be made alive.)



(being condemned in Adam does not require belief in ADAM so being righteous in Christ does not necessarily require belief in CHRIST.)

Christians say, a man can only blame himself if he goes to hell. If that be true then- a man can only praise himself for going to heaven. For praise and blame must come from the same source. God, according to popular teaching, did nothing for the Christian that He did not also do for the sinner. But the sinner will not be saved unless….  This is a definite “works” construction. God must supply the FAITH/REPENTANCE/OBEDIENCE because we all depend on His CAUSALITY. We cannot invent these things out of thin air. He is the author and finisher of our faith. We are His workmanship. He receives all praise/blame honor/dishonor glory/infamy for the final outcome of His creative ability. Redemption must be part of creation. For, it seems to me that creation will not be complete until all are redeemed.

I’m sorry to unload all of this on you. Please don’t feel like you have to answer everything I have discussed in this letter. But if you have have any comments I would be grateful for your insights. Please respond.


Linwood Austin


To Frank, 23 Reasons Why “FREEWILL” Is Bull.

Dear Frank,

Our God is great and mighty. I enjoyed your letter. I am writing so you might know further why I feel there is something wrong with the teaching of “FREEWILL”.

1. The Bible never uses the word FREEWILL or FREECHOICE.

2. The Bible says to have a pattern (stencil) of sound words. (II Tim 1:13)

3. The Bible says not to go beyond what is written. (I Cor 4:6)

4. Also we are told that God is operating all things after the council of His own will. (Eph 1:11)

5. And we are told no one can come to Christ if it should not be Given to him of the Father. (John 6:65)

6. We are told creation was subjected to vanity against its will. (Rom 8:20)

7. We are told that human will and effort does not matter. (Rom. 9:16)

8. That God hardens whom He will. (Rom 9:18)

9. That the potter has the right over the clay. (Rom. 9:21)

10. That a man can not get anything if it should not be given him out of heaven. (John 3:27)

11. We are told at least twice that faith is a gift. (See Philippians 1:29 and Eph. 2:8) Can we truly blame someone who has not been given faith?

12. If we work out our salvation it is only because it is God who is working in us to work it out. (Phil. 2:13)

13. We are also told repeatedly that All is of God. (Rom 11:36, II Cor 5:18)

14. God hardened Pharaoh’s heart, saved Paul against his will, forced Jonah to preach at Niniveh, chose Jacob over Esau before they had done anything good or bad (Rom 9:11-13), put the 10 Kings up to giving their kingdoms over the the wild beast (Rev 17:17)

15. There are many things we do not chose in this life and yet it affects so much of our disposition: Eye color, hair color, parents, and nationality. Most of us fall into our jobs, marriages, circle of friends.

16. Our Strong and mighty FREEWILL is so weak and wishy-washy that we often change our minds about anything when we get hungry, thirsty, broke, lonely, injured, angry, cold, hot, tricked, whatever.

17. There is no passage that says we have a FREEWILL. Sure God gives certain peoples a choice about certain things. But that does not say the God has not predetermined the outcome. If FREEWILL were true nothing could be predetermined and prophecy would be impossible.

18. FREEWILL is a Catholic idea. All of the reformers of the 1600’s thought it was a stupid idea. John Calvin was against it. Zwingly was against it. And Martin Luther’s book “The Bondage of the Will” proves he was against it. Not to mention Johnathan Edwards and Benjamin Warfield.

19. FREEWILL leads to boasting and pride. If we help God save us by complying then we are saved partly due to US. If we can only blame the sinner for going to hell because he had a FREEWILL then we can only praise the saint for going to heaven for the same reason.

20. If God is supreme in every area except our will then God is not supreme, God is not God. If God is not in control of His creation and His creation’s will then God is little more than an experimenter. He has lost control of His creation. And He is like the builder who was too shortsighted to finish what He started. (Luke 14:28)

21. God wills to save all mankind. (I Tim 2:4) Some translators are so influenced by this Catholic doctrine that they’ve change the word WILLS to DESIRES or WISH. Why do they want us to believe that God’s will is powerless against man’s will? Does God get what He wills? Does God get what He DESIRES?
“Who has withstood His will?” (ROM 9:19)

22. Paul says God binds all men over to stubborness. (Rom 11:32) We do not bind ourselves over to stubborness. God does it. Why? So that God can have an excuse to be merciful to us. We could not know mercy if God didn’t insure that we were stubborn first and in need of mercy. Isn’t that good news?

23. “By the grace of God I am what I am” I Cor. 15:10. We owe nothing to ourselves and our “FREEWILL”.

The definition of “FREEWILL”, according to how most Christians use this term is…

The power of contrary Choice. In other words, “he chose “A” but he just as easily could have chosen “B.” Freewill teaching ignores causality. What causes one to chose “A”? or, “B”? Surely God must be responsible for all causes or lack of causes. If God wants us to choose Christ, yet if he does not supply the mental capacity, the faith or whatever else is needed to make that choice who else can he blame but himself. Or, the reverse is also true… He must either supply the faith or He must hinder sin’s attractions. Who He saves is truly His choice.

The only “offers” in the Bible is Christ offered up as a sacrifice to God. God makes no “offers” to man. God does not “offer” grace, God is operating in grace but He is not offering grace to anyone. Salvation is not a SALE or a transaction. It is not a deal that one can refuse. Salvation is God’s work. Not our work. It seems to me that Christians cheapen God’s grace by make it optional.

We need God’s grace. Not just a help. Not just a boost and then “I can do the rest myself” type of thing. Apart from grace we are nothing. Salvation is not a partnership… nor is it a co-operative. Salvation is a monarchy… GRACE REIGNS

Believers are saved first (Eph 1:12 & I Tim 4:10) They get a special salvation. The wicked and unbelieving do not receive God’s grace until death is abolished (I Cor 15:25) and God is made all in all. (1Cor. 15:28)

As long as the lake of fire, the second death, exists we can’t really say theat death has been abolished can we? As long as anyone, anywhere remains dead (the wages of sin) God cannot be all in all can He?  And isn’t it true that the real goal of the universe is for God to be all in all, not all in some. And not some in some. But all in all!!

These are just a few scattered thoughts. I hope they turn you to the scriptures. And to God. If you have any clear statements from God’s word that will add some light on this matter, I would love the hear them.

See you soon.


HELL is Not “Endless”

Amazing Biblical Proof That God Will Save Everyone

The Death and Resurrection

of Jesus Christ Guarantees Your Salvation

It’s true. There’s more than 15 plain, undeniable verses in the New Testament alone. All indicate that Hell is not Eternal. All indicate that God is not leaving anything up to chance. All indicate God has a good and happy ending planned for each and every one of His creatures.

What do these verses say?

They say wonderful things like…

God is the Savior of All mankind. ……………..(I Tim. 4:10)

In Christ All shall be Quickened. …………(I Cor. 15: 22)

God will be All in All. ……..( I Cor. 15:28)

Every knee shall bow… to the glory of God. ……………(Phil. 2:10-11)

If I be lifted up on the cross, I will draw all mankind to myself. ………….(John 12:32)

All to be reconciled through the cross. ……………(Col 1:20)

All to be justified through Christ’s one act. …………..(Rom. 5:18)

Mercy to All………………………(Rom 11:32)

All Gathered in Christ………………(Eph. 1:10)

Death (the wages of sin) abolished. ……………….(I Cor. 15: 26)

Creation Freed to be Children. (Rom 8:20,21)

God will have All mankind be saved. …………..(I Tim. 2:3,4)

And that’s not all…

God’s word even reveals HOW God will bring about this happy end. And the means by which every creature will be saved.

the problem stated and solved

Until now most serious students of the scriptures have grappled with the three contradictory teachings found in the popular Bible translations.

1. The “wicked” will be tormented for ever and ever (Matt 25:46)

2. The “wicked” will be destroyed.  (Matt. 10:28)

3. The “wicked” (all) will be reconciled. (Col. 1:20)

The solutions to these opposing concepts can be found in the discovery that “eternal,” “everlasting” and “for ever and ever” are really false concepts and are forced into God’s word by loose translation practices. There are several fine English translations that have these words correctly translated. “Forever & ever” should really say “For the ages of the ages”. “Everlasting” should say “Agelasting”. “Eternal” should say “Of the Ages”.

Why? Because word meaning is fixed by word usage. And every place where this Greek word (AION, AIONION) is used in a definitive way, it is translated “age” or “world”. This is true in every English translation. It is only when the passage is not specific as to the length, or duration of time that the popular versions of the Bible  stretch this word out of it’s definitive use to be “ETERNAL”.  (Read that again, it’s important.)

(A definitive passage might say “the end of the age”. No one in his right mind would say “the end of the eternal.” A non-definitive passage might discuss “agelasting fire”. But just because the time has not been defined here does not mean you can translate it to be a longer time period than in passages where it plainly indicates the time has a beginning and an end.

To say that “AION” is both limited time and unlimited time is foolish.

This is a shame and a tragedy, especially because God is made to look like a terrible OGRE by punishing his creation in “ENDLESS” flames.

Are we arguing for “Agelasting flames”?

Not at all. Read on.

Some Bible students have concluded that the wicked or unbelievers will be “destroyed”. That is, they will cease to exist, permanently.

But this is not acceptable for 2 reasons.

1. If God has to destroy part of His creation… then He’s like the builder who didn’t plan well enough to finish up his creation. (Luke 14:30) His incomplete creation will be an “eternal” embarrassment to Him if this is so.

2. There is great light in the discovery that the word “destroy” is the same Greek word as “lost”.  (GK. Apollumi) A “lost” (destroyed) sheep can be found. The lost (destroyed) sheep of the house of Israel is exactly why Christ came. There is nothing permanent or “eternal” in the word “Lost”. Why force it to be so with “destroy”.

The Son of man came to seek and to save that which is “lost”. That means you. (Luke 19:10)

Eternal should not be in the bible

Prove it to yourself. You don’t need to be a  Greek scholar to discover the truth. You can compare Rev. 11:15 to I Cor 15: 25. Does Christ reign “for ever and ever” or does Christ reign “UNTIL” He places his enemies under His feet?

If “forever and ever” is right His enemies will never be subdued. Think about it.

Hell is not endless

You are invited to join with us in an ongoing study of God’s word. A study to discover His great purpose for the ages. (Eph. 3:11)

Have you ever wonder what exactly is God’s purpose? If you want to study with us, call the number below for times and location of the next meeting.

Listen… If God does not eventually save every creature and transforms every heart… the following questions would be impossible to answer with any degree of satisfaction.

Questions Your Pastor Hopes You Never Ask:

1. Does the Bible teach that there is only ONE GOD, who is the source of all things? Or two gods? Constantly battling, one good and the other evil, with the evil god winning the biggest number in the end?

2. If a soul is lost, who is the real loser, the soul or its maker?

3. Why are we taught to forgive our enemies if God is going to torment his enemies forever?

4. If evangelism is important to God, why did he confuse the languages at the tower of Babel, make cross-cultural witnessing efforts so difficult?

5. Is faith the result of salvation or the cause of  salvation? (Salvation comes first, then faith. We could ask- Is salvation God’s work or God’s “offer”? If it’s God’s offer then salvation is by our works. If it is God’s work, then Salvation is by GRACE.)

6. When did God create “hell,” before the entrance of sin  or afterwards?  (If before, why would He call creatures into life for such a possible doom?) (If afterwards, why is Satan allowed to deceive the race?)

7. If children go to heaven when they die, but “responsible” adults must “accept Jesus” before being allowed into heaven’s gates… then wouldn’t it be better to kill all infants before they face such an evil as “eternal hell?”

8. If one can only blame himself for going to “hell,” does one only praise himself for going to heaven?

9. Is hell the product of God’s love? (God is love, I John 4:8, Love is not angered, I Cor.13:5.)

10. Why didn’t God provide miracles for the ancient cities of Tyre and Sidon? (Jesus said if they had seen miracles they would have repented. Did God not want them to repent?) (Matt. 11:21)

These questions are not intended to make you angry. But to open your eyes to the fact that our popular Christian teachers have not equipped us to see God and His long range plans.

One Last Thought: Ask your pastor, “YES or NO: Did Jesus die to save all?” Then, ask your pastor, “YES or NO: Did He succeed?” If he can’t give you a straight answer, you’re welcome to write to us.

Or, do some more research over at

Ace Theo





Christian Double Talk

Dear Friend,

Please read through the following “double-talk” phrases. These are confusing thoughts I’ve heard all my Christian life. Both sides of the phrase cannot be equally true. Which do you think should be left off?


CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: There’s nothing you MUST do to be saved, here’s what you MUST do to be saved.

CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: Christ paid for your sins… you must pay for your sins in hell.

CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: Christ died for the sins of all… all will not be saved.

CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: men are FREE to do good works… men are in bondage to sin.

CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: God controls all things… God doesn’t control man’s freewill.

CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: Salvation is up to you… “It is not of him that willeth.” (Romans 9:16)

CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: Christ died to eliminate the penalty of sin, the penalty of sin is ETERNAL.

CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: You are saved by Grace, you are saved by faith.

CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: A sinner can only blame himself for going to hell, a CHRISTIAN cannot praise himself for going to heaven.

CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: God loves all. God will torment most in Hell.

CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: You’re saved by Christ’s death on the cross. You’re saved by your response to his death.

CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: God can do all things. God cannot violate man’s FREEWILL.

CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: Man must forgive his enemies. God must torment his enemies forever.

CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: Man’s has an absolute freewill… God knows what man will do every time.

CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: God wants to save all… God wants to punish those who don’t get saved.

CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: God created all things. God did not create EVIL.

CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: To be saved you must believe you are not saved, then you must believe you are saved.


CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: Grace is UNmerited favor given only to those who merit it with faith and obedience.

CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: Grace is Unqualified favor given only to those who qualify for it with faith and obedience.

CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: Grace is Undeserved favor given only to those who deserve it for faith and obedience.

CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: Salvation is UNLIMITED, except that it is limited.

CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: Nothing can separate you from the love of God, except disobedience, doubt, fear, sin, etc. etc. etc.

CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: God’s love is UNCONDITIONAL IF you meet these conditions.

CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: God’s will is UNopposable, but God’s will is opposed by the sinner.

CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: NOTHING can exist apart from the will of God, God cannot be responsible for sin and evil.

CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: God does not force anyone to be saved, But God will force the unsaved to go to hell.

CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: The gates of hell cannot prevail against the church, but the church cannot go to hell to find out if its true.

CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: Christians go to heaven when they die, but “apart from the resurrection they perish”.

CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: God displays his infinite love and wisdom by infinitely punishing sinners in infinite hell.

CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: The cross will save the Christian, the cross will damn the sinner.

CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: The GOOD NEWS is that there is a slim chance for your salvation.

CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: Salvation was POSSIBLE before the cross by obedience, but now it is POSSIBLE by obedience.

CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: You MUST do good works, you CANNOT do good works.

CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: Jesus saved everyone on the cross. Jesus saved no one on the cross.

CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: You are not saved by your good works, apart from good works you’ll go to hell.

CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: Christ died for all sin except the sin of not believing he died for all sin.

CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: Christ died for all sin except the sin of not receiving his death for all of your sins.

CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: Christ died for all sin except the sin of not accepting that He died for all sin.

CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: Jesus was a friend of SINNERS (Matt 11:19) Sinners are going to hell forever.

CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: The Good Shepherd seeks the lost sheep UNTIL he finds it. The Good Shepherd seeks until it’s too late.

CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: God’s everlasting love is for a limited time only.

CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: There is no 2nd chance for salvation. Salvation is not a thing of chance.

CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: Faith cannot save. Without faith you cannot be saved.

CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: God is not a terrorist. God threatens all with ETERNAL HELL for lack of cooperation.

CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: “Our Loving Heavenly Father, please don’t send us to an Eternal Hell”

CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: God’s justice was satisfied in Jesus’ cross. God’s justice demands ETERNAL CONSCIOUS PUNISHMENT.

CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: “Render to no one EVIL for EVIL.” Sinners will pay for their evil, in HELL.

CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: “You Reap What You Sow.” God’s reaps nothing by casting sinners in HELL????

CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: “There is only ONE God.” But God must battle with Satan (another God?) to achieve His goals.

CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: God is sovereign, and unopposable. Satan and sinners oppose his unopposibility.

CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: God created hell. God cannot be blamed for creating hell.

CHRISTIAN DOUBLE-TALK: God never changes. God is love. God sometimes changes his mood from love to anger.


What is OBJECTIVELY TRUE about the bible’s teaching?

What The Preacher Said Last Night. A letter from Will Powell to Dave Enlow

March 5, 1995

Dear Dave:

Last night I heard part of a radio program from South Carolina in which the speaker tried to warn just about everyone in churches–from the pastor, elder, deacon, usher, Sunday School teachers, song leaders, janitor, grass-cutter–that he may NOT be saved–even if he feels certain that he is saved!

He didn’t mention your name, or Billy Graham’s name, but he covered nearly everyone else! I thought I should pass on his warning to you so that you can begin to worry. Naturally, he failed to include himself in the group who just might NOT be saved–after all. What the man said was depressing–and it just might be TRUE!  What about it, Dave?

Suppose your assurance of salvation is based upon Satan’s lies, and suppose that you are not actually saved at all but on the road to hell?  Perhaps–after all you’ve “done” for the Lord–writing, teaching, witnessing–the Lord may say, “Depart from me, ye cursed, in to everlasting fire.., or ~ “I never knew you, depart from Me..”  Impossible?  Not at all! –And after you spent all your life thinking you were saved, and doing all kinds of good works!  Since Satan is himself transformed into an angel of light, and since he has power to deceive, he could well have deceived Dave Enlow, could he not?  How can you be sure?

Perhaps you should go to the altar and try to make certain your salvation, Dave!  But– what could you “believe” and ~do~ now, that you haven’t already “done”? Good question! Sure–you may have the “assurance” of salvation–but probably those people in Matthew 25 thought they were “good” also.  You may be listening to Satan’s lies, Dave.  Face it!

You say you couldn’t be wrong?  It couldn’t happen to you?  Don’t be too sure.  Churches are full of people who think the same thing, and who will land in hell–that’s what the man said–and I think he’s from your camp.  But-but-but–your but~ won’t keep you out of hell!  The road is paved with good intentions–and “good workers”–but Jesus may say that He never knew you!

Seriously, Dave, can you give me even ONE, GOOD, specific reason why you can be certain that you are saved?  Because YOU did this and that?  Won’t work!  You may have been in sincere or faking or pretending to ~believe” because you were afraid of going to hell! You may not have ~’repented~ enough to qualify for salvation.  Any number of things may have been insufficient to persuade God to save you – since you obviously rely upon what you have “done”!  All of this may upset you–and it should upset you–because this is exactly the uncertainty trip you lay on me–and you laid on my son!

YOU–Dave Enlow–may be in hell today–if what the man said is true.  He may also be in hell–today–if what he said is true–and what he said is precisely what YOU BELIEVE!

But–you say that you believe that, Jesus died to remove the guilt of all your sins, and will deliver you from the threat of hell?  Very good!  But that’s exactly what I believe!

You say that you do not rely upon anything which you may try to do to earn salvation–and that you trust in God ALONE to save you?  Fine!  But that’s exactly what I do!

Yet by your creed, you must agree that YOU may go to hell–because something may not be quite right in what you ~believe” or ~do~!  At least that’s what you tell ME! Bad news!

So–we’re actually back to square one.  You had better hurry to the altar and see if you can make sure that you are not going to hell!  Maybe you overlooked some small detail? You think you are saved– but ARE You REALLY SAVED?  How can you be sure–if “it all depends upon YOU? Get serious!

Anyone for the absolute, objective, irrefutable, unrejectable, efficacy of God’s work in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ–for which belief you constantly reproach me? Doesn’t such a belief sound just a little better to you than before?


Four Everlasting Things That End

How long is FOREVER?

Bible proof that evil, sin, death and hell will not last forever.

At least Four things in the Bible are said to be eternal … Yet they are also said to come to an end…

1. The hills…

everlasting hills” (Gen 49:26)

“hills to be made low” (Isa 40:4)

2. Circumcision covenant…

“Circumcision an everlasting covenant” (Gen 17:13)

“circumcision now availeth nothing…”(Galatians 5:6)

3. A servant…

“take an awl and thrust it through his ear… and he shall be thy servant forever.” (Dueteronomy 15:17)


4. Christ’s reign…

“and He shall reign forever and ever.” (Rev. 11:15)

“For He must reign until He puts His enemies under His feet. (I Cor 15:25)


Please note: enemies in this context are rulership, power, authority and death… not wicked men]

If these 4 “everlasting” things can come to an end in some form or fashion… why couldn’t evil, sin, death and  hell come to an end? Why couldn’t God be “The Savior Of All”?

5 Questions About The “Certainty” of God.

This is a letter to a fellow Christian. Written circa 1993.

Frank Pellegrino

Sebastion Fla.

Dear, Frank,

I hope this letter is personal enough to prove that I am not a machine. I write to more than 70 ministers and believers. So, sometimes I only have time for a “form” letter.

The way you handle scripture you sound like Adai Loudy. His book GOD’S EONIAN PURPOSE really turned my thinking around. I read it 13 years ago. You may wish to order it from the Concordant Publishing Concern. I double highly recommend it. It is as satisfying as Paul’s letters.

OK, here’s my 5 “killer” questions. Let’s see how you can answer them….

1. Is God Certain?

2. Does God Operate In Absolute Certainty?

3. Is salvation the Certain work of God?

4. Is salvation CERTAIN for all unsaved creatures?

5. If salvation is not certain for all unsaved creatures, is God really certain?

Christian pastors almost universally teach that God is not certain, that God operates contingently, that salvation is only certain IF you do this and that, and God cannot be trusted, for you must trust your own trust.

Wanna have some fun? Call up the Christian talk shows and ask these questions. The certainty of God is a foreign concept to them. To them it’s conditional all the way. God’s is trying to implement plan B to make up for the failure of plan A.

Or, ask some pastor “Am I saved by God’s work in Christ on the Cross?” …………. At first they may say “yes” but then they’ll say “no”. “You must believe it.” they say, “or God’s work in Christ on the cross will not save.” What a bunch of hogwash. Works. Plain and simple.

When they argue for God’s uncertainty, they are really arguing for atheism. An uncertain salvation is provided by an uncertain God who is no god at all.

Think about this. And send your reply. I hope you come to trust God who is certain, whose salvation is certain, who cannot operate contingently… and trust Him more and more.

Grace to you,

74 Bible Verses That Prove That God is the Savior Of All

1) I Tim 4:10- God is the Savior of all mankind, especially of believers.

2) Eph 1:11- All to be gathered in Christ at the fullness of times.

3) Col 1:20- All to be reconciled by the blood of the cross.

4) Rom 5:18- All condemned in Adam, all justified in Christ.

5) Rom 11:32- All locked up in stubbornness that God may be merciful to all.

6) I Cor 15:22- As in Adam all die, so in Christ shall all be made alive.

7) I Tim 2:6- Salvation of ALL testified to in due time.

8) I Tim 2:4- God wills all to be saved and come to a knowledge of truth.

9) Eph 1:11- God works all after the council of His will.

10) John 12:47- Jesus came to save ALL.

11) John 4:42- Jesus is Saviour of the WORLD.

12) I John 4:14- Jesus is Saviour of the WORLD.

13) John 12:32- Jesus draws all to himself.

14) Heb 7:25- Jesus is able to save to the uttermost.

15) Col 1:15- Jesus is firstborn of ALL creation.

16) Col 1:16- By Him ALL things were created.

17) I Cor 15:26- Death (the wages of sin) the last enemy destroyed.

18) Phil 2:9-11- Every tongue shall confess Jesus is Lord.

19) I Cor 12:3- Cannot confess except by Holy Spirit.

20) Roms. 11:26- All Israel shall be saved.

21) Acts 3:20-21- Restitution of all.

22) Luke 2:10- Jesus will be joy to ALL people.

23) Eph 2:7- His grace displayed in ages to come.

24) Heb 8:11-12- All will know God.

25) Titus 2:11- Grace has appeared to all.

26) Rom 8: 19-21- Creation to be set at liberty

27) I Cor 4:5- All will have praise from God.

28) James 5:11- End of the Lord is full of mercy.

29) Rev 15:4- All nations worship when judgments are seen.

30) II Cor 5:17- New creation in Christ.

31) Rom 11:36- All out of God, thru and into Him.

32) Eph 4:10- Jesus will fill ALL things.

33) Rev 5:13- All creation seen praising God.

34) Rev 21: 4-5- No more tears, all things made new.

35) Jn 5:25- All dead who hear will live.

36) Jn 5:28- All in the grave will hear & come forth.

37) I Cor 3:15-  All saved, so as by fire.

38) Mark 9:49- Everyone shall be salted by fire.

39) Rom 11:15- Reconciliation of the world.

40) II Cor 5:15- Jesus died for all.

41) John 8:29- He always does what pleases his Father

42) Heb 1:2- He is heir of all things.

43) John 3:35- All have been given into his hand.

44) John 17:2- Jesus will give eternal life to all who His Father give to him.

45) John 13:3- The Father gave Him all things.

46) Isaiah 46:10- God will do all his pleasure.

47) Dan 4:35- God’s will done in heaven and earth.

48) Prv 16:9- Man devises, God direct his steps.

49) Prv 19:21- Man devises But God’s counsel stands.

50) Ps 33:15- God fashions all hearts.

51) Deut 32:39- God kills and makes alive.

52) Ps 90:3- God turns man to destruction, then says return.

53) Lam 3:31-32- God will not cast off forever.

54) Isa 2:2- All nations shall flow to the Lord’s house.

55) Gen 18:18- All families of earth will be blessed.

56) Isa 45:23- All descendants of Israel justified.

57) Ps. 138:4- All kings will praise God.

58) Ps 72:18- God only does wondrous things.

59) Ps 86:9 All nations will worship God.

60) Ps 65:2-4- All flesh will come to God.

61) Ps 66:3-4- Enemies will submit to God.

62) Isa 19: 14-25- Egypt & Assyra will be restored.

63) Ezk 16:55- Sodom will be restored.

65) Ps 22:25-29- All will turn to the Lord and all families will worship before Him.

66) Ps 145:9-10- He is good to all and merciful to all His work.

67) Ps 145:14- God raises all who fall.

68) Ps 145:16- God satisfied the desire of the living.

69) Ps 145:10- All God’s will praise Him.

70) Isa 25:6- Lord makes a feast for all people.

71) Isa 25:7- Will destroy vail over that is spread over all the nations.

72) Isa 25:8- His will swallow up death in Victory.

73) Jer 32:35- Never entered His mind to burn people in fire.

74) Ps 135:6- God does what pleases Him.