“For who has withstood His will?” (From Romans 9, I think)

“You forget mans(sic) will which most times goes against God’s will…”

“For who has withstood His will?” (From Romans 9, I think)
“God is operating all things… not just some things… but ALL THINGS after the council of His own will. (From Ephesians 1:11)
“God locks up all together in stubbornness that He might have mercy on all.” (from Romans 11:32)

Just because man goes against God’s will… I don’t see that as a problem, really. “Not for all is the faith” says Paul (Thessalonians, I think).

You see, during the eons, there are many stories of man’s failure… but we’re not really expecting to see man’s success… not at any time… we’re the creature He’s the creator.

The only real success we see, right now, during the eons… is the resurrection of Christ after the cross… and that has nothing to do with our cooperation… other than it was our sins that put Him on the cross.

The cross is the centerpiece of the story of the universe.

Death is the key story for all of us… yet God will show… resurrection will be, yes, will be, the key story, as we shall see. (I COR 15:22 -Even as in Adam, all die, so in Christ shall all be made alive.)

Man’s will is locked up in a pattern. Locked up by God himself. For now it serves God’s purpose. And Ephesians 3:11 says that God has an eonian purpose.

We’ll talk later.
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She (The Freewill Chick) Demands Respect

The pagan brothers from Antioch have learn from our apostle, that dude from Damascus, whom you guys from James seem to hate, that we ain’t no respecter of persons.
Freewillers seem to demand respect as they are quite sure they have met all the qualifications to earn God’s love, favor and blessings.
You see, we know we don’t earn it. So, the evangel of GRACE suits us fine. (Grace being the favor of God shown to those who deserve the opposite.)
And as a bunch of pagans of the nations, we’re not incline to kiss anyone’s behind… you or James.
And if you insist we stop using the term “chick”… then we’ll use a term from the scriptures… you’ve heard of the scriptures, haven’t cha? Well, the scriptural term we might prefer to use is “little woman” — it’s one our apostle used. He said little women are always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. Ain’t that a hellava thing?
He also warn us pagan brothers about “old womanish myths”. And sure do seem to us, that “freewill” is more a myth than a real thing. After all, God, our Father, created all things. And turns out He is the Savior of all as well. Ain’t that a thing?
And He’s operating all things after the council of His will. (Things you guys don’t brag about.)
You are a “freewill” wonder, that’s for sure.
And respect? You might think you’ve earn it, but we ain’t no respecter of nobody.
Grace to you.
You’ll need it.
Yours, because all is of God. (Romans 11:36)
The Antioch Pagan Brethern.

The religion’s of the world love “freewill”.

But the Bible shows in many ways (Romans 9, for example) that God is our creator and is in control of all things. (EPH 1:11)
Yes, we have a “will” but it’s not a “freewill”… a will “free” of influence, cause, or pressure.
You see, God hardens hearts and gives faith to the faithful.
All is of God (Romans 11:36)
We are just clay, God’s purpose is to reconcile all and justify all. (COL 1:20, Romans 5:18-19)
But now… during the eons of time, certain things — including bad things, MUST happen.
God makes sure of it. That’s why ISA 45:7 says God created good as well as evil.
The teaching of “freewill” tends to make man a diety… who creates and fulfills his own destiny. Stupid huh?
Better to trust that God is in control, even of the waves that threaten to sink us.
All the “self-improvement” crap we hear all the time, is shallow, really.
Pulling yourself up from your own bootstraps must be a metaphor.
Can’t work in reality.
You can TRUST IN GOD or TRUST YOURSELF… but you can’t do both, it seems to me.

In the bigger picture Christ died to save all. Christ died FOR sin.
(I TIM 1:15 and 2:4) The “freewillers” can’t handle this teaching. They want you to redeem yourself by YOUR actions… not the actions of CHRIST on the cross.
They say IF you do this and this and this, you’ll be saved.

I’m writing to tell you, we’re saved by what Christ did on the cross.
He died for all. And whether you believe it or not, it’s true.

During the eons of time, there is plenty of trouble.
But “then comes the end” (I COR 15:24) and the “end” results in God becoming “all in all”… (I COR 15:28).

All in all — are the three biggest words in the Bible.
Grace to you.


As I recall, a woman named Janet Cole, some 50 years ago, killed her kids… in order to save them from “eternal hell”.
According to freewillers if someone gets beyond the “age of accountability” they will go to hell if they don’t “freely receive Christ as their personal savior.”
What is the “age of accountability” — 12-years old? It’s not clear.
Well, if this business of “freewill” and “eternal punishment” is true… shouldn’t we praise Janet Cole? She actually GUARANTEED the salvation of her children.
“Freewill” is a horrible teaching… in light of God’s purpose and plan to save all, redeem all, justify all, and save all.
God is the creator of all and the savior of all.
Human “freewill” is a myth.
Our wills are not free at all.
Our human will has plenty of limitations and outside influences.
Our will is influenced by our parents, our hair color, the pizza we ate last night, our nationality, the latest book we’ve read, etc.
Only God’s will is “free” of outside influence.
God bless Janet Cole. She did a terrible thing. But she was deceived by this “freewill” and “endless hell” doctrine.
God wills to save all (I TIM 2:4) and God is operating all things according to council of His will (EPH 1:11).