If you can only “blame” yourself for going to hell, you can only “praise” yourself for going to heaven.

Again, I feel like I’m talking to someone who keeps saying “inconceivable”… it does not mean what you think it means.

“…we are all given the ability to take words into consideration.”
You said it in the overall scope of men can only BLAME THEMSELVES FOR GOING TO HELL type of thing.

It’s just not true… not all have the ability to take our words or God’s work into consideration.
Some folks never hear a hint of it. They live and die, never even meeting one so-called “Christian”.
Some folks hear, and their minds and hearts are stubborn. In fact, Romans 11:32 says God locks up all in stubbornness.
And I tell you… some folks are brain damaged… and absolutely cannot hear anything of logic or persuasion, or our message of the cross.
I live in Mormon town… and they are stubborn… they are flooded with other notions… and they CANNOT HEAR or CONSIDER what I have to say. Although they’d love you and your freewill teaching.
In one place Paul says “not for all is the faith”. Do you believe Paul? I do.
Keep in mind… always… that if one has faith… God gave him the faith. God does not give all faith. It suits his eonian purpose.

I have a less than clever neighbor… who fancies that he’s the smartest dude in the world… yet he can barely tie his own shoe. I brought up some message in the bible once, and he went on to say how the Bible is bad… but the bhagavad gita is good. I’m telling you Stace… he does NOT have the ability to hear and receive… at least not yet. He also believes CNN is good, covid is a dreaded monster, that men are all chauvinist and that women can create rocket ships if they wanted to. Why they don’t want to is beyond our conversation.

I’m just telling ya, that this guy is a know-it-all, without nothing much at all.

Not for all is the faith. The Jews want a sign, the Greeks want wisdom, but all we have is the cross. And it’s a stumbling block. Not for all is the faith. (II Thess 3:2)

I wish you’d stop saying “everyone is able”… especially when our apostle tells the ecclesia which is His body… “Not for all is the faith”… and … “God locks up all in stubbornness” … and … “it is not of him that willeth, but of God the merciful.” (Romans 11:32 … Romans 9:18?)

And when you say “you can only blame yourself”… you sound silly… why?… because if you can only BLAME yourself for going to hell, you can only PRAISE yourself for being a Christian. Praise and blame, MUST come from the same source.

If God is the savior… then we PRAISE God. If God does not save, we must trust God about the matter. For God saves some now, but not all now. The eons are not done yet. We must see how it all will play out.

God doesn’t play the BLAME game, like in human thinking. No. God uses His creation for a purpose. The sun, He uses to gives us light. Pharaoh, He hardens his heart and uses him for a purpose. Judas was used by God to give us a risen Savior. Blame, IS NOT the deal here. God’s purpose is bigger than a 12-year-old’s childish blame game. And God doesn’t bother to enlighten all about the matter either. Jesus command his disciples to avoid or go around certain cities SO THEY WOULD NOT hear and heed the message.

Not for all is the faith. You must consider God’s eonian purpose… and things in their right time. (Eph 3:11)
As Paul said… “to have an administration of the complement of the eras, to head up all in the Christ” (Eph 1:10-11)
Timing is everything.