The Ace Theological Company’s 95 Theses #67 God’s Calendar, God’s Timing, God’s Good Sense, (Notes on the cross of Christ)

Monday, Morning, 7:22 a.m.
That time change thing screws with us a lot, huh?
It’s like taking a gallon of water from one end of the swimming pool and URGENTLY pouring it into the other end.

March 14th, 2022

We have ever reason to trust God, dear Friend,

When we survey the scope of God’s creation, and glance upon the centerpiece of it all, — the cross — we gasp.

To dare suggest that the cross is God’s perfect showpiece of creation, is unreasonable.
Human reason would see the cross as a destructive thing, not a creative thing.
Ahhhhhh… but the cross is both, and perfectly.
In the cross we see life and death meeting.
In the cross we see God’s judgment on any “flaws” in this creation.
In the cross we see God’s corrective action to make “flaws” lovely and beautiful.
In the cross we see the end of sin.
In the cross we see God smiling on the future.
On the cross we meet the Last Adam.
As a result of the cross we are introduce to the Second Man.
All evil was there, at the cross.
All good was there as well.
The cross, to us, is God’s perfect timepiece. It’s is “the clock of God”. God measures time by the cross of Christ.
For in Him all is created. Says Colossians 1:16.
The insides of a watch are a perfect metaphor for us. Intricate. Delicate. Many moving parts. All for a purpose.
One part of the watch moves another part. The owner hardly thinks about all the moving parts on his wrist. But daily appreciates the knowledge he gets from glancing at his timepiece.
Humanity meets God in Christ’s cross.
And guess what… all creation has an appointment with Christ’s cross… For the cross accomplishes so very much. We hardly know all that it achieved but we’re starting to get a peep.
Check this out: That passage that reveals that one day, every knee will bow… and every tongue will acclaim… that passage is all about the cross. (Phil 2:5-11)
I feel embarrassed that I have used that passage so many times in my battles with the freewill gentlemen… to show the final outcome of God’s infinite, overwhelming, grace… And of course, they insist that the bowing and “confessing” at that time… don’t do a damn bit of good… for “it’s toooooo late”… they say.
I feel embarrassed because I’m using that passage as a TIMEPEICE to show the final achievements of the cross… but I wish I knew how to bring those freewillers to that passage and say, “HEY BOYS, CHECK THIS OUT, THIS IS ABOUT THE CROSS AND IT’S ACHIEVEMENTS.”
But, they think God’s “timepiece” (the cross) has failed to do it’s job. They think God’s calendar precludes the redemption of the very ones for whom He died.
The cross is our argument. The cross is our hope. The cross is our glory. It’s crazy. It’s all the opposite of what human thinking is all about.
The humans brag in their Towers of Babel. We (believers) brag in the greatest destruction the world has seen (or accomplished).
They destroyed the Giver of Life. (On the cross).
But it was God’s perfect plan all along.
Three days later… the rules were changed. All of them.
Three days later, our wounded hearts were comforted.
Three days later, the Giver of Life was alive once again.
But different. Vastly different. Unable to die again.
And our hearts are terribly consoled.
“Now we know Him after the flesh no longer.” says Paul.
“Touch me, see that I am ‘flesh and bone’” says the risen Christ. (Not ‘flesh and blood’, — ‘flesh and bone’ — for He shed His blood on the cross.)
Peter and the eleven, thought, “Perhaps His resurrection means the kingdom will be restored to Israel.” But no. It was so much more.
The accomplishments of the cross — turns out — was more than Peter knew. More than anyone knew. Paul reveals to us the most about what the cross accomplishes. But even Paul said “I cannot say.” (See his chat about going to the “third heaven”.)
Seems good to me to say that the cross is God’s timepiece. All time is measured by elements of change.
And at the cross everything changed.
Death’s death began there.
Grace was revealed there.
Love was revealed there.
Truth was revealed there.
When He died, we all died.
When He rose… dare I say it??? We all rose in Him.
Human destiny is entirely dependent on the efficacy of God’s work in Christ’s cross.
Human destiny is entirely dependent on the purpose of God.
The cross reveals the purpose of God.
If you spend a bit of time in Ephesians, 1, 2, and 3… you can see the language of God, to reveal that even the ecclesia, which is His body, was born in the cross of Christ.
Got to go…
8:06 a.m.
Grace to you.

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