The Ace Theological Company’s 95 Theses #62 (?) The Teachings Of The Eons. Part Six: (?) An Open Letter To Those “Freewill” Kids.

Saturday… March 5th, 2022
There should be rain today.
43º right now, 50º high, later today.
It’s warm, relatively.

Good Morning Son or Daughter of God,
I wrote the following riddle to Stacy, the Freewill Chick, yesterday. I thought I’d post it here and riff on it.
The bible has three unique phrases…

  1. The eons of the eons.
  2. The eon of the eons.
  3. The eon of the eon.
    Keep in mind, THIS IS THE WORD OF GOD… we’re talking about… and you are a “teacher of the word of God”… so you should be able to answer this question…
    What is the difference between these THREE PHRASES ?????
    I know that most bibles haphazardly translate all three phrases by the term “FOR EVER AND EVER”.
    But this is the WORD OF GOD, right?
    And if GOD, Himself uses three distinct phrases… what does He mean by each one?
    Remember, the bible says:
    “Study to show thyself approved”…
    “Have a pattern of sound words”…
    “Distinguish the things that differ”…
    And “test the things of consequence”…
    Also, there is an O.T. verse that says “the words of God are refined as by fire seven times”…

So, God is not messing around when He speaks.

Three clear, phrases from the WORD OF GOD… and you can’t use that cheesy, lazy “forever and ever” business.
the word “AND” is not in those phrases…
it’s OF THE… not “and”.
Note the plural and the singular in each phrase.
Now, explain to me the difference.

Hang on… let me check to see if she reply to my post yet.
She replied… it’s kind of long, let’s see if it’s worth pasting here… hang on.
Oh, bother… I don’t know how to respond… so, I’ll paste in here and let’s go over it together… I’ll comment and watch you guys in the side chat to see what you can contribute. It’s insane.
Here we go:
Oops… it did not retain it’s formatting… oh well, let’s work through it. I’ll put my rely in yellow: EXCUSE ME BUT:
REPLY FROM STACY (here in white):
“AceTheo” instructs me to “Keep in mind’
Do you mean to tell me that I CAN keep something in my own mind, even the WISDOM OF GOD? Wow, that means if I am without the wisdom of God I can’t blame anyone but MYSELF for refusing to EMBRACE her when she is being delivered to me…interesting.
EXCUSE ME BUT: Here she is making some vague argument for her beloved freewill teaching. You see, she believes man has a freewill and I believe that God has a freewill.
Also note, the love of human freewill worship is so foremost in her mind that instead of addressing anything I asked of her, she instantly… without a heartbeat… jumps right into a defense of the idea that, according to my vocabulary, I too, must believe that ‘she can’ do it (“keep in mind”) she can of her own freewill ‘keep something in mind’… OK… let’s play that game… can she of her own freewill “keep” anything in mind… other than what’s foremost in her mind????? Hmmm…. Since I ask her to define and explain God’s use of 3 different terms… and she CANNOT venture into that new thought… without defending FREEWILL yet again… I’m thinking her “free” will is not very “free” of binding old habits.
Now, this is not a condemnation of her, as I neither have a “freewill”… my will is bound up by many limitations and constraints and ole habits as well. Only God’s will is free of influence, constraints, causality, etc… as we understand it all… God’s will is not opposable… but man’s will — including Stacy’s will is very opposable… I certainly oppose her will… and obviously God opposes Stacy’s will… that’s why Romans 11:32 says that God locks up Stacy’s will in stubbornness — so that God can be merciful to Stacy. LOL.
Again, towards the end of this paragraph… makes the argument that if a sinner goes to hell, he can only blame himself… I’ve suggested to her before that if a sinner can only blame himself for going to hell, the christian can only praise himself for going to heaven… as praise and blame must come from the same foundational idea.
But, she sticks to the argument that you don’t want to blame God for this messy hell-fire business. And I kind of agree… you don’t want to blame God for endless hell. And how convenient, if we invent a “freewill” doctrine, we can free God of the blame for all this… and place the blame of endless torment back on the shoulders of the poor sucker, sinner, who ends up there.
In her mind, our belief that “all is of God” (Romans 11:36) is horrid. Her focus is on the evil of the world… and not the redemptive power of God. She has repeatedly argued that it would be horrible if God actually saved all those bad people out there who hurt children, etc.
My view is not concerning human actions… but God’s actions — and redemption is clearly one of God’s things… it’s something God does… He redeems. Human dirty action only makes His redemption appear even more dramatic and shining and wonderful.
Keep in mind that — (oops, there I go again, using that phrase “keep in mind” as if I believe in freewill…. Shame on me.) Keep in mind that we claim to believe the Bible is the “word of God” and the Bible says that Paul was the worst of all sinners … and man oh man… should —

——sorry, got kicked out by my weak wi-fi connection or something… so I refilled my coffee while I rebooted.
—— So the Bible says that Paul was the worst of sinners, and that verse comes to mind when I hear someone gasp over whether or not Hitler and all them child molesters are going to be allowed “into heaven”… we’re just not on the same page. I’m looking at the redemptive power of God… and not putting any limits on it from my own mind… at least I’m trying… and the freewill chick instantly grasps for limits…. She’s not seeing what I’m seeing.
Now, I don’t mind if God deals harshly with them there bad, bad, bad, sinners… but what makes the freewill chick think for a minute that she’s actually any different than them???????
Let’s say some child molester shows up before the thrown of God, and has to give an account of himself/herself. — the freewill chick suggest that that one DESERVES ENDLESS HELL…
But what about the freewillers who in their minds CONSIGN MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS TO ENDLESS HELL… including nice fellows who just never bought into her brand of fundamentalist theology ???? Isn’t that mentality as bad as any child molester who merely molests say a dozen children in his short life? She in essence “molests” millions in hell… with her course theology about YOU MUST BELIEVE OR YOU’LL GO TO ENDLESS HELL.
My question is… BELIEVE WHAT?
Believe that Jesus’s work on the cross was merely symbolic but mostly powerless? That it does nothing to save?
Stacy has said… honestly said, that we’re not saved by Christ’s death on the cross. She says we’re saved in His life. And then it got too long and boring to follow after that…
But what I want to know from all these freewillers… is…

Anyway, they do not all translate “forever and ever.”..They translate forever, everlasting, perpetual, forever and ever.

Forever AND ever is to say, both, during the ages AND in the world to come…it’s not a redundant saying, it means something.

I know God isn’t messing around when HE SPEAKS and He is SPEAKING to every single person via HIS BODY so that there are NO EXCUSES on judgment day as to the REASON a man is during this eon is WITHOUT His wisdom, faith, and Spirit.

You have been diverted by the adversary to FIGHT for the EONS rather than for the LOST. I don’t think you understand who the “lost” are. They aren’t children at the zoo that lost sight of their parents and found themselves to be without their parents…they are children that WILLINGLY walked away from God to be WITHOUT Him and do not desire to come home because they FOUND pleasure IN the way of unrighteousness and LOST THEIR MINDS…so, God SENT us counselors, preachers, and teachers to GIVE us good sound advice so we might be PERSUADED to CONSIDER the wisdom of God and if we DO, she will MAKE US WISE and BRING us understanding and faith as a gift of God….KEEP IN MIND that the synagogues, marketplaces, and streets are filled with people that are FILLED with the wisdom of the WORLD which is what MADE them lose their minds and BECOME fools…Acts 17:2 “And Paul, as his manner was, went in unto them, and three sabbath days reasoned with them out of the scriptures,” Acts 18:4 “And he reasoned in the synagogue every sabbath, and persuaded the Jews and the Greeks.”

1 Timothy 1
17 Now unto the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the ONLY WISE God, be honour and glory for ever and ever. Amen.
18 This charge I commit unto thee, son Timothy, according to the prophecies which went before on thee, that thou by them mightest war a good warfare;
19 HOLDING FAITH, and a good conscience; which some having PUT AWAY concerning faith have made shipwreck:
20 Of whom is Hymenaeus and Alexander; whom I have delivered unto Satan, that they may LEARN not to blaspheme.

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