The Ace Theological Company’s 95 Theses #61 The Teachings Of The Eons.

The Ace Theological Company’s
95 Theses #61
The Teachings Of The Eons.
Part Six: How The Savior of The World Is Going To Save The World.

Good Morning Saint of God.
It’s 4:01 a.m. wow.
It’s 52º out there. Planting time.
A high of 63º expected.
Friday… finally.
March 4th, 2022

Ya know, the Bible has some 800,000 words. Apparently that’s not enough to some folks.
So, they come along and invent dozens of new words to add to the bible’s message… words of their own making. And they don’t even see that their own personal made-up words, are effecting and changing the entire story of the Bible.
I’m speaking of words like: “offer”, “chance” “too late” —

As in God’s “offer” of salvation.
As in God gives every sinner a “chance” to be saved.
As in God’s “offer” stands until it’s “too late”…. Then, too bad.
Like a fool, I went over to Bill’s channel of freewillers and so-called “free gracers” … And of course, like a fool, I started DECLARING the good news of what Christ accomplished on the cross — i.e. our salvation, or more specifically THE SALVATION OF ALL. No “offers” no “if’s” no “buts”.
As brother Wildboard taught me… the “gospel” is a declaration. It’s not an “offer”. And that makes perfect sense, as the word GOSPEL means GOOD NEWS… not “good offers”. — it’s funny when you think of it that way.
Imagine this: I’m here to tell you about the “God of good offers”.
And the hearer turns and says, “You interrupted my card game for this????”
So, I went over to Bill’s channel and it was filled to the brim with freewillers and limitarians. And when I began DECLARING the good news, they got very upset. I was asked to leave the live stream after perhaps only 30 minutes of aggravating the hell out of them… with the good news that Jesus died to save all and lo, and behold, He did not fail to save all when He died to save all.
You see, their message and understanding is very dependent on the words “offer” and “chance” and “too late”.
If we want to address each word, let’s start with OFFER.
1. If we preach that God “offers” salvation… we all know intuitively that we’re dealing with a “wheeler dealer”… someone who “makes an offer” … has something to gain. And generally, if he’s going to gain, you’re going to lose. We don’t trust the fella who’s making “an offer”.
But if God saves… and we declare that God saves… we’re like bringing good news, man… good news.
But what’s with this “offer” business????
Check it out… the word OFFER is in the Bible. But, with a bit of care we can see that CHRIST WAS OFFERED TO GOD. And nothing was “offered” to us. The question is… DID GOD ACCEPT CHRIST’S OFFERING OF HIMSELF????
I say YES… and the proof that God accepted the OFFERING of Christ, is that He raised Christ from the dead.
We all know intuitively that an “offer” of salvation comes with strings attached. An “offer” of salvation possibly suggest that God has the weak hand. And that means YOU have the strong hand. And if you listen to these OFFER PREACHERS… you indeed do have the strong hand… as you have an almighty, non-violatable “freewill”.
They are always telling folks, “God is a perfect gentleman and would NEVER violate your ‘freewill’.

… 4:32 a.m. coffee refill time.
Hang on…

4:36 a.m.

God does not “offer” salvation, He saves. Let’s cut to the chase, on this. And those dudes who preach the “offer salvation” are painting God, the creator of all, the Father of all, and the savior of all, in a bad light.

  1. Now let’s look at the word “CHANCE”. To suggest that God gives the sinner a “chance” to be saved, also paints God in a bad light. Man, oh man. When you’re telling a story… and one of the main characters in the story (God?) gives the other main character a “chance” to do something… there’s good tension there…. Story-telling tension. But all the focus is now on the one “offered” a “chance”… not on the giver of the offer, or the chance. The tension lies in the fact that we don’t know the outcome of the story… we’re watching intently… to see if the sucker will take advantage of the “chance” to do thus and so. So, I come along to Bill’s channel and try to tell those guys that God does NOT operate in “chance”… and there is no “chance” to be saved, as SALVATION is the work of God, not the “offer of God or the “chance” of God. And Bill’s people freak out. In essence — they worship man… and man’s freewill… and man’s response to the “offers” of God and… they worship man’s clever ability to take advantage of every “chance” that comes along. Poor God. He wants to save all, but He just can’t. He’s waiting and waiting…. Waiting for man to “accept this offer” business…. Waiting for man to “take a chance” on God’s offer. We’re all hoping against hope that humanity will “do the right thing.” Well… I’m saying forget it… That’s not the right story. I’m saying GOD IS THE SAVIOR. He saves. He needs no one’s permission to save. He saves. I admit that the “tension” belongs to Bill’s people. If you’re with me, and know the “secret” of the evangel, then, the tension is different. We know the outcome. We know that God is the Savior. But we’re still interested in the play nonetheless. We know the outcome because we’re part of the outcome. We’re folded into the story. We’re the “body of Christ.” We’re “the first to hope in Christ”. (KJV) We’re “pre-expectant in the Christ.” (CLNT) We’re “the display of His Grace” to the rulers and authorities among the celestials”.
    1. Now to this word “TOO LATE”.
      We’ve trying to work our way through the Bible’s teaching of the eons. And “too late” is a fine place to pick up our eonian story.
      You see, if you do a concordant study of the scriptures regarding this word AION… you’ll discover there are plenty of problems concerning this word and how it should, or should not be translated.
      So, because most bible translations make a mess of this word (aion) we get a concocted story about how God would like to save humanity, but the “offer” is only extended so far… after that, IT’S TOO LATE.
      And to capture the spirit of the limitarian preachers… allow me to quote in bigger fonts… bigger type…

So, the poor sinner lives no more than 70, 80 years… and then meets his maker. And if during his earthly years… upon meeting his maker… he has not “accepted the offer” of “salvation”… then the great God of heaven shouts — “IT’S TOO LATE” — and it’s off to hell will him.
A biblical study of the word AION should clear up this matter in your mind. Not just any “biblical” study, but a “concordant” study, where you use a concordance to prove to yourself that THIS MEANS THAT.
A concordant study is where you look up every place where the word under consideration appears… and you don’t depend on scholars to define the thing for you… you see it with your own eyes.
A concordant study will break the gaslighting theology of those who say “Don’t believe your lying eyes, believe what I tell you.”

Doing a concordant study, we can see that any punishment meted out by God is “eonian” not “eternal”… meaning it’s a punishment of or concerning God’s eonian times and eonian purpose.
Eternal Punishment: punishment without beginning and without end, is actually a foreign concept in the Bible. TOO LATE, is not there in the Bible.
In the Bible the AIONS (Eons in English) have a beginning and an end. Punishment is eonian. — relieving, huh?
So, there is no such thing as “TOO LATE” in the vocabulary of God. The God of “too late” … is a God who’s options are limited, and must press for a decision.
Like a used car salesman… who makes an “offer”…. And gives you a “chance” to buy the car… he also has to cut the time short, as if you don’t take the “offer”… he must move on to the next sucker. “Too late” is part of the “used car salesmen’s bag of sales tricks”.
Again, this does not paint God in a good light. Bother.
God’s revelation of TIME and ETERNITY is actually a revelation of Himself. Of all the TIME words in the Bible, “eternal” is not one of them.
“Eternal” is not a word found in the Bible. It’s an English word that was invented by Wycliffe when he made the first English bible using a latin translation.
So, “eternal” generally speaking means “without beginning and without end”… So, we can agree that God is “eternal”… but punishment is not. Punishment has a beginning. It begins as soon as the poor sinner is tossed into the proverbial “hell”. So, let’s not call it “eternal punishment”… and if it has a beginning, does it have an end? Oh, why not… !!! After all, in the Bible “AIONS” are said to have a beginning and an end. So, let’s give the poor sinner a break. Let’s say the words TOO LATE are just not in the book of God.
So, how will Jesus, the Savior of the world, save the world?
I say Jesus will have to respect the TIME words actually revealed in the Bible. And since the words TOO LATE are not in the Bible… I suggest Jesus has at least two more AIONS in which to accomplish His work of saving the world.
When the Bible is referring to the final two EONS of time — (GREEK AIONS=ENGLISH EONS) the phrase is “the eons of the eons”… kind of like saying “the holy of holies” … it’s the best eons of all the eons. But all the popular versions of the bible stumble over this expression. They say “for ever and ever”… Completely cheesy. Completely misses the point of God’s revelation.
But it gives ammo to the cheesy idea that “TOO LATE” is part and parcel of the story.
How will the Jesus, the savior of the world, save the world?
Well, He did die to save all. And God did accept His “offering”. And dare we say it’s going to take a while to get the news out and spread all around the world and the universe as well.
Here’s a cool phrase found in God’s book: “in due time”… it’s really there… and doesn’t that answer our query?
In due time… indeed. Hang on, let me find it…. It’s either Ephesians or I TIM…

I found it… I Timothy, 2…
3 for this is ideal and welcome in the sight of our Saviour, God,4 Who wills that all mankind be saved and come into a realization of the truth.5 For there is one God, and one Mediator of God and mankind, a Man, Christ Jesus,6 Who is giving Himself a correspondent Ransom for all (the testimony in its own eras),
“In due time”… actually says “the testimony in it’s own eras.”
Same same..
There are concordant bible teachers who have charted out The eons of God’s plan. And at the moment, I’m going to defer to their work… primarily Adlai Loudy.
But for my purposes here and now… I’m sticking to THE TESTIMONY IN IT’S OWN ERAS. — Give God time… after all, why are you in a hurry… you’re not God, right?
If God wants to save all and does save all at the conclusion of the eons, are you going to be flat out pissed at God?
I hope not.
After all Jesus, the Savior of the world, died for the sins of the world… lot of love there… And the plan and purpose of God would never be left up to “chance”… or a mere “offer”… and certainly no “too late” business would be thrown into the story-line. Mercy.

I love God. I love the story of His eonian purpose. I love His love for all creation. He, after all, is the Creator of all… and the Father of all… and the Savior of all.
Eonian salvation is special and wonderful… but after the eons are concluded… all we have is one word: God. That should answer all questions for us. God !!!
God is love. God is spirit. God is all. And in all.
This story is big. Why limit the story… ???
God is love. God is God. God is all and in all.

5:58 a.m.
Grace to you.
Thanks for joining me.
Bye for now.


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