The Ace Theological Company’s95 Theses #50


5:46 A.M.
Monday, (TGIM) Feb 14th, 2022
30º outside, high of 58º – wow, that’s almost hot.

Good morning Saints,
Good morning Father,

By the way, Father… hope you don’t mind, we’re just gathered here trying to figure you out. You’re a big fat mystery to us, but we’re kind of sweet on you.
So, Saints, like a fool I was hanging out over on the freewill-lovers channel, yet again, yesterday. And I thought I’d have some fun by blasting the thought revealed in Isaiah 45:7 — you know, that beloved verse that says GOD CREATED EVIL… yeah, that one, the one that gets all them christians upset.
As soon as I started quoting that verse to them, they started throwing plates, and food and poop… everywhere, it was a mess.
You see, the truth is, there is only ONE GOD. But the vast majority of religionists have some kind of mythology that there are two gods, battling it out, a “good” God and an “evil” one. And to hear them tell it, that evil dude, the evil God, (they call him Satan)… he wins the biggest number in the end, and the poor ole “good” God… He must be happy with the left-overs.
“Well, I never” (that’s an old Southern phrase, not sure what it means.)
Sure enough… right there in the beloved KJV… you know, the Bible that everyone says is the only-ist one you should be using… in the KJV it say, “GOD CREATED EVIL AND GOOD”… in Isaiah 45:7.
So there.
So, Rev Bill comes along and tells the folks that GOD DID NOT CREATE EVIL…. That the word there for evil should be CALAMITY… and that I should be ashamed of myself for belittling the reputation of God… and all that stuff.
Well, get this… the word EVIL in Isaiah 45:7 is the old Hebrew word RAH… and it’s the very same word you’ll find in the Garden of Eden story, where we have this tree of the knowledge of good and RAH. Same word… so… bite me.
So, God comes along… and He’s got this plan. It’s a big plan. It complicated. At first it’s gonna piss everyone off… but hang on… God’s got this plan.
So, I’m sitting there hanging out with freewill-lovers and you have to know, it’s so fun. They love cookies and all… but they really love human freewill. It’s like they worship human freewill.
They’re all, like, “Look what my freewill did today.”
Anyway… so, in their worship of human freewill, they can’t get beyond — to the idea that “All is out of God” (an actual scripture says that) and that “God is the creator of all” (yes, it says that too) and that “nothing exists apart from Him” (come on, you mean the Bible says that too? Yep.)
So get this… if God creates evil… there goes “Freewill” right out the window.
And if God creates evil, and there is only ONE God… then…”WE GOT THIS WHOLE DANG THING ALL WRONG??? IMPOSSIBLE !!!” — Thats what they be saying between the lines.
But, I’m here suggesting that God has got this plan. And it’s a big plan, and it’s a little complicated at first and it’s going to piss folks off, at first. But hang on.
So, God, with His boy Adam, tricks Him into taking the bait. Adam is a patsy. The fall guy — get it? A double entendre “fall” guy…. LOL.
And Adam, falls for it, takes a bite and now he gets it… he understands GOOD.
Wait… what did you just say Ace? Are you suggesting that Adam was ignorant… ???
Yep, Adam had it good in the Garden but he was a dumb-ass about it all… he did NOT know how GOOD it was there… He could not know. All he knew was good… and you can’t know good, until you have something to compare GOOD to.
You can’t know “good grammar” until you hear bad grammar.
You can’t know “good spelling” until you see someone making a mess of dem dare, words.
I’m telling you boys… good is good. But we sure do need a taste of EVIL to appreciate the GOOD that comes our way.
So, God’s got this plan. (Hinted at in Eph 3:11)
And in His plan, He sets in motion this creative juggernaut and it won’t stop until the prophecy of I COR 15:28 comes about… God being All in All. Hot dog.
So, uncle Bill, gets in a pissing contest with me, and he’s got this big idea that God did not create EVIL…
You see, he’s one of them freewill-worshippers, and if God is ONE and God created both GOOD and EVIL… it’s gonna rob them guys of the glory they think they are going to get by being good boys here on Earth.
But God’s got this plan. And it’s a big plan.
The plan goes backwards as far as the eye can see… and it goes forwards as far as the mind can imagine.
The Bible (PLAN) begins at Genisus 1, verse one, and it ends at I Corinthians 15:28.
But Bible begins with “God creates the heavens and the Earth… and the Bible ends with God being All in All.

6:30 a.m.
Coffee refill… brb.

6:31… a.m… I’m back.

So, let’s go over this JUDGMENT thing.
The freewill-lovers have this story angle that for all those who don’t use their freewill in the right kind of way and join the freewill-lovers club, then they will stand before the so-called “Great White Throne” and be “JUDGED” … and toss like trash into this burn pit, oh… and they’ll not die… they’ll be ever alive in the burn pit…. And too bad for them.
That’s what you get when you don’t know or believe that there is ONE GOD…
You see, under the TWO GOD scenario, it’s a big mess… and the so-called “good” God, has to take out the trash of the “bad” God… and what… ??? Get back to watching heavenly TV???? With no real, satisfying solution for each and every creature the dude brought into being?
Listen… God is one. How many times does the Bible say so?
And, get this… man’s final destiny is not determined by man’s precious little “freewill”… NO, NO, NO, !!!
Man’s origin and destiny is determined by the purpose of God.
These freewill-lovers spend oodles of time defending man’s freewill… but they don’t spend much time at all defending God’s freewill.
Man’s freewill… is NOT free of God’s influence.
But dare we say it… God’s freewill, is free of man’s influence. We can try and try and try all day long to influence the will of God… but, God smiles. Rolls His eyes. He’s got this plan, don’t cha know.
So, this Great White Throne business… It is “white”, right… nice color.
And this JUDGE and JUDGMENT thing… isn’t it the role of the JUDGE and JUDGMENT to makes things right… to set things right?
If we all come to our mom with a boo boo, a skinned knee, and ask for her JUDGMENT, she kisses it and puts a bandaid on it…. THAT IS JUDGMENT, right?
God, at the judgment, is going to make things right. And for Christ’s sake, let’s not forget the role of the cross in all this… Christ’s death on the cross… WAS THE GREATEST JUDGMENT of all. How can these freewill-lovers make such a big to-do over the great white throne, and fail to see that the cross of Christ is a bigger deal. Way bigger.
God is one. God creates evil.
The one who creates evil can just as easily undo evil. And that’s the plan. Once evil has done it’s job of giving us perspective… it cannot hang around.
But the freewiller’s God, apparently is unable to end evil altogether… no… according to them, evil is just as eternal as God. This lake of fire business, is “eternal” according to them. So evil is eternal. It’s just contained to lakeside property.
But what if… evil is temporary? Oh my.
What if evil is part of God’s eonian purpose? Oh my.
(6:52 a.m… the sun’s coming up.)

God is one. It means something. I don’t fully grasp it. But several times, the Bible goes on about GOD IS ONE…
And, Isaiah 45:7 says God creates both good and evil. Makes sense to me. As there is only ONE God, of course He’s the creator of all. Good things as well as hard things.
It’s our job to complain about God’s purpose and plan. Our job is to say “WHY ME?”
LISTEN… figuring out God is largely a pain in the behind. We’re all doing the best we can. And in our efforts to figure out God, we all have to use these metaphors and figures of speech.
When we assign human emotions to God… that ain’t right, exactly. But it’s the best we can do for now. Assigning human emotions to the deity is sketchy.
God is love — (a human emotion)
God’s wrath — (a human emotion)
Now it sure does appear that God deals with His creation in various ways at different times… so, to explain what we’re seeing we might say that God’s anger came upon the people in that day… but it’s figurative language.
Did God love Adam… sure He did. Did His “love” towards Adam change after Adam took a bite? Nah… it did not. For God was not a bit surprised at Adam’s behavior. God was counting on it. God has this BIG plan, don’t cha know. It includes Adam and Christ… two counter weights. (See Romans 5, and I COR 15:20-28)
Does God still love Adam… you bet. Christ’s work on the cross covers Adam. It saves Adam. It brings Adam home.
Thank God for Adam.
Thank God for God.

Grace to you guys. Thanks for looking over my shoulder.
I’ll post this in the first comment, lawd willin’.

7:08 a.m.

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