Good morning saints.
It’s a little after 7 a.m. and it’s still dark outside… but I wanted to share with you some thoughts about some of Paul’s “THROW-AWAY” LINES.
Now, I’m using this phrase (throw-away lines) in the sense that this line is so foundational to the course of the conversation, that why, of course, you get it, it needs no further explanation. It’s almost like an ellipsis — but different.
Here’s how this came up in my mind.
I was on Bruce’s channel last night, (Blessed Bible Fight Club) and Bruce asked me for a scripture that proves the salvation of all. So I gave him (among others) Romans 8:20-21.
Well, Bruce has to go and marginalize the verse by reading the whole dang chapter… all the verses that came before and all the ones that came after… and low and behold, they’re all for “the church” — “the believers” — and Bruce could not see that verses 20-21 were what I might call “THROW-AWAY” lines.
You see, a “throw-away” line (in the movies) is something that is tossed in that is so foundational, so obvious, that only a child would miss it.
Remember the first movie “Star Wars” and Hans Solo is all tired and sweaty, and trying to save the universe, and Princess Leah says to him “I love you.” — A touching moment to be sure.
What was Solo’s response? He says “I know.”
It was a “throw-away” line. A foundational line to the whole story plot. Solo was saying-showing he couldn’t be bothered with this “love” business, he has a universe to save, and so forth.
“I know” indeed.
Well… Paul has to write and tell the saints about many things concerning daily life, church life, how to deal with the cares of life, etc. And in the mist of telling Titus about how to pick and groom elders and supervisors in the ecclesia… Paul throws in this:
(Hang on, let me check that…)
It’s in chapter 2…
11 For the saving grace of God made its advent to all humanity,
I was trying to get Bruce to see that Romans 8:20-21 is a fine verse to see and realize the BIG PICTURE of God. But he is so distracted by all the minutia of the chapter, he doesn’t see this FOUNDATIONAL “throw-away” line.
But Paul lays them all over— I Tim 2:4, I TIM 4:10, Eph 1:20, Romans 11:36, II COR 5:18-19, and so forth. They’re laying all around.
And they are foundational to “believing God” … you see.
Now, if you’re inclined to believe man’s traditions, you’ll overlook the importance of these great lines.
(Like a kid who hears Han Solo, and doesn’t know the importance of “I know”.)
Several weeks ago on this channel, we (or “I”) tried to make a joke by saying “Hey, let’s start a mime with the hashtag “#I DON’T KNOW” … based on Martin Zender’s drawing of the Freewill Chick saying “I DON’T KNOW WHY OTHERS DON’T CHOOSE CHRIST LIKE I CHOSE CHRIST”…
It’s such a funny cartoon.
So, if we could ever get a “hashtag” going like “I don’t know”… then we should also get another one going call “I know”.
One is from the Freewill Chick, the other from Han Solo.
So, this line from Titus…
… is really the core of all that we believe, and hope for. Right?
Who is “the saving grace of God”???
It’s the Son of His love, right?
It’s our Lord and savior, right?
And when Paul says it made it’s advent, are we going to marginalize that? Or rejoice in it?
Of course the “#I don’t know” people are going to say, it doesn’t mean anything that the saving grace of God has made it’s advent… they are going to say, the only thing that means anything is WHETHER OR NOT YOU REPOND TO IT IN THE RIGHT KIND OF WAY.
See what I mean about “throw-away”…?
It goes right over the head of most.
Oh, let’s go and quote Romans 8:20-21…
20 For to vanity was the creation subjected, not voluntarily, but because of Him Who subjects it, in expectation21 that the creation itself, also, shall be freed from the slavery of corruption into the glorious freedom of the children of God.
It’s a stand-alone verse, it can fit into Paul’s teaching most anywhere… and he tosses it in here? Yes, right in the middle of yakking about other things exclusive to the believers… Paul reveals “THE BIGGER PICTURE”… (READ THAT IN A DEEP MOVIE COMMENTATOR’S VOICE)
“that the creation itself” So God cares for the believers, but He also cares for the whole creation, get it? And has plans for both.
Han Solo’s two words had so much hidden inside them… like “I’m busy now” or “Let’s about this later” etc. It’s a throw away line… and carries a lot of weight.
“Creation” is a mighty big word, right?
“Believers” is a mighty special word, right?
But you don’t want to conflate the two.
You want to believe BOTH.
God is the savior of all (I TIM 4:10)
And God is especially the savior of Believers (I TIM 4:10).
We want to believe both. Right?
It’s just flat out — trying to think of a word that not too harmful… let’s try IMMATURE… not to see the import of Paul’s throw-away lines. Nothing makes sense without them. You must have a foundation of these lines, or the minutia makes no sense.
God is the savior of all. (I TIM 4:10)
All will be reconciled through the blood of the cross. (COL 1:20)
Every knee will bow. (Phil 2:5-11)
All will be headed up in the Christ (Eph 1:10)
God will be all in all. (I COR 15:28)
And of course…
“The saving grace of God has made it advent to all humanity”… (TIT 2:11) — I love this passage.
Don’t tell me that the power of the “saving grace” of God… lies in man and man’s correct response.
If the “saving grace of God” does not save… then the verse would say something like:
“Humanity had better respond in the right kind of way, or there’s hell to pay.” — or some cheap quip like that.
But NO — THE SAVING GRACE OF GOD (we believe this to be a true thing, our opposers doubt this little phrase) HAS MADE IT’S ADVENT (we must be talking about Christ’s work on the cross, right, what else could it be? It’s a foundational idea through all of Paul’s letters.. remember: He humbled Himself, and became obedient even to the death of the cross — from Phil 2:5-11) TO ALL HUMANITY… don’t try to tell me that the SAVING GRACE OF GOD is merely a tease… it’s merely a “possibility” .. it’s an “offer” — like a TV pitchman.
This ADVENT has to be a powerful word.
It has to be an efficacious word.
It has to overwhelm our itty bitty minds, hearts and objections. Like the rising sun’s ADVENT changes everything with light and warmth… THIS IS WHY WE BELIEVE.
It’s not that our belief made the sun rise… NO, the sun made it’s advent and it’s changing every thing.
I hope these thoughts help you believe God… and see that the “throw-away” lines are so very special.
Grace to you.
P.S… the phrase “BELIEVE GOD” shows up in TITUS 3:8… it’s kinda of “throw-away” line. The opposite of “believe God”… is to believe the traditions and myths of man. (Also discussed in Titus.)

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