We’ve had some opposers lately…
And I’ve noticed over the years that those guys who say “God ain’t gonna save everybody”… almost never starts with GOD.
They tend to say “Not everyone will be saved.”
Get it… they don’t start with God.
Whereas, those of us who “believe God” (a hint towards “Abraham believes God”) — We most always start by saying…

And it’s a powerful thought.
The freewill gang, tends to worship man and man’s participation in the whole thing… so they say. “Not everyone will be saved”….
But they never say “God ain’t gonna save all.”
They can’t start their supposition with “GOD”….
It would tend to blow their cover.
If GOD is the savior, who are you to tell Him who He can or cannot save. I hear through the grapevine that He is the savior of SINNERS… GET IT?
God is the savior of all… might better hint that ALL are sinners, and that’s exactly WHO God saves.
Our opposers don’t know it but they worship the creature rather than the Creator. (See Romans 1:25)
Oh, how humbling to approach this whole thing with a view of God… and not overreach with the importance of man’s response or “responsibility.”
You’ll note that the word “responsibility” is just not in the Bible. … ain’t that something?
Any way… grace to you. We’ll do a live show later this morning, Lord willing.

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