The “Daily Purpose” of God.

The “Daily Purpose” of God. notes made on my youtube channel called “ace theo”.

Ok, Good Morning.
Friday, Dec 3, 2021
7:20 a.m.

Grace to you.

First of all give me a “typewriter check”?
Just trying to make a joke… on my daily asking for a “sound check”… but on these typing shows, I ain’t saying much, so there.

  1. I wanted to think aloud with you about THE PURPOSE OF GOD.
  2. And I wanted to call this show the “daily” purpose of God. And the reason is, so that I can tell ya… There is no such thing as “the daily purpose of God”.
  3. The word “PURPOSE” is too special.
    4.( side note: Sterling, can hear the keys, making me smile.)
  4. The word PURPOSE is too special in the vocabulary of God to be messing around with. In Ephesians 3:11… we have the wonderful phrase “GOD’S EONIAN PURPOSE”…. And along comes those “real spiritual guys” like Gene Edwards, and Witness Lee… and maybe even the Plymouth Brethren guys… and they concoct some story about “GOD’S ETERNAL PURPOSE” … and their made up story is that they (their group of christians) will “rule” and “reign” with Christ as “his bride”… and rule FOREVER… and tough luck for the rest of us.
  5. Well… thankfully, God does not use the phrase “eternal purpose” in His book.
  6. Now, we may talk about GOD’S PURPOSE and we may talk about GOD’S EONIAN PURPOSE… but NO… God’s purpose cannot be “eternal” and nor can it be “daily”….
  7. God’s purpose, as I understand it, is to bring humanity along, in all kinds of ways to prove to humanity that we are nothing without Him. And, as I see it, that purpose takes a LONG time to pull off, therefore, can cannot correctly speak of a “daily” purpose. God cannot teach us all these things in a day.
  8. So… God “eonian” purpose is mentioned in Ephesians 3:11… and He creates these eons of time… and within these eons… He maps out some 12 different ways in which He deals with humanity. You can count the ways if you go over to the site and find the DIVINE CALENDAR …
  9. Some of the ways listed on that calendar … are 1. God deals with humanity in a manner of innocence with Adam in the garden… And this and that… and we get to God dealing with mankind in a manner of human rule, when Israel ask for a “king”…. And we get LAW, and we get the Son of God showing up in Judea, and we get a Pentacostal era… and now GRACE and soon, the Son of God will absolutely RULE on Earth… for 1,000 years… and sure looks like all 12 ways that God sets things up come to ruin. Including the 1,000 year reign of Christ. All except God’s dispensation of GRACE…. THAT IS THE ONLY ONE WITH A PERFECT TRACK RECORD… As it has very little to do with us… expect we are the recipients of God’s sweet favor.
  10. So… we have these 3 phrases… before us…
    (God’s eternal purpose)
    (God’s purpose) and
    (God’s daily purpose)
  11. And I’m here to suggest that we can’t use the word DAILY nor the word ETERNAL when we trying to get these matters straight in our minds… Here’s why:
  12. There are some books out there that you can buy, and they are kind of like “daily devotionals”… you open one up and read some inspiring little thing each and every day… and you might entitle it “GOD’S DAILY PURPOSE… but don’t do that… yikes… it’s awful, I tell you. It’s an abuse of the word PURPOSE. If you have such a book, it’s still “all about you”… and your effort to crack open the book and read and mediate on that one little spiritual verse or thought. And that may be YOUR purpose… but God’s “purpose” is so much bigger. It concerns His Son, it concerns all humanity, it concerns all creation. His purpose cannot be made to be tripe.
  13. Now, when I was first thinking on these things… three sips of coffee ago… I was thinking it might be harmless enough to talk about “the daily purpose of God”… and put it on context of a daily devotional thingy… But it just seems awful to me… now.. The purpose of God… is such a wonderful concept to dive into… let’s not ruin it.
  14. God’s loving purpose… how about that for a phrase???? Now we’re talking.
    16… a purpose has a beginning, a middle and an end. So, “eternal” does not work… and “daily” is too rushed. So, we may talk about “God’s purpose” and we MUST consider that in God’s purpose is God’s own sweet timing, all by itself.
  15. And by the way… God’s purpose is to be found in I COR 15:20-28… and Romans 8:20-21… and Ephesians 1:10.
  16. I have asked many “christians” What Is The Purpose of God? And you should see the confused look on their faces… every one of them, talks in circles. But graciously, we can know, and understand these things. But not by going down the usual roads of christian experience and understanding. Gonna take some Unlearning. And then some learning.

Grace to you…
Thanks for spending some time with me over morning coffee.

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