Gas lighting is where you are trying to drive someone crazy… and you tell them “DON’T BELIEVE YOUR LYING EYES, BELIEVE WHAT I TELL YOU.”
If someone is GASLIGHTING you they are the ultimate in manipulators.

Let me show you.
The freewiller says “God is a perfect gentleman and would never, ever force you to do anything you don’t want to do.” What bull shit.
God puts us in situations all the time that we don’t want to be in. We’re born mortal, right? That sucks.
And so, the freewiller says “God will not force you to become a christian…” they only say that because they are not honest students of God’s word.
By the way what exactly is FORCE?
Isn’t everything a “FORCE”… hunger is a force… thirst is a force… desire is a force…. thirst for truth is a force.
The insistent freewiller will blather on about how if God “forces” you to become a believer, then that is akin to rape. — boo hoo.
So they insist that God use wine, roses and a steak dinner… and a limo ride to win you over? Aren’t wine, roses and a steak dinner a kind of “force” ???
God uses all kinds of FORCE to get what he wants. He used an ass to talk to Balaam… years ago.
That’s a weird FORCE, agreed?
God was not a “perfect gentleman” with Saul on the road to Tarsus. Hell no. There was lots of FORCE going on there.
Gaslighting christians have an agenda, I tell you.
In fact I think the NAME of God in the original languages of the Bible means FORCE… NAME or TITLE… not sure which… but ELOHIM means SUBJECTOR right? What is that but FORCE.
Now, I’m not here giving a defense of rape or anything of the kind… I’m telling you that God is FORCE… and there is no such thing as human freewill. We all have to deal with all kinds of FORCES in our lives all the time.
Stub your toe… THAT’S A FORCE TO DEAL WITH . And it effects you, right?
We better hope that God does not run the universe according to man’s silly “freewill” that would surely end in disaster.
The greatest FORCE in the universe happened on Calvary’s hill… The cross of Christ and His resurrection from the dead… NOW THAT’S FORCE.
AND it’s a force that will and has rippled throughout the the universe. Not one creature in heaven and earth will be unaffected by the cross.
“The firstfruits of them that slept” — says Paul.
Freewillers actually “worship the creature rather than the creator” but one day God will bring them all out of their stupor.
One day every knee will bow. — Wait a minute… I have quoted that verse to freewillers before (Phil 2:9 every knee will bow) and they suggest that that doesn’t count because “it’s too late” — thus, that would be a “forced bowing” … too late.

But every knee will bow TO THE GLORY OF THE FATHER. The word GLORY means HIGH OPINION. So, every being will have a high opinion of God. They will bow the knee to the Father’s GLORY.

The freewiller’s shameful version of endless hell brings no glory to God. And no knee will bow to His glory… all bowing will be “forced” and it’s an ugly scene.

But it’s GASLIGHTING I tell you.

Christ’s accomplishments on the cross will reach the far ends of the universe. Every knee will bow. Every tongue will acclaim. Oh my.

I used to think like a freewiller. And I think it results in two wildly different emotions.

  1. It leads to PRIDE… in that YOU, of your own “freewill” chose to believe the so-called “good news” and so you’re going to heaven and the rest of the slobs are going to hell… ‘cause you were smart enough to do the right thing with your freewill.
  2. And if you care a whit about your fellow man, you’ll feel a burden on your shoulders, worried about their eternal plight … how can you sit there in a restaurant watching them eat their food and not YELL OUT… REPENT OR YOU’LL GO TO HELL…. If their version of things is true.

But… it’s not true. God is the savior of all mankind. Especially but not exclusively of believers.

Back to SAUL before he became PAUL… whole lotta FORCE went on there in Acts 9.

Knocked him off his horse. Blinded him. Scared him.

Gentleman, my ass. The living Christ has to show him what for. And thankfully so.

Paul (Saul) was a hard ass. No gentlemanly message was getting through to him. So… God set a pattern in Paul. (See I TIM where Paul says God wills to save all and used his stubbornness as a pattern to prove it’s gonna happen).

God is not a perfect gentleman. God is full of force and power. He drowns ‘Gyptians. He blinds apostles. He causes the sun and the rain to fall on all—good and bad, rich and poor… you better believe God is all about force.

If God ran the world based on our freewill desire… what a real mess it would be.

Instead God is running the whole universe based on hIs purpose. His eonian purpose. Sweet.

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Grace to you.

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