AND here let me illustrate this part of my argument by introducing a story, for whose truth I vouch, to show how practical these considerations really are. In a certain quarter of London, one of the many evangelists employed for the purpose, had gone forth to preach to the people. When he had concluded an eloquent address, he was thus accosted by one of his hearers: “Sir,” said the man, “may I ask you one or two questions?” “Surely,” said the preacher. “You have told us that God’s love for use is very great and very strong.”
“That He sent His Son on purpose to save us, and that I may be saved this moment, if I will.”
But, that if I go away without an immediate acceptance of this offer, and if a few minutes after I were to be by any accident killed on my way home, I should find myself in hell for ever and ever.”
“Then, “ said the man, “if so, I don’t want to have anything to do with a being Whose love for me can change so completely in five minutes.”

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