1. Have a pattern of sound words — Paul. The so-called doctrine of the trinity depends way too much on made up lingo: “triune”, “three-in-one”, “god the son” etc.
  2. When you liberally add in all kinds of made up lingo, you’re going to have foggy notions about God and God’s purpose.
  3. A. E. Knoch said “You cannot have clear thoughts without a clarified vocabulary.”
  4. The trinity argument actually is a GREAT DISTRACTION from the cross and what was accomplished there.
  5. In fact, I’d argue that the trinity doctrine tends to deny what happened on the cross.
  6. Paul says “God was in Christ” — II Cor 5. — If trinity is true, why bother saying that?
  7. Christ is the firstborn of creation — Colossians 1:16?
  8. Christ is God’s creative original — found somewhere in Revelation. Don’t make me look it up. … when I was fresh in the faith, I ask the pastors about this trinity thing. They basically said “Just keep coming back to church kid, you’ll understand it all soon enough.” — Meaning, keep coming back and paying tithes. You’ll forget about it.

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