There’s something about LOVE being joined at the hip with ANNOYANCE and FRUSTRATION.

You cannot LOVE someone without ANNOYING THEM.
The father loved that prodigal son… ‘cause he ran off and spent the family fortune… TOTALLY ANNOYING.
If you remember that old TV show (The Andy Griffith Show) with Sheriff Taylor and Deputy Barney Fife. — Well… Barney was a TOTALY SCREW UP on the show, always causing everyone trouble… he was a gossip, a busybody, weak-minded, a total drama queen, even though he was a man.
Don Knotts played the character Barney Fife perfectly.
Well, Mr. Knotts quit the show after 4 or 5 years because he was told that this was the final season. He quickly picked up a few contracts to make movies…so when the producers of The Andy Griffith show changed their mind and continue the series… they had to do it without the Barney Fife character.
Lo and behold… the ratings went to hell.
Turns out everyone tuned in to see what crazy crap Barney was going to get into next.
Deputy Barney was the character EVERYONE LOVED TO HATE.

We need annoying people in our lives. We love to be annoyed.
If the annoying one walks away… we chase them down the street.

Maybe that’s why God loves us — cause we annoy Him.
He certainly annoys us.

My Freewill Chick annoys me. She’s got the theology of a 12-year old. It always starts with I, I, I, — it’s all about her. And her freewill.

God locks up all together in stubbornness. (Romans 11:32)
God is certainly stubborn. I guess we’re like him.

Hopefully, I’ve annoyed you all, today.
Grace to you. All of you.


Sorry, but who is this freewill chick if i may ask. It’s really weird to see you talk to someone evedy day that’s not even here, I assume.


Hanna, the Freewill Chick is your typical evangelical — making the argument that no one was saved by Christ’s work on the cross… but you “must believe”… and it is your “belief” that saves you. As I see it, she does not believe God, she believes in her belief.
She has an endless supply of bible verses that demand you must do thus and so to be saved. As I see it, God is the savior. Not man and man’s freewill.
Here on Martin’s channel, we (generally) have two filters by which to understand God’s purpose.

  1. The bible must be translated CONCORDANTLY. In other words, each word must be translated in a none-confusing way. For example: HELL could represent 3 different Greek New Testament words- Not good. And the Greek word AION could be represented by “eternal”, “age” or a number of other words. Not good. So if you use the Concordant Literal New Testament… you’re ahead of the game.
  2. It also helps to filter the messages through the lens of Paul vs. the other bible writers. Paul is the gentiles apostle.
    The Freewill Chick, does not use these filters. So she can be slippery and hard to pin down on meaning and understanding.
    If you don’t have any filters, you can use the Bible like a magic ouija board. And create any ole crap you want. And it looks real. But it’s not.
    Does that answer your questions?

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