I’VE BEEN THINKING ABOUT THE “GLORY” of God, ever since I stumbled on Romans 6:4 … where it says God raised Christ though the glory of the Father.

“even as Christ was roused from among the dead through the glory of the Father…”

What does this mean… Yes, Christ was raised… by some power… but that power is called “glory”… and it wasn’t just some random “glory of God” reference… it was THE GLORY OF THE FATHER… more intimate than just “the glory of God”… and THAT’S what raised Christ… Hmmmm. What is going on here?

So, according to the concordant definition (CLNT) of “glory” — it has something to do with a HIGH OPINION.

So the Father of our Lord, had a HIGH OPINION of Christ’s scary work on the cross… and that HIGH OPINION coming from the Father… is what roused Him (Christ) from death’s grip.

So, God was watching every move Christ made???
He didn’t stop the cross???
And once the deed was done… THE FATHER (Not just “God”) — THE FATHER had a HIGH OPINION of the matter… He understood. It was finished as they say on the cross. So, The Father steps in, and raises His Boy from the dead.

Oh my God,
this verse is pregnant.

POST SCRIPT: If “glory” means “high opinion”… then it’s the opposite of embarrassment or shame. So, God is not embarrassed at the work of Christ on the cross. Sounds like Paul’s evangel, doesn’t it?

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