Reply To The “Freewill Chick” Regarding The “Gospel of Christ Jesus”

Congratulations– for the first time in all our discussions, I feel you are getting close to the truth with this post.
The kinsman-redeemer is an important teaching. You’re right, Paul is a slave for us.
You’re right, there is something to this “mystery” thing that needs to be explored. (The concordant word is “secret”– why? Because a “secret” can be known — a “mystery” not so much.

And regrading the difference between universal salvation and “the gospel of Christ Jesus”…

  1. I’m not sure about this term: “gospel of Christ Jesus” — I know that Paul is the only one in the New Testament to use the term “Christ Jesus”.
    But there is no reference to the “gospel of Christ Jesus”. If you use that term you’re being sloppy.
    You may talk about the “Gospel of God”, the “gospel of grace”, the “gospel of Christ”, “my gospel” etc. but not the “gospel of Christ Jesus”.
  2. Universal salvation is taught in the scriptures. And so is “the gospel of our salvation”… but they are not the same thing. They might overlap. The do compliment each other. But they are not the same thing.
  3. Sin and death are universal — brought to us by the one act of the first man: Adam. (See Romans 5:18-19)
  4. Life, justification and grace are also universal – and more so. Brought to us by the one act of the last Adam: Christ. (See Romans 5:15-19
  5. Where sin did abound… grace did so much more.

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