Creation Has Begun, But It is By No Means Finished Yet.

Creation is not done yet… it has begun, but is by no means finished. God has an eonion purpose (Eph 3:11)… Not everything happens at once. Salvation needs to be set up… with sin and evil to show a contrast. Otherwise, we could not appreciate it all.
Adam had it “good” in the garden, but he did not know it UNTIL he was kicked out.
In a sense, we were saved by Christ’s work on the cross… in another sense, we won’t be saved until death is abolished (I COR 15:25)
There are 5 eons in God’s eonian purpose.
We are in the 3rd eon of time right now. Paul calls it “the wicked eon”. There are two more eons to go before all is complete.
Are you trying to rush things along?
Trust God.
There’s still a lot of stuff to go through.

REGARDING the “goats” in Matt 25… they are NATIONS, not individuals… Matt 25 is a national judgment, not an individual affair.
Matthew is for and about the Jews and the promised Kingdom to them.
We as the church, which is His body have a different calling. Our lot is among the celestials. (sp?)
The key to fitting the whole picture together lays in Paul’s writings. The rest of the Bible is for, about and written to the Jews, concerning the Earthly Kingdom.
God’s purpose (Eph 3:11) is the be all in all.

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