The Freewiller Believes in His Own Freewill.

The freewiller does not believe or trust God.
He knows it’s very dangerous to do that.

Sure God got things started with creation and all… but obviously things went wildly wrong.
Evil, sin, satan, so many things.
The freewiller looks at these things and knows for sure that God is not in ultimate control. That what God is really doing these days is DAMAGE CONTROL. — Not “ultimate control”.
Therefore, the freewiller MUST use his own freewill to ensure the best possible outcome for himself. He must freely “believe” — or all is lost.

So the freewiller freely “believes” his belief will ensure his own salvation.
After all, everyone knows “God is the perfect gentleman” and would never use “force” “causality” or “influence” on someone against their will.
So, the freewiller uses the power of his own freewill to maximize his chances of happiness, success and eternal life in heaven.

The freewiller must use his freewill to make the right choices in life, decide correctly which path to take, determine for himself the final outcome.

No question about it.

Never mind that the scripture says…

  1. All is out of, through and for God.
  2. It is not of him that willeth.
  3. God locks up all in stubbornness.
  4. That God operates all things after the council of his own will.
  5. That God gives life and breath and all to all.
  6. etc.

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