The Prayer Of The Freewiller

Originally posted to Stacy, the freewill chick.

Two Gods battling it out… one good… one evil… and the evil god wins the biggest number in the end.
The good god gave them all a chance… but nooooo… they refused his “offer”… they took the wrong path… and they must be punished forever. Stupid earthlings. Stupid bad god.
Yes, the good god wins over only a few, but it will have a happy time for him and the few… never mind that billowing smoke spoiling the view forever and ever and ever.
Why can’t every one see it???
Sure glad I made the right choice.
I’m not like those fools over there, I pray twice a day… three times a day if I’m not too busy.
I believe the right things. I do the right things. God sure is lucky to have me.
Let’s go see what nonsense Zender and Jones have to say today.

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