Modern day “christians” will tell you that it’s all about “freewill”. They say God is going to send you to hell, if you don’t use your “freewill” in the right kind of way and become a good, bible believing christian.
It’s shallow thinking, really. The “freewill-endless hell” thing is really not very clever at all. Any school kid can’t make up a scary story like that.
They (the christians) tell you it all started in the garden of Eden, when God told Adam NOT to eat of the forbidden fruit and God would not have told him, if Adam could not really have obeyed.— So, God gave Adam a so-called “freewill”, ya see.

Well…. I don’t think so… for the following 10 reasons.

  1. The first clue we have that this is a set-up is the very fact that God TOLD Adam NOT to eat of that one tree. That’s totally reverse-psychology. That’s like saying to someone, DON’T THINK ABOUT YELLOW COWS — what are they going to think about but “yellow cows”. You see, the mind cannot process a negative, but of course God knew this, right? It was a set-up. (See Romans 5:20)
  2. Next, if God really did not want Adam to eat of the “forbidden fruit” — why not put the apple tree in Florida, or Kansas… anywhere but right there in middle of the Garden, within eye site? It was a set-up.
  3. If God really did not want them to eat of the forbidden fruit… why put the “crafty snake” in the garden to call attention to the fruit? Yak, yak, yak, about the forbidden fruit… why couldn’t God have made a non-talking snake? It was a set-up.
  4. So, of course after all that yakking by the snake about the forbidden fruit… Eve thought to her self…
  7. AND BY EATING IT, YOU’LL GAIN WISDOM-KNOWLEDGE (something about knowing good and evil). It was a set-up.
  8. Next, the snake lied to them, saying “YOU WON’T REALLY DIE” if you eat of it. — And who doesn’t want immortality, right? It was a set up.
  9. (Keep in mind, this business of “you won’t really die” was actually the first lie told in the bible. After they ate the forbidden fruit, the dying process began in them, they became “mortal”… and did really did grow old and die. This “you won’t really die” is still to this day, a LIE told by every major religion out there. They now call it “the immortality of the soul”. But it’s a lie. The bible says elsewhere “the soul that sinneth it shall die.” (EZK 18:20) So, the soul is not immortal. And yes, Adam and the woman started down the mortal road on the day they ate of the fruit. Forbidden fruit, that is.
  10. So, his woman was deceived and ate the fruit… she offers the same forbidden fruit to Adam… NOW WHAT? That’s just not fair… this is a total SET-UP. I tell you the pressure is mounting. Adam’s not going to lose the one creature in the whole world that was made just for him. Of course he’s going to take that fruit from her hand and join her—eat it.
    There is no way anyone in his right mind would say that Adam had a “FREEWILL” in this story. His will was all tangled up in a complicated situation. His will was not “free” of influence, “free” of peer pressure, “free” of causal factors. NO.
    Adam’s will was ENTANGLED, not “free”.

HOWEVER, wisdom smiles at this story.
For, Romans 11:36 tells us that All is of God.
And, Romans 5:20 tells us God gave the law that sin might increase.
And, Isaiah 45:7 says God created both good and evil.

Of course this was a SET-UP.
God actually wanted Adam to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Adam was ignorant. He had it “good” in the garden, but he did not know it. All knowledge is a comparative thing.
You cannot know something is GOOD until you know something else is EVIL.
It would make sense for God to want Adam to appreciate everything… and for Adam to love God and know that God is “good” — But how is Adam going to know that “God is good” until Adam gets to know a big taste of “evil” — The garden and the tree was a set-up.

Thank God that Adam sinned and ate of the tree.
It caused a world of hurt and turmoil.
But sin and death are pre-requirements for salvation.
Salvation would have very little meaning for us, were it not for Adam’s sin and the resulting death we all face.
“For even as in Adam, all die, so in Christ shall all be made alive. (I COR 15:22)

There is no “freewill” in the story of Adam and Eve and the garden and the forbidden fruit and the snake. Not a drop of “freewill”.
It was all a set-up.
Some powerful forces were in play to move Adam along to the true goal… so that we all can appreciate the saving work of God’s Son on the cross 2,000 years ago.
The first Adam ruined everything.
The last Adam, more than restores everything.
See I Corinthians 15:45.

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