Ya know how Christians tell us that you must believe, repent, be born again, etc… or you’re going to hell???
And so… if you do make it to heaven, you’re supposedly in a GREAT PLACE, FULL OF LOVE AND HAPPINESS..???

WELL… stick with me here, ‘cause I have a question.

What if, once we get all settled down in heaven, we remember an old loved one, or family member, or friend… WHO DID NOT MAKE IT TO HEAVEN… wouldn’t we be SAD in heaven?

Or does God dull our minds?
Or does God pass out some powerful drugs… so we’ll never think of our loved ones again… ever… for ever AND ever???

Because… it seems to me… if we could think about those we loved who did not make it to heaven… then heaven would be hell, right?

There are plenty of people that I love… women, men, relatives, neighbors, some who died tragically, some I love but have never met, (like great names from history).

And if I’m in heaven, and they are not… how is God going to keep me from thinking of them, and longing for them???

How is God going to stop this nightmare? Drugs? Dulled, stupefied minds?

Somehow “Party on dude”, doesn’t seem so appealing right about now.

Thank God we’ve discovered I TIM 4:10… that God is the savior.
In fact, God is the savior of all.
Yes, He is especially the savior of believers,
But not exclusively.
We’re just going to have to trust Him about this matter.
Otherwise, heaven will be hell, guaranteed. Or your money back.

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