14 Points About Freewill, that “Freewill Chick” did not consider:

I’ve thought about this topic a bit. And I have concluded that it’s best to leave the whole business of “man’s freewill” alone. Why?
1. Because “freewill” is not a term the bible uses.
2. But the bible often talks about “God’s will”.
3. Why, oh why, would we talk about man’s so-called “freewill” and never talk about God’s will???
4. One of the GREATEST verses you’ll ever find about GOD’S WILL… is I TIMOTHY 2:4… “God wills to save all mankind”.
5. When you spend so much time yakking about man’s will, glorifying man’s will, preaching man’s will… you get to I TIM 2:4 and you freak out… you suddenly change “will” to “desire” and you cut the huevos off of God and make it so, He can’t do what He wants to do… He’s stuck… Poor God… “He desires to save all but He can’t, ’cause man’s BIG, BAD, “FREEWILL” won’t let Him.”
6. Man does not have a “free” will… that is… free of influence, free of causal factors, free of peer pressure… NO. NO. NO… Only God’s WILL is truly free of outside forces.
7. Man’s will is totally in bondage…
…see Romans 8:20 “For to vanity was the creation subjected, not voluntarily,”
…see Romans 9:11 For, not as yet being born, nor putting into practice anything good or bad, that the purpose of God may be remaining as a choice, not out of acts, but of Him Who is calling,
… see Romans 9:16… it is not of him who is willing, nor of him who is racing, but of God, the Merciful.
…See Romans 11:32 For God locks up all together in stubbornness, that He should be merciful to all.
8. You see, dear Freewill Chick, God is doing all this, subjecting all creation to vanity, choosing some before they were born, before they did anything good or bad, He does not care how much you WILL or RACE toward Him, it’s still OF HIS MERCY, and He LOCKS ALL UP IN STUBBORNNESS. But why? So that He might have mercy on all. Ain’t that cool?
9. And get this… GOD’S WILL… is something God is doing. It’s not that God’s will is something He might WISH that we’d do for Him… He doesn’t need our help. God’s will is something God is doing or will do.
10. Man’s will is so easy to influence. We are influenced by our hair, our parents, our nationality, the bad pizza we ate last night, — we just don’t, don’t, don’t have a “free” will.
11. There was a man of God, years ago, who wrote a book called THE BONDAGE OF THE WILL.
12. There is a post over here that Paul was not “freewill” guy either: https://acetheologicalco.wordpress.com/2020/10/11/proof-from-romans-that-paul-was-no-freewill-baptist-preacher/
13. Do you know how many times the bible says GOD HARDENED PHARAOH’S HEART??? I think 9 times. It’s been a while since I looked it up. 9 times!!! How did Pharaoh’s heart get hard??? God hardened it. Wow.
14. The word “freewill” sounds nice but it’s really a shallow word, and folks who glorify man’s will have not thought much about the matter.
Grace to you.

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