@{KISStheSON}  … wow… such a long reply…
you said… “we need to believe that Christ died for our sins“… But did He?
I can’t tell from your reply.
(Someone once said “let your yes be yes, and your no be no.”)
If He did (die for our sins) the only “need” for us to believe, is to align ourselves with something that is objectively true.
Like, water is wet, fire is hot, gravity will pull you out of that tree if you’re not careful… things that are objectively true, are true whether or not we “believe” them.
So, if Christ died for our sins, then sin is no longer a problem, objectively speaking, right?
If sin is a problem, then Christ died for nothing, and my belief in His death for my sins is nothing more than a subjective superstition.
You seem to be constantly saying, “Christ died for your sins, but it’s not enough, you must complete what is not complete, you must fill in the void, you must make real what is not real.”
At the moment, I’m inclined to believe that Christ died for my sins, even though you keep telling me it’s no good unless I use my freewill to get it all together… because I can’t rely on Christ’s accomplishments alone.

“He died once for all”
“He died for our sins”
“He is the savior of the world”
“If one died for the sake of all, all died”
“One who has died is justified from sin”
“All were created in Him”
“All will be reconciled to Him”
“In Him all will be vivified”
“God will be All… in all”

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