“THESE SIGNS SHALL FOLLOW THEM” indeed (Mk 16:17-18)…

“THESE SIGNS SHALL FOLLOW THEM” indeed (Mk 16:17-18)…
What a keen insight Dwayne Brother… very good.
In the 1970’s I was hanging out in the so-called “charismatic” christian movement.

And sure enough, we loved “signs” and “miracles”… all our leaders from Katherine Kulhman to Oral Roberts were hot on those “signs”… well… somewhere about 1975 or so, I dawned on me that all of the “signs” like raising the dead and making the lame to walk always happened 3 years earlier or 3,000 miles away… so you could never really verify it.

I found my way out of the “charismatic” movement shortly thereafter.
I got into Watchmen Nee, then the Gene Edwards home church movement, then I found some real Bible students over at the Concordant Publishing Concern.

It was there I learned to love the evangel of Grace.

NOTE: Even Paul readily acknowledges that signs are not for this administration of GRACE. Again, thanks for pointing that out. Grace to you. Linwood

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