As I recall, a woman named Janet Cole, some 50 years ago, killed her kids… in order to save them from “eternal hell”.
According to freewillers if someone gets beyond the “age of accountability” they will go to hell if they don’t “freely receive Christ as their personal savior.”
What is the “age of accountability” — 12-years old? It’s not clear.
Well, if this business of “freewill” and “eternal punishment” is true… shouldn’t we praise Janet Cole? She actually GUARANTEED the salvation of her children.
“Freewill” is a horrible teaching… in light of God’s purpose and plan to save all, redeem all, justify all, and save all.
God is the creator of all and the savior of all.
Human “freewill” is a myth.
Our wills are not free at all.
Our human will has plenty of limitations and outside influences.
Our will is influenced by our parents, our hair color, the pizza we ate last night, our nationality, the latest book we’ve read, etc.
Only God’s will is “free” of outside influence.
God bless Janet Cole. She did a terrible thing. But she was deceived by this “freewill” and “endless hell” doctrine.
God wills to save all (I TIM 2:4) and God is operating all things according to council of His will (EPH 1:11).

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