The “Steps To Salvation” VS The Savior of All.

 @{KISStheSON}  YOU’RE like a 10-year old, you don’t quite get the grammar, figures of speech, metaphors, analogies, similes, figures of retention, nuance, word usage, tone, etc.

The dad says “My back is killing me.”
The 10-year old says “Mom, dad is dying.”

Again, I bring you to WHO GOD IS… God is the savior of all. And you’re all caught up on the proper steps to salvation:
Step one: (fill in the blank)
Step two: (fill in the blank)
Step three: (fill in the blank)
You’ve missed the point altogether… That it’s about WHO GOD IS… he is the savior of all, and He is, because it’s what He does.

You’re so quick to say (like a 10-year old, who thinks, he’s wiser than he is) “God is the ONLY savior–IF… and that’s a big IF… if you get saved it will be by God.
With such a premise, you’ve made God NOT the Savior, but the POTENTIAL Savior, the POSSIBLE Savior. — But not The Savior of all.

You insist that all must find their way “IN” Christ, and then you concoct step one, step two, and step three as to how to get “IN” Christ… And thus you save yourself.  

“Mom, dad is dying.” Mom says, “How do you know?” Kid says “His back is killing him.”

Listen up, sister, some things are true as to “feeling” but not true as to fact.

The dad’s back is not literally killing him. It may be annoying as hell, but that’s all.

You’re more interested in the PROCESS than in Who the Savior is.

Some 10-year olds turn 11 sooner or later.
The Pagan brethern — watching you “certain dudes who come from James”

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