The Bible Truck You May Have Missed.

Since the days of a “bible truck”… the folks at
have come a long way.

they have spent about 100 years working on a “concordant” translation of the Bible.

The idea is, that each word in the Greek or Hebrew text of the Old and New Testament — should be — translated using ONE ENGLISH word as near as possible.

Of course you might have to account for weird English idiom, or the idiom of the original language, but if that’s your goal, you’ll have a more honest translation of the Bible.

Turns out The Concordant version of the Bible reveals much more of what God meant and said… and is a pleasure to read and study.

You can get a Concordant Literal New Testament for just $10 bucks at their site. Or you can listen to it in audio…

Plus… you can listen to talks by Bible teachers who’ve fallen in love with God’s word and the Concordant translation of it. Look for the audio page.

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