Hitler? Stalin? Judas? Name the worst. How will God save them?
If you believe the Bible, Paul was the worst of sinners. And God saved him.

I TIMOTHY 1:15 Faithful is the saying, and worthy of all welcome, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, foremost of whom am I.
Christ died for sinners. No need to die for the righteous. None are righteous really.
Christ died for all. No question. And is His death on the cross efficacious? You bet.
He did not ask for your permission to do this. He did it. The purchase price has been paid.
Nothing left to do expect believe what is real, what is done, what was accomplished.
Do all believe it? Not yet. But one day every knee will bow, every tongue will confess, and it will result in the glory of God.
Some say, it’s TOO LATE by the time they bow the knee and confess with their tongue.
What? Too late? No, the work was done before they believed. Bowed. Confessed.
The work (salvation) was done before we were born or done anything good or bad.
God saved the worst of sinners — Paul.
The rest of us are in.
The death and resurrection of Christ is our guarantee of salvation.
It’s like the YEAR OF JUBILEE.
You MUST believe for it is true that Christ died for your sins.
Some silly people don’t believe you are saved by His death on the cross.
They say you are saved by your belief that you are saved.
They diminish Christ’s accomplishments on the cross. They exalt man’s response to it.
They are not friends of the cross. They are actually enemies of the cross.
They make Christ’s work on the cross subjective. It’s efficacious if you believe it’s efficacious.
But it’s make no sense. Christ’s work must be effective before your BELIEF means anything.
If someone puts a million dollars in your bank account, AND YOU DON’T BELIEVE it… no problem… you’ll just need to realize it.
But if NO ONE puts a million bucks in your bank account, your BELIEF that someone has done so, won’t make it true.
The money must be there before BELIEF means anything.
The million bucks is a GIFT…. and it MUST be accepted… to be enjoyed… and if it’s truly a gift, there’s no “TOO LATE” about it.
There’s no expiry date on God’s love.
There may be an expiry date on Sprouts Grocery coupons… but this is bigger… this is God’s work.
Christ paid the price. Believe it for it’s true.
If you don’t believe it, sure you’ll continue to suffer your current miserable state, but the price has been paid.
You will believe it sooner or later. God will bring you along. Every knee will bow. The eons are not endless. They will come to an end.
And when the eons end, God will be all in all. (I COR 15:28)


ROMANS 3:3 For what if some disbelieve? Will not their unbelief nullify the faithfulness of God?

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