Whenever you give a bible to someone as a gift, take the 13 letters of Paul and use a yellow highlighter and highlight the edges of the pages… to make Paul’s letters easy to find… and when you hand the bible over to them, tell them to ESPECIALLY read Paul’s letters, because Paul is our apostle. And God gave him the “gospel of grace” … also called the “gospel of the uncircumcision”.

P.S. IF YOU WANT TO READ THE BIBLE, start with the 13 letters of Paul. Romans through Philemon. The rest of the Bible is mostly for and about the Jews. In Paul’s letter to the Galatians, the first two chapters talk about how Paul had to smack Peter around a bit, to get him to understand that Paul’s message to the Gentiles was different, all about GRACE… and that Peter, James and John were sent to the circumcision (Jews) and their message was about WORKS.

Once you make this distinction, the whole bible makes a lot more sense, and contradictions disappear.

For example, the gospel of the circumcision is all about grace and works, whereas Paul’s message to us today is all about grace and faith. Big difference.

If you don’t do this… and instead read and try to apply all of the bible to yourself today, you’re going to make a mess of it all… like making a soup of it.

Notice the “address on the envelope”… and you’ll get more out of the letter when you read it. If the letter is addressed to your sister, or neighbor, you’ll understand it’s message better.

Most of the bible is addressed to the Jews who follow God. Only Paul’s letters are addressed to the nations (Jew and Gentile). And you’ll find it so much more enjoyable.
Grace to you.

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