Man’s freewill VS. God’s Freewill

Yes, we have a will, and yes, we make choices. But our will is not “free” of influence, not free of causality, not free of outside factors moving our choices this way or that way.
The point here is that God is the true influence, the true cause, the moving factor that we may or may not see.
All is out of him, through him and for him. — Romans 11:36.
The word “FREEWILL” is more or less a lazy way to approach the topic of God’s purpose and human destiny.
Humans don’t have a free will. We have a will, but how free is it? It’s not very free at all.
…sure he “chose” to serve his master… I have no argument at to whether or not we chose many things in life. But to deny God’s will, in favor of man’s will, smacks of man worship.
You see, God wills to save all mankind. — I TIM 2:4
Why would man get his will, but God does not get His will???
Now, I don’t mean to bring my mother into this but she use to say…
“Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”
I think she would like you.
But she would do some amazing things with that phrase tagged on at the end of her accomplishment.
My point: If God wills to save all mankind, as Paul said to Timothy… then don’t you suppose the Creator of the whole universe could figure out a way to pull it off?
Perhaps it starts with the Firstborn of Creation, perhaps it started before the eons were made in Christ, perhaps it carries on through to the death of the Son of His love, perhaps it carries on through to where no flesh is justified in His sight and every mouth is barred. Perhaps it runs through to where His 4 greatest enemies are whipped, defeated, abolished and heard from nevermore… (Note: the four enemies are authority, rulership, power and death, see I COR 15:20-28)
The fact that God wills to save all mankind must be downplayed if we are to worship the power of man and man’s powerful “will”.
It not as if God himself hardens hearts… and locks up all in stubborness. But wait… that’s what Paul tell us he does in Romans chapter 9 and chapter 11. Dang.
You believe in man’s freewill.
I believe in God’s freewill.
It would make perfect sense to say that God’s will is truly “free” of outside influence… outside causal factors.
But man’s will… not so much.

Now, I have tried to reason with you about how this all might play out… and I admit that it is somewhat confusing due the the misunderstanding of the TIME words (AION, OLAM) and there proper use in the Bible and in our understanding.
But… get this… right after Paul tells Timothy that GOD WILLS TO SAVE ALL MANKIND… Paul confirms his thought by revealing that Christ is THE CORRESPONDENT RANSOM. — WHAT A THOUGHT… that Christ is the correct ransom… the perfect one to redeem all… WHAT A THOUGHT.

Paul addresses the TIMING ISSUE of this grand plan to save all… with these words: “the testimony in its own eras”…

“…the testimony in its own eras”…. if nothing else this means we don’t see it all yet… but hang on to your hats. All of it has to play out. “in it’s own eras.”

…for this is ideal and welcome in the sight of our Saviour, God,
Who wills that all mankind be saved and come into a realization of the truth.
For there is one God, and one Mediator of God and mankind, a Man, Christ Jesus,
Who is giving Himself a correspondent Ransom for all (the testimony in its own eras),

You might want to check out this teaching again (linked below). It’s a lesson about how THE KINSMAN REDEEMER was required to redeem his kin. And if he did not redeem his kin, his name was disgraced. But Christ did redeem all, and thus He’s given a name above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee will bow. Redeemed by the redeemer of all.

Now, as I recall, in the Old Testament, regarding the KINSMAN REDEEMER doctrine… if you got into trouble… lost your fortune, jailed, got yourself into slavery… and your KIN came to redeem you… you had very little to say about it. No freewill. It was a deal between your KINSMAN and the jailer or the debt holder. He redeemed you even without your imput or discussion.
See the story about Boaz and Ruth for an example of the KINSMAN REDEEMER in action.

What did Christ accomplish on the cross? He redeemed us all, without our imput, approval, or discussion. (the testimony in its own eras says Paul).

Reject the redemption if you want, but the jailer will no longer hold you. The debt has been redeemed and your UNBELIEF will not matter to the bankers, they’ve got other fish to fry.

(the testimony in its own eras),

It would be nice to understand TIMING and PURPOSE.
But it’s not necessary to BELIEVE GOD.
Not to make an offer, not to make a deal, not to conditionally save them or almost save them or make it so they can save themselves, NO… He came to save sinners.
He is the correspondent ransom… for all.
Grace and peace to you.

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