Introducing the YEAH BUT Christians

Dear Freewiller,
I keep talking about the sovereignty of God… and you keep bringing up how man’s will is supreme. And how God cannot violate man’s precious little “free” will.
I talk about God’s work in the cross of Christ
and you go on about “Yeah but… man MUST do thus and so.”
You’re basically a “YEAH BUT sister.”
Here’s how it goes..
“All is of God” (Romans 11:36)
“It is not of him that willeth.” (Romans 9:18)
God is the Savior of all” (I TIM 4:10)
“All reconciled by the blood of His cross.” (COL 1:20)
“Even as in Adam, so in Christ” (I COR 15:22)
Freewill is such a bogus concept.
Man’s will is demonstrably in bondage. It’s is not free of coersion, influence or causal factors. God hardens hearts. God locks up all in stubborness (Rom 11:32)
and yet you say…
In fact, the first 5 words of Romans could never have been uttered by a “freewiller”.
“Paul, a slave of Christ Jesus”
Certainly Joel Osteen (a freewiller like you) would never brag on being a “slave”…. But Paul does in Romans 1:1.
In fact, many passages in Romans destroys the popular concept of “freewill”.
But Stacy, I’ll stick to my reading of Eph: 1:11… God is operating all things according to the council of his own will.
And you may say…

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