God is responsible for salvation

There is a FREEWILLer Sister over on youtube, and she and I have had a chat.
Here is a portion of that chat:
Just because you keep talking about the sovereignty of God doesn’t mean that you are correct in your understanding.
I too agree that God is sovereign, however, I believe that God sovereignly gave man the freedom to eat what we will.
That doesn’t make man supreme, it makes us able to find Him by eating what He sent ministers to feed us so that we may LIVE.
God is not to blame if his creatures freely eat lies rather than the truth.
We are responsible for what we eat.
We can’t blame anyone but ourselves.
God feeds. Satan feeds.
We are able to eat what we will. It’s God will that we eat his words unto life, but he won’t force feed us. We are taught to be patient so that those around us might eventually begin to swallow what we are feeding them!

THE FREEWILLER SAYS: “We can’t blame anyone but ourselves.”
Me supposes this then is also twoo: “We can’t praise anyone but ourselves.”
You see, praise and blame must come from the same foundation.
If the lost sinner can only BLAME himself, then the saint can only praise himself for his salvation. Why? For, if it is, as you say, “we are responsible”… then God is not responsible for salvation. And therefore cannot be praised for much regarding our salvation… after all, we did it ourself, right?

But the truth, dear Sister, is this: God is responsible for salvation. After all, He is the Savior of all, especially of believers. (See I TIM 4:10).
We don’t save ourselves. Somewhere Paul says “we were chosen before the foundation of the world”. Chosen, get it?
Some were not chosen. Like Jacob and Esau, God chose Jacob over Esau before either of them were born. Before they did anything good or bad. But these things are things concerning God’s eonian purpose. (Eph 3:11)… What happens are the conclusions of the eons is a different matter.
The chosen can only praise God for bringing them in now, during the eons.
Those not chosen might try to blame God, but the potter has the right over the clay to make some vessels of honor and some for dishonor. Again, things eonian.

It’s a shame that the FREEWILLER says “We can’t blame anyone but ourselves.”… To Him be the glory for the chosen and those not chosen.

The same guy who opened his letter saying I AM A SLAVE… wrote Romans 9… and it’s not the FREEWILLER’s favorite chapter. “It is not of him that willeth.” And let’s not forget chapter 11 where we find “God locks up all together in stubborness that He might be merciful to all.” (You might be one of those!?!–me too) and “all is out of Him, through Him and for Him. Again, not favorite passages for FREEWILLERS.

QUOTE: “We can’t blame anyone but ourselves.” … indeed.
He is the potter, we are the clay.

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