The Salvation Of Judas

Judas is most famous for betraying our Savior. He (Judas) snitched Him out for 30 silver coins.

They had spent years together. Judas sat at his feet. Listened to his messages.

Judas knew Jesus’ love. Yet, he sold him out.

Some might say that Judas is proof that salvation will not come to all, as revealed in Colossians 1:20. To suggest this, is saying that Jesus, who died for sinners (I TIM 2:4 and I TIM 1:15) did not die for Judas.

Just keep in mind, it wasn’t just Judas’ sin and offences that sent Christ to the cross, it was all our sins and offences that sent him there. (See Romans 5:15-21).

So, the question is, does God have any right to deny Judas’ salvation, if he saves YOU?

What, pray tell, is so different between your sins and offences and those of Judas?

Didn’t He die FOR YOUR SINS? Didn’t he also die for Judas’ sins?

Isn’t Christ’s death and resurrection efficacious? Isn’t that what saves all?

If you insist on repentance, didn’t Judas’ repent? (See Matt. 27:3). Not only did he “repent” he put his repentance into action. It was an awful action, but it was action.

However, we don’t hold that our repentance is what saves us. It is actually the work of God in Christ’s cross.

Christ died for sinners. Christ died for his enemies. Christ died for betrayers. Nothing can hinder God’s work of Salvation.

Maybe we don’t see salvation yet. But salvation is both an event and a process. Salvation won’t be complete until Death, the last enemy, is abolished, and all are made alive in Christ (I COR 15:20-28) – Including the abolition of the last enemy (death) for Judas.

Yes, Judas’ sins sent Christ to the cross, but so did our sins.

The death and resurrection of Christ GUARANTEES the salvation of Judas.

When were YOU saved? Maybe you first believed just a few years ago, but in truth, you were saved 2,000 years ago, when Jesus was on the cross and said “IT IS FINISHED”. You were saved long before you believed you were. You were saved by Christ’s work on the cross. And you “must” believe it because it is true. It’s not that you “must” believe to make it true, it’s true whether or not you believe it. What proof: “Every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess”… and it won’t be “too late” for those who come in late… no… the words “too late” are never in the Bible.

See Phil 2:10-11… all this happens “TO THE GLORY OF GOD”… salvation happens to the Glory of God. It would bring no “glory to God” to see every knee bow, and then to punish them eternally. That, actually would shame God. How? For God to lose the vast majority of His creation to an endless “hell” shows he did not plan things out very well. Like the builder in one of Jesus’ parables. The builder became a laughing stock as he did not calculate the cost of building.

Will Judas be saved? Yes. Because Christ, our loving Savior, died for all, including Judas. And His death, will result in that which He died for… the salvation of all.

“For even as in Adam, all die, so in Christ, shall all be vivified.” (I Cor 15:20-28)

God bless Judas. It was a dirty, rotten trick, he pulled on the Savior. But one day, we’ll all go up to Judas and say “You were a stinker, but ya know, if not for you we wouldn’t have a risen Savior. So, thank you for your part, and I’m glad to see you here.”




  1. Concerning what was said concerning Judas above,
    Judas’s selling Jesus was the very means of Judas being later saved.
    Joseph, being a type of Christ was also sold by his brothers. Their selling Joseph was the very means of their later salvation as well.
    O, the depth of the riches and the wisdom and the knowledge of God! How inscrutable are His judgments, and untraceable His ways!” For, who knew the mind of the Lord? or, who became His adviser? or, who gives to Him first, and it will be repaid Him? seeing that out of Him and through Him and for Him is all: to Him be the glory for the eons! Amen!
    (Rom 11:33-36 CLV)


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