Quick and Easy Solutions

Well, here’s an article for you!
Is it possible to receive a free gift, that was not received quickly, easily, and with a guarantee? How often do we keep on hearing the BAD NEWS troika of…
1…”There are no quick solutions”
2… “There are no easy answers“
3… “There are no guarantees in life“…or…
Every single time I hear any of those expressions I feel DRAINED! Why? Because they come from people who stand to gain from there being no such a thing as “a quick, easy, and guaranteed solution to life”. Of course there isn’t, when the whole world believes that BAD NEWS. I am speaking of preachers, psychologists, counselors, and the self-help industry. If the GOOD NEWS of a quick, easy, and guaranteed solution to life did exist, these charlatans would all be out of a job! They make their money by preaching a “quicker, easier, and more likely to work solution to mental, emotional, and spiritual problems than their competition (other religions, other counselors, other self-help authors and seminarians). That’s how the scam alerts!
Now this is not to say that all challenges are bad. This is to say that all challenges with FRUSTRATION are bad. There will be challenges in the kingdom of heaven. But there will be no frustration in the kingdom of heaven. What chess grandmaster would enjoy playing chess if he knew that he could quickly, easily, and with certainty, win every single game.
Imagine if you will…
1…Fruitfulness without frustration
2…Passing the test without getting testy
3…Being challenged without being choked.
Yes, it is hard to imagine these things. But God calls the things that are not as though they are.
Marshall Curtis


  1. Regarding receiving a “free” gift… if someone on death row, gets the news that the Governor has Pardoned him, and he does not BELIEVE IT… will he remain in prison, NO… they are going to toss his butt out.
    If someone pays off your mortgage in the dead of night, and you don’t RECEIVE it or BELIEVE it, will you be forced to pay off your house due to lack of BELIEF… no.
    Christ’s gift of salvation is true, even if you don’t believe it.
    One day, “every knee will bow.”


  2. Now THAT is a breath of fresh air! What a contrast to the usual talk of an “offer of salvation“ or “God makes his salvation available“, etc. I heard the one about the death row inmate being pardoned by the governor before. But it was good to hear it again. The other one about having your mortgage paid I’ve not heard before, but it runs on the same principal. The principal is “how long will someone argue in unbelief when HE (not the other guy) is pardoned a huge debt that he previously was convinced he had to pay.”


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