HELL is Not “Endless”

Amazing Biblical Proof That God Will Save Everyone

The Death and Resurrection

of Jesus Christ Guarantees Your Salvation

It’s true. There’s more than 15 plain, undeniable verses in the New Testament alone. All indicate that Hell is not Eternal. All indicate that God is not leaving anything up to chance. All indicate God has a good and happy ending planned for each and every one of His creatures.

What do these verses say?

They say wonderful things like…

God is the Savior of All mankind. ……………..(I Tim. 4:10)

In Christ All shall be Quickened. …………(I Cor. 15: 22)

God will be All in All. ……..( I Cor. 15:28)

Every knee shall bow… to the glory of God. ……………(Phil. 2:10-11)

If I be lifted up on the cross, I will draw all mankind to myself. ………….(John 12:32)

All to be reconciled through the cross. ……………(Col 1:20)

All to be justified through Christ’s one act. …………..(Rom. 5:18)

Mercy to All………………………(Rom 11:32)

All Gathered in Christ………………(Eph. 1:10)

Death (the wages of sin) abolished. ……………….(I Cor. 15: 26)

Creation Freed to be Children. (Rom 8:20,21)

God will have All mankind be saved. …………..(I Tim. 2:3,4)

And that’s not all…

God’s word even reveals HOW God will bring about this happy end. And the means by which every creature will be saved.

the problem stated and solved

Until now most serious students of the scriptures have grappled with the three contradictory teachings found in the popular Bible translations.

1. The “wicked” will be tormented for ever and ever (Matt 25:46)

2. The “wicked” will be destroyed.  (Matt. 10:28)

3. The “wicked” (all) will be reconciled. (Col. 1:20)

The solutions to these opposing concepts can be found in the discovery that “eternal,” “everlasting” and “for ever and ever” are really false concepts and are forced into God’s word by loose translation practices. There are several fine English translations that have these words correctly translated. “Forever & ever” should really say “For the ages of the ages”. “Everlasting” should say “Agelasting”. “Eternal” should say “Of the Ages”.

Why? Because word meaning is fixed by word usage. And every place where this Greek word (AION, AIONION) is used in a definitive way, it is translated “age” or “world”. This is true in every English translation. It is only when the passage is not specific as to the length, or duration of time that the popular versions of the Bible  stretch this word out of it’s definitive use to be “ETERNAL”.  (Read that again, it’s important.)

(A definitive passage might say “the end of the age”. No one in his right mind would say “the end of the eternal.” A non-definitive passage might discuss “agelasting fire”. But just because the time has not been defined here does not mean you can translate it to be a longer time period than in passages where it plainly indicates the time has a beginning and an end.

To say that “AION” is both limited time and unlimited time is foolish.

This is a shame and a tragedy, especially because God is made to look like a terrible OGRE by punishing his creation in “ENDLESS” flames.

Are we arguing for “Agelasting flames”?

Not at all. Read on.

Some Bible students have concluded that the wicked or unbelievers will be “destroyed”. That is, they will cease to exist, permanently.

But this is not acceptable for 2 reasons.

1. If God has to destroy part of His creation… then He’s like the builder who didn’t plan well enough to finish up his creation. (Luke 14:30) His incomplete creation will be an “eternal” embarrassment to Him if this is so.

2. There is great light in the discovery that the word “destroy” is the same Greek word as “lost”.  (GK. Apollumi) A “lost” (destroyed) sheep can be found. The lost (destroyed) sheep of the house of Israel is exactly why Christ came. There is nothing permanent or “eternal” in the word “Lost”. Why force it to be so with “destroy”.

The Son of man came to seek and to save that which is “lost”. That means you. (Luke 19:10)

Eternal should not be in the bible

Prove it to yourself. You don’t need to be a  Greek scholar to discover the truth. You can compare Rev. 11:15 to I Cor 15: 25. Does Christ reign “for ever and ever” or does Christ reign “UNTIL” He places his enemies under His feet?

If “forever and ever” is right His enemies will never be subdued. Think about it.

Hell is not endless

You are invited to join with us in an ongoing study of God’s word. A study to discover His great purpose for the ages. (Eph. 3:11)

Have you ever wonder what exactly is God’s purpose? If you want to study with us, call the number below for times and location of the next meeting.

Listen… If God does not eventually save every creature and transforms every heart… the following questions would be impossible to answer with any degree of satisfaction.

Questions Your Pastor Hopes You Never Ask:

1. Does the Bible teach that there is only ONE GOD, who is the source of all things? Or two gods? Constantly battling, one good and the other evil, with the evil god winning the biggest number in the end?

2. If a soul is lost, who is the real loser, the soul or its maker?

3. Why are we taught to forgive our enemies if God is going to torment his enemies forever?

4. If evangelism is important to God, why did he confuse the languages at the tower of Babel, make cross-cultural witnessing efforts so difficult?

5. Is faith the result of salvation or the cause of  salvation? (Salvation comes first, then faith. We could ask- Is salvation God’s work or God’s “offer”? If it’s God’s offer then salvation is by our works. If it is God’s work, then Salvation is by GRACE.)

6. When did God create “hell,” before the entrance of sin  or afterwards?  (If before, why would He call creatures into life for such a possible doom?) (If afterwards, why is Satan allowed to deceive the race?)

7. If children go to heaven when they die, but “responsible” adults must “accept Jesus” before being allowed into heaven’s gates… then wouldn’t it be better to kill all infants before they face such an evil as “eternal hell?”

8. If one can only blame himself for going to “hell,” does one only praise himself for going to heaven?

9. Is hell the product of God’s love? (God is love, I John 4:8, Love is not angered, I Cor.13:5.)

10. Why didn’t God provide miracles for the ancient cities of Tyre and Sidon? (Jesus said if they had seen miracles they would have repented. Did God not want them to repent?) (Matt. 11:21)

These questions are not intended to make you angry. But to open your eyes to the fact that our popular Christian teachers have not equipped us to see God and His long range plans.

One Last Thought: Ask your pastor, “YES or NO: Did Jesus die to save all?” Then, ask your pastor, “YES or NO: Did He succeed?” If he can’t give you a straight answer, you’re welcome to write to us.

Or, do some more research over at http://saviourofall.org/

Ace Theo





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