5 Questions About The “Certainty” of God.

This is a letter to a fellow Christian. Written circa 1993.

Frank Pellegrino

Sebastion Fla.

Dear, Frank,

I hope this letter is personal enough to prove that I am not a machine. I write to more than 70 ministers and believers. So, sometimes I only have time for a “form” letter.

The way you handle scripture you sound like Adai Loudy. His book GOD’S EONIAN PURPOSE really turned my thinking around. I read it 13 years ago. You may wish to order it from the Concordant Publishing Concern. I double highly recommend it. It is as satisfying as Paul’s letters.

OK, here’s my 5 “killer” questions. Let’s see how you can answer them….

1. Is God Certain?

2. Does God Operate In Absolute Certainty?

3. Is salvation the Certain work of God?

4. Is salvation CERTAIN for all unsaved creatures?

5. If salvation is not certain for all unsaved creatures, is God really certain?

Christian pastors almost universally teach that God is not certain, that God operates contingently, that salvation is only certain IF you do this and that, and God cannot be trusted, for you must trust your own trust.

Wanna have some fun? Call up the Christian talk shows and ask these questions. The certainty of God is a foreign concept to them. To them it’s conditional all the way. God’s is trying to implement plan B to make up for the failure of plan A.

Or, ask some pastor “Am I saved by God’s work in Christ on the Cross?” …………. At first they may say “yes” but then they’ll say “no”. “You must believe it.” they say, “or God’s work in Christ on the cross will not save.” What a bunch of hogwash. Works. Plain and simple.

When they argue for God’s uncertainty, they are really arguing for atheism. An uncertain salvation is provided by an uncertain God who is no god at all.

Think about this. And send your reply. I hope you come to trust God who is certain, whose salvation is certain, who cannot operate contingently… and trust Him more and more.

Grace to you,

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